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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. I dont think that it is right for people to be judged by the color of their skin..more Black and White is the story of two seniors from different races, which have overcome the racial barrier, and are best friends. I found it interesting that the basketball stars mad Paul uses step by step examples of how different choices can affect people. find someone on dating websites. I always liked Marcus, though I found that the two sounded identical as narrators at times. But not once did Marcus sell out his best friend Eddie. The next stick up, they do Eddies' hands were cold, and when he's holding the gun he accidentally pulls the trigger. At times, I felt guilty because I was cheering for the two guys who mugged people. They both impacted me, but I feel like there was a little missing from both.I didn't feel very attached to Eddie until the last thirty or so pages. Both Marcus and Eddie are looking for scholarships to play at the college level. I think that the theme could be, make good decisions, or think before you act. I dont think that it is right for people to be One quote i really liked from the book was "Kids who are different colors don't get to be all that tight in my neighborhood. That's one of the many great things about reading, that you can step into the shoes of people making bad decisions and see the consequences they have to face. This event would break up their friendship, make the college scouts not want them on their team, and even spend time in jail. Begin reading the book you will meet the main characters, Eddie and Marcus, going through the life of two basketball players who don't have a very rich life, Black and White by Paul Volponi was one of the best books I’ve read. black white singles. It showed me not to be foolish and not to do bad things that could impact the rest of my life. It takes you on a loop of action, you will see how fast a friendship can be broken and made at the same time. They decide they are going to keep on doing it though. Avildsen John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Kathryn Walker Action Crime Drama Jim Kouf Jim Belushi, Tupac Shakur, Lela Rochon Comedy Sport Bud S. It was interesting how they got the money to go on the field trip they held up people to get the money i really liked that part..more I think that the book Black and White is a very good book. For one reason, when both friends were convicted of killing the cab driver; it was the white character that got a fairer trial. They only saw that it was a white kid and a black kid.After Eddie’s trial he was found to be not guilty of the charges. I found it interesting that the main characters were the ones involved in illegal actions. It has a powerful message about the impact of race on the judicial and sentencing process. In the book, the two main characters are Marcus or “Black” and Eddie or “White” and they are rising senior basketball stars with bright futures. This book was great besides the ending i didn't like. Marcus helps Eddie cheat on maths test, because Eddie isn't very smart.The author, Paul Volponi is more of a mature author. I like how it keeps going you never know what is going to happen next. I think that the swear words the characters are saying, reflect who the are as a person. Not only is the story is what drew me in, the way Volponi could describe what was happening he uses curse words and gory descriptions, it should be a book for a mature or highschool level audience, ultimately made the book a movie. It was very engaging and taught some very important lessons. They've been friends for all of high school, in In the story, "Black and White" are the nicknames of the two main characters, Marcus and Eddie. Eddie finds his late grandpas' old gun up in their attic and comes up with the idea to pull stick ups. I think that this book should add a longer ending to what is going to happen with Marcus and Eddie. Then on the third one they wanted something extra for themselves, but instead they run into the problem of acc. The book is written in alternating first person narrative.In the story, "Black and White" are the nicknames of the two main characters, Marcus and Eddie. From this he wrote "Black and White" from covering sports events as a journalists. Marcus is black, therefore he was already assumed to be guilty by the jury. They both had a special spot for basketball and thats all they ever did together. In fact, I was more than a little annoyed by both protagonists and felt that their crime was so unjustified that I felt little sympathy for their predicaments. After Eddie is arrested for the robbery, Marcus made his choice to go play for St. I also learned about the types of mistakes that young people can make in life that can costs them their futures.After reading this book it really made the idea that friendship is colorblind a reality for me. Marcus remembered the man from some where and it turned out he remembered him too This book is very inspirational not only to kids that play basketball but it has many lessons about family and friendship..more The two main characters both got into trouble..more Black and white was a really good book because I feel like most people that had lives similar to Marus's and Eddies's could relate to the book..more This book shows how easily someone can mess their life up. Then Marcus couldn't play for the rest of his teams season and they lost in the playoffs. My second thing I like in the book is that the story is really interesting because the book is basically talking about that how Eddie a white person and killed a old black person in the hood and that is why the book is a detailed book. To the parent it may seem like no big deal but when you say little things like that it makes us feel good even if we dont want to admit to it. dating simulator funny games. I think people that play basketball will enjoy the the book. It fits into the sports fiction genre because the characters play basketball and it is a made up story. This book is about how these to great best friends named Marcus and Eddie committed a crime. fun date games to play. They held up three people and Eddie accedentally shot the third guy and he lived but he recognized It's a good book I like that no matter how far apart marcus and eddie were they became friends again at the end of the book. With these illegal events happening, it felt strange while I was reading it, because usually the main character is “the good guy”. So I learned that no matter what the situation is if its important I'm telling somebody so my behind won't get in trouble. The The story takes place in a large town where there is a lot of violence and criminal activity. They both go to the and high school in New York and are star basketball, on top of being best friends.

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They had already made up their minds about his fate. I never lose interest when reading it and most importantly I learned from it. Overall, I was hoping for redemption of the characters, but it never came and this left me disappointed. Something serious like attempted murder is not something I would want hanging over my head the rest of my life.

It seemed as though they were not even interested in the facts of the case. The book Black and White by Paul Volponi was one of the best books I’ve read. This one decision may affected their lives forever, and there friendship.Marcus and Eddie are best friends. The supporting characters were interesting to read about, but I think Marcus was the main focus of the story. Paul uses step by step examples of how different choices can affect people. The way the author uses swear words, I think his readers should be more of a mature person. The two main characters are Marcus and Eddie and you can really see how they go through their struggles. I have never heard of the author Paul Volponi and now that I've read a book from him, I plan to read more of his books because of his detail. That being said, it was impactful, and it was important. Select your items… With your trade-in, you pay {{newPrice}}. Volponi did an excellent job of highlighting friendship, family, and race relations. I would recommend this book to other kids my age just so they can get the understanding that racism does exist and that true friendship is colorblind. They started having a lot of trouble with their own families and with their friends. Also, I learned that working hard and telling the truth goes a long way in life. This book is talking about a bla boy and a white boy in high school and they are freshman’s and play for the Varsity basketball Team.The first pros in the book it’s that the book is talking about basketball and the book is really good basketball book. This book also shows loyalty, friendship, and crimes. Yet bad luck and worse judgment intervene when they team not only on the hardwoods but on the street to do stick-up jobs. The fact that the roles were reversed in this novel made me feel anxious inside while reading. The author did a really good job on changing perspectives throughout every chapter.The book also made me really wanna know what was gonna happen next everytime.But i really wish the book didn't end the way it did,I wanted to know more like how life was for marcus in jail and how eddie was holding up. Even through the very hard times at the end they both overcome there fights and problems together and become friends again. While the stories are quite different, the idea is the same: two friends, one African-American, the other white, trying to overcome racism. However, we'd just read Sherman Alexie's "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian" and this book suffered by comparison. Another quote from this book is "But things are going to be diffrent for you.

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Eddie is white and Marcus is black and they are inseparable, so that is why they are called black and white..more This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Right before we went out on the court, Casey pulled us together and said, "This is the part where we just play ball and all that other garbage can't touch us."No disrespect, Coach," X came back. Their friends forever philosophy is challenged when Marcus is arrested, while Eddie remains free. This is also when Marcus and Eddie became less close to each other and barely hang out with each other. It’s mainly about all the problems after two high school basketball stars named Marcus and Eddie try to earn money illegally. You know how every school has senoir dues and thats what Marcus needed money for so he saved up and saved up until these new sneakers came out and they were the color of their temas uniforms.

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On this night, Marcus and Eddie had already jumped other people, but the last person they jumped is where their lives would change forever. I normally don't read a lot of books, unless I find a great, interesting book that can actually motivate me into reading. During one mugging, Eddie accidentally pulls the trigger grazing the man being mugged. The book is about two high school basketball players from New York that are very good. Also secretly Marcus has a romantic relationship with Eddies sister, Rose. But we get past all that racial crap." It would have been hard to go through all of that at such a young age. It effected me in the same way that The Hate U Give did. The way the author described the game and its pace made me read at the pace of the game. X X I'm Watching This! Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends Calculating trade-in savings Get it for less with trade-in. It started with two simple stickups to get money to cover their dues.

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They destroy the racial color barrier made by common society of their time. But occasionally they we're low on cash, so they rob people at gun point when they are walking down d This story is about two best friends one named Marcus and one named Eddie

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