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Eagle City - Eagle City Park - There are people that go to the park and worship the devil and chase you away if you try to watch them. wives looking for fun. What we’re finding is that families aren’t following the herd; they are taking the time together to identify wherewant to go. They reappear to bickering roommates in order to promote friendship and harmony. Sometimes you will see a dark figure staring at you from a tree. The Victoria & Albert waterfront is particularly fun and cool, with good restaurants and shopping. And best of all, the exchange rate is fantastic right now for Americans, Brits and Europeans. gay dating agency. Some people went into the house and found a bunch of old toys and stuffed animals. Kids who are old enough to hike, explore the glaciers and raft the rapids will be in heaven. Despite being known for warm summer temperatures, Arizona visitors can find fun things to do all year! If you have a suggestion or need advice about your trip to Arizona, you can contact us. Right when you get up on the second story, an overwhelming feeling of fear and pain is reported by the owners. Sri Lanka Sri Lanka has flown under the radar for years, but interest is picking up, and now is the time to get there before the crowds arrive. He was seen one time by an employee who described him as small, very pale and thin, wearing black trousers with suspenders, white shirt, and an Amish looking straw hat. Nature rules here - the wildness surrounds visitors and encourages everyone to try something new and daring. Rhine River Valley The Rhine River is full of medieval castles that keep kids in the Dark Ages.

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The area was previously used for witchcraft and worship and the legend now says that if you go before the pong a woman will rise from it. it belonged to the director of the theater dept, who retired by dying. Des Moines - Weaver House - this house has a table the seems to be haunted. Go for exotic culture and beautiful beaches paired with ample activities on both land and water. Pair it with a stay in the neighboring Grand Teton National Park for an extra-special trip. Tokyo, Japan Japan’s high-octane capital enthralls kids from the word go. Children's Forest - It is known that a neighboring resident found an antique glass jar in the woods of Children's Forest. Orcas Island, Washington Just a short ferry ride from the mainland, Orcas Isand - the largest of Washington’s San Juan Islands - feels like stepping off the grid into a slower, more idyllic time. In the sides of the mausoleum in which she is housed are two cobalt blue stained glass windows. And you will see some dark figures run behind trees but if u go check it out there is nothing there. At midnight every night you can see a glowing light coming from this stone. Browse our map above or the gallery below to discover the most popular spots in your state. Cape Town, South Africa Put Cape Town on your bucket list! It’s a magnificent destination for both kids and adults, laden with beaches, harbors, mountans, gardens, wine tours and fabulous wildlife. Employees have had things misplaced, heard their name being called when no one is there, and have very cold spots in the building year round.

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Storm Lake - Buena Vista University - McAllister Cottage - This location on College Ave, has been the home of six Buena Vista University Students who repeatedly saw, from their back porch, the spirit of a woman. If you go there at night, you can hear children laughing and the sound of Indians. Jungfrau Region, Switzerland This may be one of the most beautiful places in all of Switzerland, and that is saying something. Central College - Graham Hall - A room that is locked up, believed to be haunted by the Penguin Lady. In those days they had to manually lubricate high-powered electrical connections before they would have a show. Enjoy some quality time in the sun, kicking back or chasing your next adventure. Over fifty small children are buried there along with many soldiers. Combine a stay in Cartagena with time on the coast or a visit to Colombia’s coffee country. They say if you drive by it at night you can see glows like a light was on. If you roll down the hill three times, you will see the stairway to heaven. Plus, there’s artisan coffee, sublime craft beers and delicious wine for the parents. Visitors have seen things human like shapes appear and disappear. Many of the old buildings are extremely creepy, and many odd sounds are heard. Vietnam Vietnam is perfect for families who want to experience a new culture and have an active vacation at the same time. a womans face is supposed to come down the railroad tracks and it and follow you down the road till you go under a brigde about a quarter mile down the road. In retaliation, the Indians killed a white woman names Mrs. Patagonia Though it’s time-intensive to reach, the payoff for Patagonia - which spans both Chile and Argentina - is worth the trouble. Montana It’s called Big Sky country for a reason! Wild and wide open, with sweeping views in every direction and truly majestic mountains, Montana is an outdoor wonderland any time of year. The next day they busted the jar against a tree inside the Forest, and now they say you can hear Indian calls from within the woods. This chair has been named "The Devil's Chair" it is said if you sit in it something bad will happen to you. Safe, welcoming, easy to get to and incredibly child-friendly, Oman is a terrific entry point to the Middle East with kids. Tour the medieval towns of Strasbourg and Colmar; from the latter you can even dip across the border into Germany for a day. Story City - apartment building - The apartment building use to be a an old funeral home. Many people have seen a witch in black with long dark hair, she talks to young children. It was present during the civil war times and the owner says that sometimes he hears a stumble or a person limping at night.

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And it could be the clearest day and when you reach the cemetery it will begin to rain. New Zealand The list of reasons that New Zealand appeals to kids of all ages is vast. A strong feeling of being watched and followed is felt. Maldives Long stretches of white-sand beaches and gentle surf make the Maldives a great place for families. Very inexpensive safari options exist here as well. Oskaloosa - Youngberg house - Faint, deep moans can be heard on the second story. The story is that a car full of football players were going to their game and their car stalled on this very hill.

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Another story is that two children who lived in the nearby mansion were playing in the road when they were run over and killed. sure enough there was an area on the bed that was pushed down that looked like there was sombody there, but there was nobody. He reported that something made him get the urge to turn around and he seen that all the nights were back on. There have even been reports of eerie cries coming from the servant's house, the master bedroom, and the nursery. She likes to follow visitors around and several have said they hear a child's voice asking for Ree. The birds they tried to keep would always die on them and the dog would never go into the house. It is said that if you walk up to her at night,she will softly start crying and tears will run down her face and fall to the ground. Villisca - Villisca Axe Murder House - Believed to be haunted by the family that was murdered there. Some say he was killed instantly, some slow and painfully. Sometimes you might hear moaning in the woods, sometimes you will hear what sounds like somebody pounding a metal sheet against a tree. All the activities seem to only be done there in the lower level. The Ham House - This building is said to be one of the most haunted places in Dubuque. Good Sam Nursing Home - a lady was screaming one night that she would not go to sleep untill the lady left the room, the people on duty that night tried to explain that there was nobody in the room. The bottom of the shaft is gone now but still it is very cold in the general area and even through the banter of the HVAC system you can hear faint crying. When the National Guard was in the building soldiers who worked full time and were in there after hours reported hearing the clip clop of horses hooves and the jingle of harnesses off the small drill floor where the stables were. They were hardworking soldiers with their heads on straight who would never in a million years make up things like that. But in order to witness the strange happenings you need to have your car turned off and lights turned off. They've opened up their doors and yelled down the halls at their hall mates thinking it was a joke and no one was out there and the sounds continued. More than a few guards and inmates have reported experiencing this. Sioux City - pre school - orbs seen on the first floor where children sleep. Students have accounted for unexplained footsteps in the hallway, the feeling of being watched and a shrouded figure near the chapel. You’re never far from either an ice cream shop or a playground in this historic seaside town. Guthrie Center - Cemetery - When going east out of Guthrie Center there is a cemetery to the left of you. You can also here some weird noises, usually when your alone. A friend that worked as security and also operated a martial arts studio in the building reported a number of strange happenings. Residents say they see children running at night and asked the staff to ask them to be quiet. Mt Hope Cemetery - Toward the back of the cemetery there are five graves of children from the same family. Parents will love how safe and clean everything is, along with the beauty and history of Japanese culture. Here, you’ll find the idyllic Swiss experience of quaint villages, stunning beauty and panoramic alpine views, a perfect trio for families of all ages. a man who spent the night in one of the cells, said he saw it, but that it was a man hanging from a rope that went up into the ceiling. Haunted by the ghost of a small boy of about twelve years of age named Jeremiah. asian dating sight. New Virginia - cemetery - the grave of the first settler in New Virginia is said to be haunted. Kyoto, Japan Kyoto is the beating cultural and spiritual heart of Japan, a fact not lost on the millions of visitors passing through every year. Ansgar - NE part of town - Noises running up the walls of the steps, lady calling out a name, dog would be alert during the spirit calling out the name. The workmen who did some remodeling there would always find there tools in the basement in the mornings. Carlos O'Kellys - Many odd things occur including unplugged blenders going off, flickering lights, and plates falling off of racks for no apparent reason. Iowa Medical and Classification Center - At night on certain units, especially segregation, you can sometimes see the shadowy figure of a man walking along the cells. Doors slam, and ghost talk and lots of other things. Sioux City - Leflur house - It's located in Morningside near the collage and it has been in a magazine. Even creepier, there is never a breeze when this happens some say. Williamsburg - Leisure Bench - Liesure Bench, a private memorial built by the Leisure family who's cemetery plots are together in front of this cement bench which is constantly warm year round, a figure has been seen sitting in this bench then suddenly disappear. There at one time was a terrace that was had lights that required them to be unscrewed to turn off. Don't sit in this chair or you'll be sorry but if you do sit in it you're very brave, good for you!!! Catholic Cemetery - Occasional sightings of a woman figure have been seen kneeling at the feet of the three Virgin Mary statues. It is said she committed suicide by hanging herself on old heating pipes in the rooms. People have experienced classic encounters such as cold breezes, strange voices and chills running down people's spines. At times you might wait for a good five or ten minutes and nothing will seem to happen, but when you have given up all hope and decide to leave, all at once there will sound like a herd of elephants are all around you and make the loudest racket. They say the ghost if mad because they changed his gravestone. When the settlers came, they dug the Indians' graves and placed them in five mounds throughout the hilltop. Examples include catamaran trips to swim with turtles, snorkeling, surfing, diving, paddleboarding, boogie boarding and other water sports. We’re all so scheduled that it’s essential to carve out uninterrupted family travel time as early as possible in the year - or before you know it, the calendar is full. Stroll through the French-inflected core of the city and get up early to see the young monks’ morning walk through town. We live in Arizona, so we’re very familiar with the area! This list is updated frequently when we discover new things to do! We have a full web site devoted to kids in Arizona! Get ideas kids and families here. No one thought much of it until the hauntings started to happen closer and closer to peoples homes. From the valley and stunning waterfalls of the Lauterbrunnen area to the mountain lakes and exploring the Jungfraujoch, this region of Switzerland has it all. Also there are symbols carved into a wooden bridge in the forest. the sniper dating game. Snorkel in pristine reefs and maybe even with a whale shark. During whale season between December and April, humpbacks and blue whales can be seen from the beach or on one of the many fantastic charter boats available for families.

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For a home base, choose the storybook town of Bacharach. Read the words on the Lincoln Memorial and show kids where Martin Luther King once stood. Vancouver, British Columbia Vancouver is a breathtaking city full of amazing food, sights, kind faces and a gateway to endless outdoor adventures. San Jose del Cabo, Mexico Think past “The Arches” in Los Cabos, and head north to San Jose del Cabo for tons of family fun. Muscatine - Lutheran Holmes/ Lutheran Drive - Lutheran Holmes now a nursing home use to be an orphanage. the story is that she hung her three children over the bridge and a train came along and hit the kids. Riverside - Riverside Cemetery - Apparently when driving by the Riverside cemetery it's been said on certain nights and will start seeing eyes vaguely glowing, this turns into a crowd of eyes, most likely the residents of the cemetery. Whenever you are in a room by yourself, you are physically abused by an 'invisible hand'. Webster City - Hamilton County Hospital - Years ago a med student killed himself in the old surgery room. Several of the caretakers have reported objects mysteriously out of place and lights flickering. Whether you want an urban escape, exploring the Gaslamp District and its many dining options with a visit to Seaport Village, or time to relax on the beaches of La Jolla and Coronado, San Diego has plenty to offer. Not to be missed: the Ninja Restaurant in Akasaka - if you can find it, that is. If you’re looking for adventure combined with a place to unplug, this is your next destination. Des Moines - Terrace Hill - There have been witnesses who have seen a transparent little girl, eyes in pictures following them and many other things. Granger House - It has been said that the white figure of a young woman can be scene sitting in front of a window at midnight. Muscatine - Greenwood Cemetery - The Blue Angel - is a statue in the Greenwood Cemetery who used to hold a rose and if the person looking at the angel, if she dropped the rose, you were doomed to death. It is condemned now with no trespassing signs in front. One of the ghosts a women is said to have been seen, but if she drops a rose by your feet you are doomed to die the next day.

When OB is closed not uncommon to hear babies crying. Tuscany Of course, we can’t close out a roundup of top destinations without mentioning our beloved Tuscany. Nosara, Costa Rica Nosara has an uninterrupted, laidback rhythm - it’s a place where you can always escape and invigorate yourself for the storm-tossed sea of life. Many people have claimed to have had experiences there. Iowa City - Black Angel & Little Girl Statues - Reports of a glowing shape walking through the cemetery, believed to be the spirit of the Black Angel. The surrounding town offers fun restaurants, shops, and street performers along the Thames

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