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There is also the Private chat feature which allows you and close friends to talk alone, or to share thoughts with others that may need your help, without being interrupted. Make sure it is the exact link that shows in the address bar of your browser at the top. realize you are in a hurry to get into the Oasis Christian MEMBER FORUMS AND CHAT ROOMS, so We will make this quick. We are ONE Christian family here and will not allow specific doctrines or beliefs to be used to divide or disrupt the Oasis Chat Room. The world is hard enough on Christians, but being a Christian Teen is a really strange and oft times difficult path. The member forums and chat rooms are provided as a free service. If you want a fresh start, that is fine too just let us know and we will delete your account and you can create another User name. Let's work together to make the Free Christian Teen Chat Rooms the best Free Christian Teen Chat Rooms and Free Christian Teen Chat Rooms Forums Parents must take responsibility for their child's online computer usage. Once again, the same rules apply to the typed chat room. IF THIS IS FOUND ON YOUR PROFILE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING ACTIONS WILL BE TAKEN DEPENDING ON THE SEVERITY. These Free Christian Teen Chat Rooms are a place where Christian Teens can hang out and share time and thoughts with other Christian Teens in their own haven before Heaven. It is so very sad to see how some of the other chat rooms operate. Any attempts at retaliation from being banned or for any other reason will be reported to your Internet Service Provider. Use of the Christianity Oasis member forums and chat room constitutes an agreement that you will not hold or its room monitors, affiliates and/or volunteers liable for anything said or done in the service to anyone at anytime, even when chatting is in progress. These rules, regulations and policies are subject to change and you will need to read often to keep up with said changes. black women looking for white men. Check carefully before you add any material to your My C-O-O-L Space.  PLEASE READ THESE AS WELL AS THEY ARE PART OF THE CHRISTIANITY OASIS TERMS OF USE AGREEMENT. Use of the member forums and chat rooms signifies that you are in total agreement to the terms contained here within. We have the ignore feature which allows you to keep from seeing the words of any other user in the room, if you choose to do so. We ask that our members take any political and controversial discussions to a private chat room or private message as to avoid disturbing the peace of others. They do not need to hear of any grandiose quests as if it is a good thing. It is a felony to threaten others over the internet, just like it is by letter, over the phone, or in person. The FCC, local police and the FBI take this very seriously and will investigate and prosecute. IN THE EVENT YOU CHOOSE AT ANY TIME TO TERMINATE YOUR MEMBERSHIP, SIMPLY CONTACT US WITH USER NAME AND PASSWORD AND WE WILL REMOVE YOUR ACCOUNT. If you disagree with any of these terms, then please do not use the member forums and chat rooms. We do expect our Christian Teens to consider the phrase WWJD when they are hanging out in the C-O-O-L Chat Rooms. NOTE: WE MONITOR OUR CHAT ROOMS VERY WELL AND ANY ADULT CAUGHT SOLICITING PRIVATE INFORMATION TO OR FROM OUR TEENS WILL BE WARNED OR BANNED DEPENDING ON THE SEVERITY OF THE SITUATION. When banned once you be allowed to return, depending on the offense. Since voice & video allow members to show and speak to others the following will not be tolerated on voice & video. We do not allow anti Christian user names to be created. This way you keep all of your posts and My C-O-O-L Space.

 Now if an inappropriate video is posted you will be warned and if it happens again you will be kicked or banned if necessary. The IP address, through your ISP, can identify YOU and/or the OWNERS. Members that are parents of teen members are responsible for actions of their children. This place is a hospital for hurting souls including those with addictions of all kinds. There are many other plans that we have for our friends, members and guests which will be introduced as time passes. If you smoke and/or drink alcohol thats your business however please be courteous to others and either turn off your cam or walk out of the site of the cam while you smoke and/or drink. We also have monitors watching the Oasis Chat Rooms and they will warn, silence, eject and even ban any individuals that are proven to be disruptive. We do not discriminate due to race or religious beliefs and will not tolerate ANY type of discrimination within our forums and/or chat rooms. Movies Chat Suspense, comedy, romance, and drama in one chat. If you choose to change your user name, just let us know and we will change the name for you. Free chat room where music lovers hang out.Anime Chat This super dorky chatroom is for chatters who love anime, comics, manga, etc. Don’t worry about the weather, it’s all indoor! View Calendar CHRISTIANITY OASIS POLICYThe Christianity Oasis Christian Chat Rooms are VERY different from the other Christian Chat Rooms that one encounters on line. All the chat room rules apply to the voice & video chat as well. Once again your business however any one doing or speaking of doing illegal drugs on voice/video chat will be banned from the site.   POSTING PRIVATE INFORMATION Never publicly post email address, phone numbers, birth dates or anything that would compromise your location or identity. The admin has the right to deem what is appropriate if there is ever a debate regarding this.   NO CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS IN MAIN CHAT ROOM The Oasis Main Chat Room was created for Christians to be able to commune with fellow Christians in a peaceful ambiance and not one filled with debate on controversial topics. Christian Teens are strong enough to change the world and weak enough to be hurt by it it. In the Oasis Christian Chat Rooms and Christian Chat Rooms forums there is an ambiance of peace, love, faith, fellowship and fun.

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These Chat Room helpers are just fellow Christians trying to help us maintain the best Christian Chat Room on the Internet. This includes Christian sites that you like or may have created and seek to bring traffic to.

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Provocative login names are not allowed as those kind of names promote a sexually charged atmosphere. FORUMS AND CHAT ROOM RULES AND REGULATIONS NO DISRUPTIONS WILL BE ALLOWED These are CHRISTIAN Chat Rooms and forums NOT a WAR ROOM We will NOT allow those who do not believe in Christian values to mock or degrade Christians or their beliefs. Although we have made Christianity Oasis Christian MEMBER FORUMS AND CHAT ROOMS as safe as we could, the computer is and will always be a place that provides a shadow, where those who would deceive, will hide within the darkness, behind their little monitor. So, as Jesus said. Please click the YouTube icon and put the link in there.   SUICIDE THREATS It is illegal to commit suicide. In addition, we do not allow our members to create multiple User name accounts. Inappropriate videos include anything with gratuitous violence, cursing, sexual situations etc. We realize that Christian Children may be visiting with their parents which is great. We do not allow our members to violate the Terms of Use Agreement and when a Chat room helper approaches a member, simply enforcing a policy of Christianity Oasis, we do not allow rude or disrespectful behavior.

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Thank you for participating in the ministry of This is a Christian member forums and chat rooms and its purpose is for ministering to the lost and for Christian Fellowship. This is just a link to the Christian Chat Rules page, for your reference Check out our multi-use turf! Use the space for team building sessions during a meeting break, reserve space for your sports team, or join us for open community time. We do not share any personal information with any third parties nor do we use any personal information for any purposes. This is a web site that you get to create yourself and add words, images and even music videos to share your Christian views and/or message to fellow Christians and lost souls. If this occurs, it is NOT affiliated with Christianity Oasis. However we do require that you do not use religious beliefs to disrupt the Oasis Chat Room. | Free Christian Chat Rooms | Free Christian Chat Rooms Ministry | Free Christian Chat Rooms OnlineWEB SITE CREATED BY CHRISTIANITY OASIS Free chat room where anyone from anywhere in the world can talk about any random topics. Asian Chat Free chat room for Asians or anyone who loves Asian cultures.Music Chat Chat about Rock, Pop, R&B, Alternative, Techno, Dance, etc. Remember as you create your profile that there are children that may be viewing it. NOTICE THE CHRISTIANITY OASIS MEMBER FORUMS AND CHAT ROOMS FORUM, PRIVATE ROOMS AND PRIVATE MESSAGES ARE RECORDED, LOGGED AND MONITORED AS WE DEEM NECESSARY FOR SECURITY PURPOSES AND TO PROTECT AGAINST ANY POTENTIAL SPAMMING, FRAUDULENT AND ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. Therefore if you threaten to commit suicide within our forums or chat rooms we may be required to contact the authorities and provide them with all transcripts and your IP number and e-mail address which they will use to locate you. Please respect the member forums and chat rooms etiquette. NEVER share any private information about yourself such as your last name, phone number or address with anybody Christianity Oasis representatives will NEVER ask you for any type of private information. MANIPULATION OF CHAT ROOM FEATURES We do NOT allow the manipulation of chat room system in ANY way. We have adopted some of the best security programs and procedures over the last several years. The Oasis Chat Rooms and Forums were not created for anyone to practice playing God and/or judge others because they interpret God's Word differently than someone else does. If you think banning in Censored Chat is too extreme, this room might be for you.Teen Chat Let's bag your homework. User names cannot be e-mail addresses or first and last name of said user. If you want to discuss your worldly conquests, please take it to a worldly site or keep it in private. This policy protects our guests and provides them with a C-O-O-L safe environment. You must have permission and/or give credit to said author. Choosing to do so will have you kicked and perhaps even banned depending on the offense. Administration reserves the right to edit or remove any post at any time. Consider surfing with your children and make it a fun experience for them.

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This will be a constructive way to spend more time with your children. Use of the Christianity Oasis member forums and chat rooms is at your own risk. Please keep the rights of others in mind as you visit the Oasis member forums and chat rooms.  We understand that your link may go to a Christian site yet an unacceptable ad may be on there. We are called to seek after the lost sheep, NOT sneak into another shepherd's pasture and try and steal the sheep because you are not called by the Lord to do so or you are unable or not willing to do the labor it takes to be a true shepherd. If you use the member forums and chat rooms and do not agree to these terms can and will not be held responsible. If you're bi-curious, questioning, or bi-friendly, you're welcome too. With our high tech systems, this information can and will be used to track and report any individuals that are partaking in harassment activities.   You have a right to express your beliefs in a righteous manner within our Christian community. We reserve the right to determine what words are and are not allowed within our Christian community.   IN THE EVENT THAT YOU ARE BANNED, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CONTACTING YOU AND LETTING YOU KNOW WHY. CHRISTIAN MEMBER FORUMS AND CHAT ROOMS CONDUCT But how. Flooding and talking in CAPS is oft times seen as annoying to others. You also agree, that if you do for any reason attempt to take legal action against or its affiliates, to pay any lawyer fees and other costs to us regardless of outcome. An example would be taking someone else's words or works from other sites or sources and posting another's words or works within our forums and presenting them as being one's own works. BANNED FROM ALL CHRISTIANITY OASIS MEMBERS FORUMS AND CHAT ROOMS. The "regulars" sit in the room waiting for potential Christians to enter the Chat Rooms so that they can band together with their "holier than thou" manner and judge these potential Christians. Everyone's ISP information is recorded upon entering the member forums and chat rooms. MY C-O-O-L SPACE RULES   One of the exciting features we provide our members is. The web site server logs will store the IP address of individual accessing this web site. Although this is your space to create as you wish it is still a part of Christianity Oasis website. We will also contact the proper authorities if the matter warrants and is deemed necessary. We also have the ability to review ALL forum transcripts, including private rooms and private messages even without room monitor's present, in the event that the matter warrants it. We understand that many who are not believers in Christ are here and are more than welcome yet we cannot allow anti-Christian material being displayed on this Ministry's site.   PROMOTING OTHER SITES This is a form of spamming in a vain attempt to use our Christian community to advertise one's  own site.  We do NOT allow you to promote other sites within our Christian forums or Chat room. CHRISTIAN TEEN CHAT ROOMS   We have created our Free Christian Teen Chat Rooms for Christian Teens looking for Christian Teen Chat Rooms and Christian Teen Chat Rooms forums as well as potential Christian Teens to have their own Free Christian Teen Chat Rooms.   Please contact Christianity Oasis here EMAIL if someone or something makes you worried or uncomfortable in ANY way in the Christianity Oasis Christian MEMBER FORUMS AND CHAT ROOMS.    Christian Chat Site policy is VERY simple. Some words may not seem bad to you, but may be offensive to others. PRIVACY POLICY does and will not request any privileged or personal information or collect any information that personally identifies you or allows you to be personally contacted, in order to participate. IF YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED AND HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT WHY, YOU MAY CONTACT US

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