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So we drove back to LA to take some pictures and videos at my place and I ended up doing her. She teased him a bit first since she knew he had been wanting to fuck her for a while and then we started the video. I wasn't sure if she was going to change her mind again so I just went with the video without stopping for pictures while we were having sex. She had been out here for couple of weeks before I met her and she basically was just exploring the west coast. First of all I need to point out that this set was taken with a brand new camera when my main camera was in the shop. She was very outgoing from the very beginning, she was curious about the whole website thing so I told her what usually happens, etc. I really can't figure out what is it about Slovakia but there are many hot girls over there like Diana.

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It has an extensive menu from which you can totally customize your experience. She told me she and couple of her friends had planned for a trip to California to model for a long time but she is the one that actually made it a reality.

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So we went back to her room where I took these pictures and videos of Britney getting a vacation She uses the rhythm method so the only time she will let a guy cum in her are those few days before her. So after she was done looking around Hollywood, we went back to my place and did this video. She wanted to start a website for herself and she wanted to do content stuff with me, so I told her what sites I was managing and she wanted to be on all of them. I met her first at a coffee shop near the place I was staying and we spent couple of hours talking about stuff. Also, since she recently became single, this was the best time to be wild and enjoy herself. I am a horny guy and I want to be with all the beautiful girls out there! In my site you will find lots of pictures and videos , in addition there are forums, personals, chats, etc. I took her back to my hotel and as usual I took some pretty girl pictures of her for the picture collection. This was the second time I hooked up with Farrah when she was out here towards the end of summer. I was there with some of my friends and they bought me a lap dance with Ashley. I’m guessing she quit nude modeling and moved onto other things. I started taking pictures of her while going up the stairs and I couldn't help licking her pussy and ass after she showed me. However, after I came back from my most recent trip, I finally hooked up with her one on one. She didn't speak that much English but I think we communicated enough to have a great time. I fucked her for couple of hours before having to leave because she was meeting other "regular" model friends that night, but I will do her a lot more next time she comes out this way. As I said before you can pick out the stuff you want to see, using lot's of options! You can also check out most popular AV Idols voted by users just like you Fucking with a very horny Thai Alina Li Asian Brunette Indian Girl Dancer PHILAVISE Natural asian girl Morgan Lee Bharat Natyam: The Seeker Gorgeous Alexis Brill sex at home Enter your registration email and we’ll send you a password Password has been sent The women of Asia have spent much of the continent’s history struggling for equality in a traditionally male dominated environment.

but I guess creampies have become popular over the years. She might appear to be innocent, but she likes it rough and dirty. So I just took pictures with my phone and did the video. I told her about my hobby and the possibility of her being having a website and she got really excited about it. Yet be warned: She’s a black belt in Goju Ryu Karate, so approach her with some respect, guys!Hitomi Tanaka also appears in the Hottest Japanese Porn Stars.Tiny at only five feet tall, buxom and shapely, brunette knockout Jessica Bangkok knows how to take a pounding. So I told her that she should be on this site since she was ready for it and we went back to my place that same night. Anyway, I picked her up at her place and took her back to mine. After the video we talked some more and she told me about wanting to do magazine modeling and stuff. So after she got comfortable, I started to do her and ended up pumping couple of loads inside that hot tight pussy. After the car, we went back to a friend's house who was nice enough to loan me his place and I fucked her there a lot. But I didn't want to pass on the opportunity to be with Angel so I asked her to come anyway. She picked her up and brought her to the hotel and this is the video we did. We went to the hotel where she was staying and we got to hang out there a little before we started taking pictures. And we fucked a while until I came deep inside her pretty pink pussy. I was supposed to meet up with her again but she had to cut her trip short, so now I am hoping she will bring her girlfriends now that they know this whole thing is for real. And then kept fucking her more and more until I drained my balls again deep. So unfortunately, there are no action pictures of her. She has the distinction of being one, if not the only, genius porn star in the business. We connected few weeks before she came out here and she wanted to be on this site. Once there, we started fucking and I ended up cumming couple of times insider her pretty pink pussy. Basically, her sexual exploration has led to this new persona and she now embraces her sexuality without limitation.

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Once at my place, I got her undressed and I shoved my. she had these tight shorts on her and I could see her nipples with the shirt she was wearing. She was in California on vacation and at the same time exploring the possibilities of being a porn girl in LA. She had never done anything like this before but one of her friends told her we were looking for models so she applied a while back ago by sending in her pictures. She had been thinking about adult modeling for quite some time but she finally decided to take the plunge last month. Kelly was really fun and we fucked her really good. Once we got back to the place I rented, I took some pictures for a few minutes and then started to do her. So I asked her to visit last weekend so I could show her how this whole thing worked. Just pictures of the solo session that I did for my other site. Obviously, it was a pleasure to see her again as you will see on the video. Natalie is so cute that she had me all into her and as you know I love women but Natalie really had me hooked with the way we had sex. Her credits include Jack’s Asian Adventure, Babysitters, and Shay Jordan: Juice. She was wearing a sexy jeans mini skirt with no panties and that stuff turns me on a lot. Anyway, I went to the hotel she was staying at and we chatted for a while there before we went to the downtown area to show her around a bit. Alex is a cute redhead that came to visit from Florida last week. I postponed our meeting until late afternoon but I still had a headache. One thing led to another and I ended up pulling into a parking lot so I could fuck her a little in the car. She also has three AVN Awards and has been inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame. I wanted to actually fuck her at that place, but I think there was a security guard around. She had sent me a few pictures of her before meeting me and I was just mesmerized by her big juicy tits. For fans that can’t get enough, she is still currently touring the best strip clubs in America.Born on the distant island of Borneo in the kingdom of Brunei and raised in Hawaii, Jayna Oso is the very definition of exotic. Anyway, Farrah was staying at a hotel for a week near the beach and I went to visit her on the weekend. Amber loves cum deep in her but sometimes is afraid she might get knocked up as she is not on the pill. The site will be formatted in a way where people can interact, post pictures, and even meet. She was in a relationship for a while and once she broke up, she wanted to be adventurous and experience life outside of her town. Maci is a hot girl from Indiana that was out here looking to be a model. free online dating sites nz. We then went to my room and we started going down on each other. She contacted my friend who is "helping" me with the girls and she flew out this way to give modeling a try. She also has an XRCO Award and fourteen other award nominations. She is the proud owner of a NightMoves Award and an AVN Award, and has been nominated an additional nine times. She was born in the Phillipines and raised in Hawaii, finally settling down in San Diego. Cali is a girl from Dallas who I shot a video with few weeks ago. But I was able to find her while I was visiting and was able fuck her and drop a big cum load in her. I met up with Diana tin the fall time when I was in Europe. This time, we met up closed to my place but I actually had a "normal" date afterwards, so I wanted to meet her up for just a bit to catch up, creampie her and then go on with my Saturday night.

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Cindy was a shy country girl from countryside Georgia until she moved to Los Angeles to go to Nursing School. I think Zoey is the girl that has been featured the most on the site since I started many years ago. First, I need to say I am sorry for the pictures as they were taken with my phone. So she was excited about that and she showed me everything, I started to take some pictures of her and before I could finish the pics, she started to give me a blow job. She told me she was really into being creampied but that guys usually don't want to because they're afraid of getting her knocked up. I hope maybe we can do her again sometime soon and spend some more time with her. She told me she got solicited a lot at the club where she dances at but that she is not into that. Karla is a transplant from Las Vegas that has been living in the west coast for couple of years. Victoria is a girl from the South that came to California earlier this year to be in the music business.

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I also managed to fuck her a bit but only in the car since I was in a rush and couldn't stay for long. I was on my way back to Frankfurt I remember and I had to meet Dara just a few hours before my train departure. Not only is she pretty cute but I love her Midwestern personality, very down to earth. Cassidy is a native girl from California that I got together with a few days ago. I jumped on the chance and by the time she came the equipment was set. Hailing from such exotic locations as Malaysia, Hawaii, Singapore, Brunei and Japan, Asian porn stars may have the most far flung pedigree in the business. She had a very nice ass and her pussy was very tight too, so it was hard for me to not cum several times in her. At first, she didn't think she would be able to do it since she is from a small conservative Southern town. So she moved to CA for the a while to have fun and see if she can go to school here. She is such sweet girl and I could creampie her everyday if she was around. Khloe was very outgoing and I was also experimenting with a pair of google glasses I had recently bought. She is very free spirited and adventurous, so one of her friends challenged her to contact us and she did. But after a while, we were ok and she was very horny to beging with. She told me she had been recognized by some people because of her appearances on this site, which in a way comes as a surprise as I still like to think my site is "hidden" deep in the web. After that we got back to the hotel room where I took pictures of her and where we did this video. Anyway, here is Allie at my hotel room after the coming back from the convention. Following the huge success of the Most Beautiful Porn Stars and the Most Beautiful Latina Porn Stars, we set about women of the Asian continent. I met Rebecca a few months ago when I first did a video with her for my masturbation site. She was also horny and on the solo video, I remember she came before I could even leave the room so she could be by herself and the camera. She had been sightseeing that day and was in a really good mood, so by the time we got to the room we were almost fucking. She was initially a bit nervous because of the creampie thing, but we timed it according to her cycle so she could have some peace of mind. She is so curvy and nice, I just loved putting my cock inside her warm wet pussy. She is a double threat, known for both her deep throat prowess and her anal sex scenes. In fact, I had jerked off the the night before imagining cumming inside of her. She told me she had fantasies about being a porn star so she thought this was a great opportunity to "get her foot in the door". The first time I saw Angel Dark, I thought she looked like a Goddess. She really enjoyed doing her first video and she wanted to get together again for a second round. Since it was such "high end" camera, I could not figure it out so the indoor pictures are all blurry due to the settings. After becoming one of the highest paid strippers in New Jersey, she hooked up with the director, Bud Lee and became a household name in couple’s porn. She is so nice and tight, I was delighted to have her with me. Cassidy loves to fuck and she got turned on by the idea of me cumming inside her, so I am hoping to get a new camera soon and shoot her by the beach in a bikini. But I did take some pictures first and then I started the video. But once we got to the hotel, we started to fool around and I started to fuck her right away.

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Which wasn't hard at all since she is sexy and loves to show off. I met Angel back in February but we didn't get together because at that time she had a boyfriend and could only models for girl/girl pictures, etc. I left them after the camera started and apparently he ended up cumming inside her several times. She first came out for modeling and school and after a while she was just busy doing her degree. I got introduced to her by a mutual friend few months ago but I didn't get a chance to meet her until recently. So few weeks after her creampie episode went up, I ended up meeting her and doing this hot babe at my place. So I ended up connecting with her the same day she sent me a message. We had been in touch by emails for few months after being introduced to me by Victoria. We were at it for quite sometime on video and after we finished it, I kept fucking her overnight. Camilla is half Norwegian and half Hungarian and invited me to go to Oslo when she was there. I actually almost fucked her the day we met but couldn't because of my stones so I just took pictures of her naked at my place first. She started her career doing what is called “gravure” or non-nude video. I didn't wasted any time by fucking as much as I could. Khloe is a girl that came to visit from Miami, Florida few weeks ago on a short vacation. I fucked her all afternoon and came for her multiple times and I got together with her again few days after to do more shoots for her site. I met her the same day I did this video given the rush I was in. So we went out for dinner to meet and talk and I ended up doing her back at her hotel room the first night I met her. Few months ago my buddy did Misty and gave her a good load inside her pussy. She told me she was so turned on after her last visit that all she could think of was to come back and have good long vacation with lots of sex. But since there was a security person doing his rounds, I couldn't really stay there too long or take my camera out to video it. So instead, we went to the room I got and I ended up fucking her there. She is genuinely horny most of the time and truly loves sex, so she is as hot and fun as they come. She was even hotter this time and I loved getting together with her. She is a seven-time AVN Award nominee with a large catalog of work including Fook Me, Miso Horny, and Ass on Tap. She came down to visit after sending me an email inquiring about being featured on the site. She goes to college and works part time, but she wanted to venture into modeling for fun and exposure

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