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The contrast to the rumors is that Pace has dated a lot of gorgeous women in the past, but still Lee Pace relationship with Richard Armitage. Fans have concluded, if Lee Pace and Richard Armitage are dating, than Armitage must either have made up an entire life with Ms. Capper or. Has RA become a total douche since he split with Lee Pace? . Did Richard Armitage keep a frozen bag of peas handy? .. Why would a man who has dated exclusively older guys, start dating a much younger guy if he is not going through .

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He says he can still vividly remember the smell of the elephants and being permanently hungry from his circus days. I hate what You did Lee also took to Twitter to confirm his membership of the queer community. Similarly, in , he was in a relationship with Carter Smith. Well, nobody else rather than Lee Pace can make it clear whether he is gay or not.

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