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Home Article Actress Kari Matchett is in a Relationship with David Lyons after Divorcing Ex-Husband T. W. Peacocke in Is she getting. David Lyons ranks # among the Most Man-Crushed-Upon Celebrity Men. David Lyons' girlfriend is Canadian, just not the Canadian I was hoping for. An Australian actor, David Lyons is dating Kari Matchett since Kari is a Canadian actress seen in movies including "Apartment Hunting".

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ER S15E08 Dr Simon Brenner & girlfriend Here is an interview of Kari talking about her movie. David Lyons attended Yarra Valley Grammar school and he graduated from the school in And after a year of his debut, he was featured in the short movie Four Past Friday and an Australian television soap opera Neighbours. The son is lucky enough to get love and caresses from his both parents. David was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, david lyons dating. david lyons dating

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