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For a religious female like me it was sin but it was astonishing and deep inside I was feeling good and relaxed while having fun with someone other than my husband. She only asked for it, said Karthik and asked Meena to get a bottle of vaseline. Standing beside Chetan as his wife I tried gesticulating Vishal to express that I wanted to say something but he just smiled back and entered into his room with Shilpi and ultimately I too entered in the room with Chetan. It's time to build up the good ones and get rid of the bad. Next day as soon as Meena left for college, Sheila aunty called from her kitchen window for Karthik loudly. Next he played music and asked me my choice in this concern, we had elaborated discussion over old Hindi Movies Songs and we listened music for some time. Excited and eager Vishal was continuously talking while driving but I was silent, I was nervous like I was not nervous on my wedding day; when I was suppose to get fucked in the night for the first time. It was strange; few days back I was literary crying to avoid getting into all this and at the moment I was looking out to the road to the Km boards to know how much distance is yet to be covered. Similarly I will come here for tuition two times or three times a week, teach me for half an hour and the next half hour we will have sex. Though it was kinky but it was good, Chetan's naughty humor relaxed me a bit and next including me everyone went busy in Menu card.

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Other wise if it is for pleasure it is safe and more enjoyable. I must mention this fact too that I and Ridhima are different not just in appearance but we are also dissimilar in overall nature, I am little reserved with bit of sheep thinking but Ridhima is very straight forward and far open minded than me. It was Mohit who asked Ridhima to suck his Cock and seeing his wife ready to suck my husband Ritesh too asked me to suck his Cock. It was unpleasant to see but assuming that she is just trying giving me envy feeling I smiled to suppress my real sentiment and very next instant Ritesh got up from his place and sat beside me and took me in his arms same way. I saw after taking off my top Vishal’s sight went to his left where Shilpi was also standing with just bra over his upper half and as I turned further I saw Chetan was also looking at me. Ridhima is fair with average looking face and light brown eyes where I am good looking but dusky in color with big black eyes. "Just relax.sab ho jaayega." Vishal embraced me while saying that and we retained that posture for whole night. Certainly mentally I was very tired but this is also true that after whole day of fantasizing myself getting fucked by some other man now I needed a fuck to sleep sound but Vishal did not fucked me. Anyway things moved further when Mohit stopped sucking Ridhima and addressing Ritesh told him that now he is going to fuck his wife “Ritesh Bus Ab Main Chodne lagga hun teri Biwi ko” and Ritesh replied to him saying same “Main Bhi Chodne Lagga Hun Teri Biwi ko ….”. Karthik removed one by one, the pieces of dress Maya was wearing. Lying on his back Mohit asked Ridhima to ride on him and I was asked to get on my four. Not exactly but after reaching back to the same room, timid and hesitant once again I felt myself back in same sort of mind state. No! I can’t do all this, how can I get naked in front of Chetan, moreover how can I have sex with him; I hardly know him. I looked at Chetan possibly to visualize him buried into my fleshy thighs and licking me like a dog but along with that I realized that I too have to suck his Cock…! And once again I shivered in strange trepidation. I can’t say I was not enjoying, wiggling his thick tongue in my fuckhole Ritesh was licking me so good and deep that I could not bear that pleasure but there was something which was holding me to express my enjoyment. Apparently I was Ok and trying my best to be in pleasant mood to feel that I am not doing anything wrong. "Main aapko kaisa lagta hun." he asked me and I was choked, I looked up and once again blushed “I am waiting for the compliment" he asked me again and looking up I came with just “Good”. Maya took her place near the window and started to wriggle her finger into her virgin hole.

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Ridhima was fine with it but it was not accepted to me but as I once again tried to get away from him, gripping me harder Ritesh asked me to relax. Finally wait ended and most desired moment; if not mine at least my husband’s life arrived and we all entered in the resort. best love relationship. Damp and excited with mild nervousness by now I was little eager to face the real thing but ultimately locking arms with each other's spouse we all moved out to roam around. He smiled and gave me another compliment and it was about my body “you have a very attractive body" and I replied with “Thanks…” though I was still hesitant but I was trying. Like Chetan said Shilpi was also wearing long skirt with a printed top and I must say she was looking stunning, happy and confident as compared to me she was in far better mental state and Vishal also looked contented while walking beside her. With one massive thrust, Karthik made his entire cock enter the hole.

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Next after some time we left the house for shopping I must say that after getting a yes from me for swinging Vishal was entirely a changed man, he was never so fluent in spending money like this even when we were newly married. Owned and managed by karma & Chopel , the exquisitely landscaped resort is set amidst a real apple orchard where you could be plucking apples while you roam around the ample space that is an integral part of the Apple Orchard other attractions. ! yess.yes.ohh.Baby.! Chus mera Lund.achhe se.Chus" It was my husband Mohit who began speaking erotic as Ridhima took him in her mouth and Ritesh followed him by addressing me "Ohh.Pooja. That night I slept tight and I can say as compared to last few mornings I was quite fresh when I got up; if not mentally at least physically. Anyway now while trying ending my swinging experience quickly I would say after Shilpi and Vishal’s exit from the room Chetan spoke out little Hindi statement with some vulgar words and after that we had combined shower while playing with each other’s body under water.

After around half an hour as disc ended and I tried changing it to other disc, Chetan abruptly spoke out my favorite sex posture “So… you like being on top”. I can't say about other females but for me it is always great to get fucked during climax and Vishal fucked consistently with a steady pace for a minute or two, till my orgasm lasted and ultimately screwed me fast and touched his sexual peak in the end. Entrepreneur Sahana Ullagaddi Social Media Lover You understand that your online presence can really help your offline career. I don’t know what we are doing is right or wrong, certainly it is weird and sinning yet it is wonderful and very satisfying. Maya knew that her mother will have a fuck with Karthik uncle and she was eager to see all the details. As it was going in she kissed him on her cheeks and neck. As soon as they entered the house, Meena introduced her friend Jessy to Karthik. searching women. Apart from feeling insecure about my husband: that what will be Shilpi talking to Vishal I was scared of talking to Chetan. He agreed and Maya came to Karthik and went straight to the bedroom and closed the door. Yes! This is about wife swapping between two best friends and it all began with exchanging of cars and finally reached to the exchanging of wives. Everything ran casually, rooms were already booked and both the males went busy in formalities. In the end pretending myself getting up from deep sleep I too got up and we started getting ready to leave. My fucking fever was over and I was feeling really very weird yet I responded back to his kiss. One month after promising the change, Netflix mobile video previews have become a reality through the official Netflix app. I don’t know how Shilpi was doing with my husband but I was sucking Chetan giving my best; without peeling off foreskin of his Cock, slow and tender with lot of saliva and just in few seconds with a loud gasp Chetan grew further hard in my mouth. Ridhima continued squeezing my breasts from behind after removing my bra completely and I did not protest much when my husband unbuttoned my jeans. No problem! Not for moment I felt anything wrong in this but things turned nasty on New Year Eve's get together. Sheila called Karthik next day and told him to give tuition to Maya in English grammar. Deep inside I was feeling good hearing these words and possibly somewhere lust was also empowering my senses of being an ideal wife. I turned and saw Mohit's hand was also on Ridhima's ass mound. I remember whatever Shilpi was speaking and the way she was speaking I use to speak all this in my school and college days with my close friends, and since I was married I was somewhat disconnected from all of them. Ohhh…Wow! Ritesh was really crazy, no hesitation, no pause and he buried his face in my ass and licked my fuckhole so deeply that I really failed to hold myself in that posture and collapsed on bed on my belly. Everything was preplanned by both males and Ridhima but when Ritesh spoke came with this idea everyone except me behaved fascinated. Meena applied some vaseline on the cock of Karthik and urged him to proceed. Flirting and passing nasty comments for each other’s wives both; Mohit and Ritesh were like nothing odd has happened and to my surprise Ridhima was also well indulged with them. What a hell! Sweating and puffing in pleasure finally we all were dead and without saying a word somehow we all adjusted ourselves on the bed for few minutes and it was Ridhima who got up first and it was Mohit who broke the silence saying “Mazza aa gaya”. I was not willing but I was drunk and hearing Ridhima’s words I felt losing control over myself. Skirt and Top; Dress code for the females was already fixed and it was just me who was unaware of that. I am mother of one but Ridhima is mentally yet not prepared for a child. which was appropriate for the kind of dance we decided to do and Ridhima reduced the lights. No, No, you are only a child, and I cannot do it with you, said Karthik. I don't know if I preferred that but certainly I was little surprised that he is not thinking about getting into sex chat with me but ultimately it happened. As the action started, Meena came with cups of tea and was happy that Jessy's desire is being fulfilled. More or less at the same time Shilpi’s skirt also reached to her feet and we both the females were standing just in our inner wears. Because my father is not there she made you fuck her. Anyhow I cannot write whole conversation which we had afterwards but trying writing main portion which I clearly remember I would say as Shilpi knew ours is arrange marriage, to begin Shilpi asked me if I had any affair before marriage and I denied. Anyhow I could not throw this fact out from mind that I am getting fucked by somebody other than my husband but on the other couch everything was going good as Ridhima was just not moaning in pleasure but she was asking Mohit to suck her hard. It was Mohit who plunged me first and fucked me for couple of minutes and later Ritesh fucked me hard and fast until he released his jizz in my fuckhole. Eventually I too hissed in pleasure as Ritesh folded my legs inwards and started licking my wet and swollen fuckhole while sitting on floor and just in few more seconds’ room was filled with mine and Ridhima’s pleasure cries. Vishal is little bulky with bit of tummy but Chaten's body was magnificent. She went down and opened the door and found Maya was there. We all greeted each other and I blushed looking at Chetan’s face while saying hello to him. Karthik also arrived at his orgasm and he shot his fluids into the young cunt of Maya. They promised to meet again the next day, they all departed kissing each other. Couple of minutes passed and from my back Ritesh’s hand moved down to my waist. Maya sucked the clitoris of Meena and she too got her orgasm. Stark naked lying on my back I looked at Vishal and Shilpi; by now Shilpi’s panty was also taken off and while kissing soon they also climbed on the bed and ultimately we both females got buried under each other’s husbands. Karthik felt the internal cunt muscles tightening and Maya was getting her first orgasm. After that she casually briefed about her past affairs. largest online dating site. Meena lifting her pettycoat sat on the face of Maya and pressed her pussy on the mouth of Maya. I was changing and I could feel myself changing, that's why I said Ok to sex chat, somewhere it was pinching me too but that’s what lust is all about; it is a strongest force in the universe and I could not stop myself getting completely into it. Since now I haven’t said yes to it but I am scared that somehow Vishal will succeed in getting my yes.

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I did not said instant yes to it, for an instant everyone went silent and once again my husband tried convincing me to ride with Chetan and this time Chetan stopped him and gave keys of his car to Shilpi and told him not to take stress over such tiny matters The Apple Orchard in  LachenLiterally meaning the Big Pass, Lachen is home to the Lachenpas, northerners belonging to the Bhutia community of Sikkim. But Maya was very much there as it was a holidy for the school. It was like males will hand over their wives to the other male after taking take off her clothes and females will take off each others husband's cloths.

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Madly energized both the males were squeezing our melons while eating our nipples and holding their scalp we were feeding them with pleasure. Meena asked Karthik he objected initially and said he does want to be known as an expert fucker in her circles. I will come in the middle and help you in case of any problem. Anyway by now most of the distance of first session was covered and we were reaching to the midway where we were suppose to have breakfast, although not fully but up to an extent I was prepared to face biggest sex event of my life. I orgasmed hard with tremors passing through my body and soon Ridhima’s shattered cries also rang in my ears. Leaning on her Karthik fucked Maya with full force and Maya suddenly started to feel the pleasue and her crying stopped. We; both the couples are married more or less from last seven years, both the marriages were love marriages and at present we all are reaching to our mid thirties. “Let’s do it….” she spoke and her hands once again squeezed my breasts rough and hard. No wonder seeing her fair and perfect round breasts caged in tight bra Mohit smiled with evident lust in his eyes and seeing his reaction I screamed and got up from my place. But Vishal was with me and including what all positions we took and what all erotic stuff Chetan and he spoke during fuck, every night we had detailed discussions over whatever we felt while having sex with other’s spouse and in two weeks time things went better for me. Next day she told Karthik that Jessy may come for tuition in the evening. Then he pulled out and asked her to stand on her fours so that he may fuck her on doggy style. It was ruthless but it was amazing, I wanted to say that but ended up with a just a smile and he kissed me again. On the other side Ridhima took Mohit in her fuckhole while sitting around his waist and just in few seconds’ room was packed with our pleasure moans. Screaming in intense pleasure I was on my belly with a pillow, my legs stretched in big V and digging my fuckhole with steady pace Ritesh was crushing me under his massive weight and same thing was happening with Mohit on the other side because Ridhima was riding on him like a hungry bitch. Karthik pushed his cock into her hole and as usual it slowly moved in and Sheila was enjoying every moment of that entry

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