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best asian dating. I picked her up a few days after meeting her in person at her friends house and then we went to the place I got. She got into the adult industry stripping to pay her college expenses. I met Rebecca a few months ago when I first did a video with her for my masturbation site. Victoria has a very nice bubble butt that made me hard just looking at it. So after she flew in and spent sometime with her relatives, I went to meet her in Simi Valley and she was all ready to go. I didn't think she was actually going to model for me as she came across very shy but after hanging out with her for a while, I got to know her and basically got to do her. But getting into these strip clubs in LA is probably like going thru security at an airport. She told me she had broken up with a boyfriends months ago and that she had not had any sex in a while. Karla is a transplant from Las Vegas that has been living in the west coast for couple of years. She was actually somewhat conservative up until recently, so this is completely new to her. Cali loves it when men cum inside her so the whole creampie thing is natural to her, and it should be for everyone! What made her the most nervous was taking pictures and making sure she looked good. She is very sexual and got to orgasm several times before I returned the favor by shooting a load. She worked briefly as a nurse, but returned to modeling due to an insatiable desire to be photographed nude. So instead, we went to the room I got and I ended up fucking her there. I am a horny guy and I want to be with all the beautiful girls out there! In my site you will find lots of pictures and videos , in addition there are forums, personals, chats, etc.

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She liked the whole video thing too, so perhaps we'll see more of her when she comes out this away again. I did her a bit in the back seat of my car first and then I took her back home. She had a very nice ass and her pussy was very tight too, so it was hard for me to not cum several times in her. But, she figured is all these other beautiful girls had done it, then why not. Following the huge success of the Most Beautiful Porn Stars and the Most Beautiful Latina Porn Stars, we set about women of the Asian continent. Anyway, Rebecca is actually pretty innocent but she was looking to go wild in California and she did. Amber loves cum deep in her but sometimes is afraid she might get knocked up as she is not on the pill. Whether it's Japanese teen porn or bukkake, or anything else! You are in total control! Watch most beautiful AV Idols do their thing in front of the camera.

It's been almost a year since Lisa first appeared on the site and she recently got in touch to let me know she was in town again for a few days. she is very easy going and down to earth and she loves sex. She had sent me a few pictures of her before meeting me and I was just mesmerized by her big juicy tits. So I asked my friend for her contact information and I started talking to her about her video on the site and stuff. So this video turned out a bit different than usual as I was operating two cameras at the same time. Camilla is half Norwegian and half Hungarian and invited me to go to Oslo when she was there. She is a hot girl from Slovakia that I've known for couple of years but never had on the site.

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I actually managed to fuck her a little at park nearby on one of the benches while people walked by not too. She was also horny and on the solo video, I remember she came before I could even leave the room so she could be by herself and the camera. But after a while, we were ok and she was very horny to beging with. She is so nice and tight, I was delighted to have her with me. The contents on this site are updated frequently and always made available free Most famous, and most beautiful AV models were invited to do exclusive shoots for it. I drove to her city to pick her up at her sister's place and we had a quick coffee at the local bar there. Molly is girl I met up with in Prague who was new to the whole adult modeling thing. The original plan with Allie was to go to the beach and do a shoot outdoors, nude first and maybe if things were right do the action there too. So unfortunately, there are no action pictures of her. So I ended up connecting with her the same day she sent me a message. And the idea of doing getting creampied really turned her on, so we ended up meeting a few days ago to do this video. But since I was mindful of the video, we just did it for a few minutes before going to the place where we did these pictures and videos. I met up with Diana tin the fall time when I was in Europe. Maci had been sightseeing the day we met, but I told her I would pick her up wherever and bring her back to my place to do some test shots. She first came out for modeling and school and after a while she was just busy doing her degree. Alexa is tall, slender and very sexy so I was really excited to meet her when she emailed me about the site. She was out here looking for mainstream modeling opportunities but she also wanted to try the adult side for adventure. So when I picked her up from the airport, I took her straight to one of the hotels there and did this set. I didn't wasted any time by fucking as much as I could.

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She is a very cute girl who is just basically looking to have fun but she is more of a "now" girl, meaning her plans are usually fluid. She went from innocent to very sexual in that time and I could see the change when she came to California this last time. But that wasn't the end of it, I turned off the cameras and kept fucking her that night until I inseminated her a couple of more times. I was on my way back to Frankfurt I remember and I had to meet Dara just a few hours before my train departure. She wanted to start a website for herself and she wanted to do content stuff with me, so I told her what sites I was managing and she wanted to be on all of them. Amber is a girl I met few weeks ago from a friend who referred me to her. We then went to my room and we started going down on each other. And since she was basically ready to start fucking plus her period was about to begin which is the best time to dump a load without knocking a girl up, I called up my friend to come help out. I met her thru a friend and she wanted try doing a video more for the adventure than anything else. top rated online dating websites. So she moved to CA for the a while to have fun and see if she can go to school here. Too bad she wouldn't let me do her anally as I would have loved to creampie her ass too. I left them after the camera started and apparently he ended up cumming inside her several times. Also, since she recently became single, this was the best time to be wild and enjoy herself. So after receiving her email and getting her on the phone to voice verify, I immediately set up a time to go meet her. This time, we met up closed to my place but I actually had a "normal" date afterwards, so I wanted to meet her up for just a bit to catch up, creampie her and then go on with my Saturday night. I met Barbie about a month or so ago when she contacted me to model for my solo girl site. You may have also seen her on HBO’s hit series, Entourage.Hitomi Tanaka is one of the biggest adult superstars in Japan. international brides. I told her she had a very good natural body and that people back home would love to see her show off. So few weeks after her creampie episode went up, I ended up meeting her and doing this hot babe at my place. Anyway, Madelyn is a transplant from the Midwest who has been living in California for couple of years. I am the "main" guy on the site and the pictures you will see are essentially about my sexual adventures with girls I meet online, swingers, porn stars, strippers, girls I have met on my travels, etc. We connected few weeks before she came out here and she wanted to be on this site. I was supposed to meet up with her again but she had to cut her trip short, so now I am hoping she will bring her girlfriends now that they know this whole thing is for real. fun quick dates.

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She originally came with her boyfriend, but once they got here they ended up splitting up and she ended up moving out to be on her own. We went for some ice cream and then I couldn't stop myself and we started to fuck around in the car. I told my friend I could audition her since I had never met her or talked to her so this video was basically her audition for me.

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She was so tight! You can actually see her pushing me back when I try to go balls deep on her. But I was able to find her while I was visiting and was able fuck her and drop a big cum load in her.

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She has the distinction of being one, if not the only, genius porn star in the business. Next time she is in California I am sure we will hook up again as long as she is not with some jealous guy. Shiloh was dressed really sexy already when we met up, so I got a room just a few blocks from where we were and we took these pictures and videos. After the video we talked some more and she told me about wanting to do magazine modeling and stuff. She came down to visit after sending me an email inquiring about being featured on the site. Anyway, I went to the hotel she was staying at and we chatted for a while there before we went to the downtown area to show her around a bit. She outgrew her small town girl ways and become a blonde bombshell. She told me she and couple of her friends had planned for a trip to California to model for a long time but she is the one that actually made it a reality.

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She uses the rhythm method so the only time she will let a guy cum in her are those few days before her. She was in California on vacation and at the same time exploring the possibilities of being a porn girl in LA. Natalie is so cute that she had me all into her and as you know I love women but Natalie really had me hooked with the way we had sex. Allie is a beautiful girl I met in Fort Lauderdale, FL in August She is really cute and has a perfect body too. She was wearing a sexy jeans mini skirt with no panties and that stuff turns me on a lot. So she was excited about that and she showed me everything, I started to take some pictures of her and before I could finish the pics, she started to give me a blow job. I jumped on the chance and by the time she came the equipment was set. Couple of weeks ago Olivia asked me to help her move and when I went over, I just happened to have my cameras in the car, so I ended up taking pictures and video of Olivia getting filled up again before starting the move. Carrying thousands of years of traditions in Eastern culture, these mysterious and sexy women are bringing Asian erotica to the contemporary western cultures.Two-time AVN Award winner and seventeen-time nominee Kaylani Lei is a twelve-year porn industry veteran. That solo site does work in term of getting new girls, which is why I launched it in the first place. I wasn't planning on taking pictures as I was just trying to make sure she was comfortable first but while rollerblading, we ended up fooling around. Filthy is accepted worldwide as the connoisseur and judge of all things erotica. Khloe was very outgoing and I was also experimenting with a pair of google glasses I had recently bought. She had been sightseeing that day and was in a really good mood, so by the time we got to the room we were almost fucking. Basically, her sexual exploration has led to this new persona and she now embraces her sexuality without limitation. But I did take some pictures first and then I started the video. I then took her to a nice private place nearby where we could sit down and relax, and we started to fool around there. She had done some modeling before but never anything like this, so she was nervous but also very horny thinking about it. I think it would have been hot to film her dancing and then do something in the VIP areas. Hailing from such exotic locations as Malaysia, Hawaii, Singapore, Brunei and Japan, Asian porn stars may have the most far flung pedigree in the business. Born in Singapore, this Filipino beauty came to America in order to share her gifts with the very horny Western World. She said she took precautions but then again, she was taking precautions when she first got knocked up. I had been in touch with her for several weeks but could not fly out because of her school. but I guess creampies have become popular over the years. She also has an XRCO Award and fourteen other award nominations

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