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Celebrity couple Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao might not be rushing down the aisle anytime soon, but the Taiwanese singer recently admitted. Popular Taiwanese actress-singer Rainie Yang finally confirms rumours that she is dating boyband JPM's Prince (Qiu Shengyi). Although. When it comes to love, Rainie Yang is definitely in two minds. Rumoured to be dating Chinese singer Li Ronghao, the sweet Taiwanese.

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Candyce would also fly to Taipei once every three months to reunite with her husband. Just days after rumors went fursploding about Rainie Yang and Sunny Wang heading to NYC together on the same flight, the flurry of eyewitness sightings and blabbermouths have pretty much confirmed they ARE in fact dating and went to the US together for Thanksgiving. Jaymee, who is based in Singapore, rarely gets to see her hubby. Apple Daily asks Sunny and Rainie to puhlease last at least one Season, so they can have more juicy gossip to report on. Two years later, the duo became proud parents to a baby boy.

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Victoria’s boyfriend is not Yang Yang as people think, her boyfriend is someone… nobody can think of Supposedly Sunny had a conversation with a good friend where he said that he and Rainie were friends, rainie yang dating, but did not refute outright that there was more going on. Fans of both stars are highly skeptical this relationship will work out, which is silly if you ask me, rainie yang dating. Cameras caught Joseph and Rainie out with friends watching a movie in Taipei, rainie yang dating the group hanging out on the streets afterwards just chatting late into the night. Despite living in different parts of the world, this couple makes sure to schedule regular date nights and holidays without kids. They were spotted at Kansai airport awaiting their transit flight to NYC, holding hands and snuggling in the waiting lounge. rainie yang dating

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