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A gifted musician, she entered beauty contests to pay for her Mississippi State University tuition and approached the pageant with equal pragmatism-exercising and boning up on current events for weeks before. “I got to fly with the Blue Angels,” she says of the Navy’s famed precision flight team. Industry continues reaping huge profits while technological advances transform our work and how we are compensated. “They had a party for me, and they made a cake with John’s words on it,” she says. “It’s fun.” The night she was crowned Miss New York City, a Miss America pageant representative told Myerson, who is Jewish, to change her name. “It must be so nerve-racking.” But at least they’re girded for battle: “They’re definitely in better shape than we were.” She knew she would never win. Instruments as carry on luggage Instrument Policies of Major Airlines                                                                        . “They didn’t want somebody saying ‘Miss America seen dining with older man.’ ” “Miss America is still the largest scholarship provider in the world for women-that’s the bottom line,” says Nancy Fleming, who entered her first beauty contest to help finance college. Tragically, she was killed in a car crash last year. Taking the dream to heart, the Longwood, Fla., native studied hard and abstained from drinking or having sex, “knowing that [eventually] the press might be looking for something held me accountable,” she says. “The deaf community criticized me for reading lips instead of signing,” says Whitestone, who lost her hearing in infancy due to a reaction to antibiotics. After her reign she did move to Hollywood, acted in minor film roles and married legendary comedian Phil Silvers. A partner in a TV and movie production company, the former Miss New York likens her crowning achievement to “being Dorothy in Oz. It’s hard to do coach now.” Competing in pageants didn’t come naturally to Barker. Contestants “are more goal-oriented than we were,” she says.

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You can bring more happiness than you might realize just by sharing your thoughts and concerns with one of these ladies who is less fortunate than you.  Make a note of their birth date and send them a birthday card, it would mean SO much to her! And that was the only time I got to go home for a year,” she recalls. Go get your crown, whatever that may be.’ ” Raised in Jonesboro, Ark., she is now a veterinarian and cohost of a St. “It would never have been anything I would have tried for,” she says. Despite initial misgivings-”pageants were superficial; I had that attitude,” she says-she changed her mind after attending a local contest. “I think that still makes Miss America relevant today.” Prewitt’s reign as Miss America contains bitter memories. Today they know me as Frances Kenney, a mother and grandmother. date a. “The local newspapers ran editorials that I had won my law degree,” recalls Dreman, who remains the only practicing attorney among ex-Miss Americas. A competitive player, she notes, “It’s the kiss of death for me when someone on the other team says they heard I was a Miss America. “Wayne and I did quite a few shows before he hit it big and moved on to Vegas,” she recalls. Among the marching bands was one from Hot Springs High School, whose drum major has since become a friend. “I never saw my family after I won.” Atlantic City was a long way from Choctaw County, Miss., where she grew up poor. On the other hand, she notes, “some contestants say, ‘I worked hard for this body. “It was an extraordinary time to be representing your country,” she says. The impact of having that much attention in that time frame forever alters you a bit. “Flo Ziegfeld said, ‘I’d love to be able to use you, but your stems aren’t long enough,’ ” she recalls. “I think the pageant was disgusted with me.” Since then, the singer-actress from tiny Elk City, Okla., has starred in several major opera productions and soloed with numerous orchestras. “Some girls go back to Atlantic City every year,” says Ramey, who declined to be photographed for this issue. As a result, pageant officials ultimately decided contestants would henceforth be chaperoned by socially prominent Atlantic City women. “I tell them, ‘Don’t let anyone tell you how far you can go.’ ” It is advice Mayer herself has heeded. “This could only happen in America,” her father, Richard, said at the time. “I think the pageant uses the girls,” she says of the tiring schedule. After they do, I’ll send it back to Mom.” She has had the dents in her rhinestone-studded tiara repaired three times since winning. She says her pageant win enabled her to fulfill two dreams. Crowning her successor, says Akin, was “my proudest moment…only because I realized then what I had actually done.” Yet it was also a moment of profound loss. “I enjoy my life,” says Perkins, who lives in Weston, Mass., where she volunteers for the Achilles Club, a group that helps disabled athletes. “I was very impressed by Ernie’s manners and consideration of others,” she says. “I don’t want my children to even see it,” she says. women in russian. Recently the family was driving near Atlantic City-and didn’t stop. AFM’s Traveling Kit goes on the road with you so your instrument makes it to your next gig safely. “I wouldn’t have been able to finish my education” without the money won in lower-level competitions. “I’ve been around forever, or certainly a long, long time.” She has been fully occupied most of that time, starting with her year as Miss America. I just want to go [out] with my hair looking terrible. Crowned in the midst of the feminist movement, Schaefer quickly found herself on the defensive against bra-burning anti-pageant demonstrators. Van Derbur works on behalf of victims of incest, as an example of someone who survived. Smith, a motivational speaker, isn’t clumsy; it’s just that the excited schoolkids she lectures to sometimes drop the bauble. Today she ice-dances regularly and is an accomplished cook. “Occasionally my father would come to meet me, but I was never allowed to go out with him alone,” recalls Mead. “You don’t see her pictures here,” says Prewitt, a recovering cancer patient, looking around her Tulsa home, “because I can’t look at them. “With Miss America, people say, ‘Gosh, I wonder how she looks now.’ ” The daughter of German immigrants, Ay was working part-time as a waitress at Zinn’s Diner in Ephrata, Pa., when the junior chamber of commerce held a beauty pageant. “Before the pageant,” she says, it was “work, work, work, and all of a sudden, boom. “It meant everything to me.” Not all of Whitestone’s memories are so rosy. After all, she explains, “what Miss America does is public relations.” Outside, in Atlantic City, bras were being burned. A high school senior in rural Hackettstown, N.J., Cooper had entered the pageant as a lark, never expecting to win. “I spoke out against the pageant when it was needed,” says Betbeze. “I was crying as I walked-with happiness, of course, but also because I was so hungry!” recalls the Denton, Texas, native of her victory march. But after Mead’s comedy routine about a split personality-”Viewers’ requirements for talent weren’t nearly what they are now,” she says-they did. But we have tremendous power-musicians just have to organize and use our power. “I christened ships and entertained soldiers,” she says. Immediately after she won, tabloid reporters descended on her hometown-and found zilch. A flap ensued when she went public with her pro-choice stand and revealed that she had smoked pot. “Before I was Miss America I wrote to officials about literacy, but never got any interest,” she says. “Theater is what I want to do with my life right now,” she says. “I never thought of winning.” Win she did, though, and again in Atlantic City, and immediately went on a War Bonds tour. “I have my own sweatshirt that I have the new winner sign,” she says. The divorces, she says, “are the part of my life I don’t particularly like talking about.” Slinking through her talent segment, a sultry satire called The Monroe Doctrine, McKnight had no idea that Joe DiMaggio, Monroe’s ex, was in the audience. She once said, “[I was one of] the shortest Miss Americas with the shortest reign.” She could handle the whirlwind travel and the pearls-and-fur circuit. Without the crown, “I didn’t feel important anymore. Musicians ability to make a living is threatened as never before. The swimsuit competition, Donnelly remembers, was a problem. Shindle is playing Sally Bowles in a national tour of Cabaret. When she proved him wrong, Kasich, now a Republican congressman, ate his words-literally. Jayroe was also well-prepped for her current job as Oklahoma’s cabinet secretary for tourism. “That’s where the power is in having been Miss America,” she says. “A woman came to me once, holding two kids, and said, ‘You saved my life. She also hosts the Discovery Channel’s household-tip show Home Matters. “Not that it would have been bad,” she says, “but it would have been different.” Still a fan of the pageant, Mobley laments only how these days “everything is so scripted.

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She landed a year-long job co-hosting the syndicated New Candid Camera with Allen Funt and, after studying acting, signed on with CBS as the first woman sportscaster on network TV. Early in Mead’s reign, her mother died of a heart attack. Someone they can write to and share their thoughts and dreams.  Someone who will write back and be sincere, compassionate, caring. “Doors opened because of that crown,” says Barker, who parlayed her tiara into a career.

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“They weren’t about to give it to Miss Mississippi twice in a row,” she figured. It took years and a lot of hard work, but I’ve got it. Miss America is not supposed to sweat.’ ” Nevertheless the tomboy from rural Belvidere, Ill., bounced her way to the crown-and found herself unprepared for the spotlight. “I didn’t realize people did it over and over, entered different pageants until they won,” she says. “My mom talked me into it,” reminding her of the scholarship prizes, she says. “I use those pots and pans every day.” She received no roses, no thunderous applause, not even a crown. Not now.” Nor are there many traces of her year as Miss America. Whatever else life brought, they all belong, once and forever, to a unique sorority. Speaking out about the experience, French says, was “a healing process for our whole family.” Many of us standing together are more powerful than any of us standing alone. “Not me; I’ve moved on.” Asked by a reporter what she thought about the hot new two-piece swimsuits, Shopp, off to Europe near the end of her reign, answered, “I don’t think American girls should wear bikinis.” It set off a storm of controversy. While visiting a veteran’s hospital in Atlantic City, she says, the mother of a soldier injured in World War II told her, “I don’t want you to come in here. But she did think’ “the pageant was behind the times at that point. I don’t ever talk about it.” “In a way, greed led me into these pageants,” says Jo-Carroll Dennison. A former ESPN anchor, she freelances when mom duty permits. My son lost his legs because he went to war to save the Jews.” Such incidents only inspired Myerson. The previous December, King Edward VIII of Britain had given up his crown.

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“Maybe,” she says, “I can be that glimmer of hope to somebody.” Born in Memphis, Cash knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. “I had gone swimming in the only good bathing suit I had, so it was wet and I couldn’t wear it,” she says. Being in prison can be very lonely for them, and usually they've lost all connection with former friends, sometimes even their families disown them! So they seek.

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The truth behind her disappearance turned out to be far less lurid than anticipated. Quizzed by reporters about her views on the Vietnam War and race issues, “I didn’t have a clue at first,” Ford admits. A friend introduced her to Ernie Vandeweghe, the team’s guard- forward. Two months before, aviator Amelia Earhart had disappeared over the Pacific. “I won and I hadn’t changed my name.” The pageant audience didn’t notice, but Whitestone was in trouble. “I remember watching people embrace and throw things, in the air,” she says. “The kids who had been eliminated loaned me one.” Sixty-one years later, that suit would still fit. Despite her trim figure and four-day-a-week gym habit, she admits to certain guilty pleasures: “I love chicken-fried steak and all those bad things Texans love to eat!” Judging the Miss America pageant may be even more stressful than winning it, says Godin, who has done both.

“It was a very grueling year,” she says of her reign, “but it was a fabulous education.” Once in while, Van Dyke meets another Vonda.

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The tornado comes and just uproots everything, spins you around and plops you down somewhere else.” Benham’s journey to the Miss America pageant took place at warp speed. On this page, we start with seven Miss Americas who, after their reigns, stayed in the national spotlight. “I started walking and the crown fell on the floor. “I went into class and said, ‘Good morning, I’m Miss America,’ ” she recalls. “I felt they didn’t have all the information,” says the Bexley, Ohio, native. Crimes such as using drugs, writing bad checks and forgery, while punishment is in order, don't make these women especially bad people. At her farewell party, the dancers and stagehands threw a red robe over her shoulders, put a tinfoil crown on her head and pronounced her Miss America. But she is most proud of the scholarship program she founded at her alma mater, Ohio University. And she still wears a crown: It’s purple and gold and tattooed on her right ankle. In a matter of weeks she went from Miss Ephrata to Miss Pennsylvania to Miss America-all the while slinging shoofly pie at the diner. “I had this big problem: no singing and dancing talent,” deadpans Lynda Lee Mead. And she just completed a small role in The Debtors, an upcoming movie starring Michael Caine. “I didn’t know they booked Miss America every day except Sunday!” While some never got used to being in the public eye, others went on to make it their livelihood. “I was very happy with the little life I had cut out for myself, and they wanted to own me for seven years and send me to dancing, singing and voice coaches,” she says. “I had to play by their rules to get the crown,” she says. Still, she admits to missing one perk from her pageant days: “I traveled a quarter of a million miles in first class. “By the time I got to Europe,” she says, “it was all over the papers that I had come to clean up Europe and get rid of the bikinis. “I had heard that one of the judges was a producer of Oklahoma!,” she says. “To see their eyes light up when you say, ‘You can do it too,’ is worth a million bucks,” she says. During her reign, Myerson often was met with rejection and discrimination. That marriage ended in divorce, as did a second, to tax attorney Arnold Grant. Some colleagues are tickled to be working with a Miss America. Stones went everywhere, the banner fell off my shoulders, my hair was sticking up; I looked like a ragamuffin. After undergoing a laryngectomy, she speaks with the aid of a plastic prosthesis. “Most winners are small-town girls who worked really hard to win,” she says

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