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Ellie sits in her swivel chair, drawing up one of her legs to her chest as Joel begins to play and sing select verses from Future Days by Pearl Jam. The volume on the radio was kept quite low so I wouldn't get busted by my parents for listening so late at night. Don Kobes writes "I first heard Don Blanding's poetry while in Iowa City, as a young boy. No other choice, Ellie pulls Joel up, the man screaming in pain from the effort. retired, but had this vision of their youth he could hook in to. Upon meeting Ellie, he initially has a rocky relationship with her. Michael/Shemp writes: As a kid in chicago area I had many nights to hear him on the radio and my mother was a friend of his and I got to meet him on the air and at his home.

His last name was removed by Naughty Dog early in development and is not considered canon. After a live performance of some of the most pivotal scenes, creator Neil Druckmann released an epilogue to the epilogue, taking place a few weeks after the end of the game. Tommy promises Joel gear but refuses to "take that girl off [his] hands". Over the years, the pair survived by descending in to a sinister way of life, hurting innocent people; going so far as killing them; all to survive. During an optional conversation with Ellie, when a banner about the football team Bighorns is examined, she'll ask if people were like idol worshipers. With the promise of a home at Tommy's if they should return, Joel and Ellie depart for the University.Several weeks pass before they reach the University. "It's getting late and we both need our rest." Joel heads for the door as Ellie falls back into her swivel chair. The pair make it to a subway, avoiding soldiers and a Humvee. Despite trying to convince them he needs to give her CPR, they knock him out. Ellie notes that Joel has stained his hands with innocent blood when he reveals to her that he has been "on both sides", thus having the knowledge about a hunters' ambush and anticipating it. Joel, in an attempt to alleviate Ellie's survivor's guilt, tells her a half-truth that the Fireflies had other survivors like Ellie but failed to assist in finding a cure. Ellie returns with a first aid kit, after having to fight through cannibals and Infected to get back. The pair reach the slums, bribing their way in with ration cards. As one who grew up in Chicago, the memories were strong of this man. I received a warmly-written letter from him as I listened and went "into the night." He was something to hear. The WGN sound helped me appear hip and aware to the young ladies who came to my place to listen to the radio and sip the beer that was not commonly available in Minnesota. Joel knew Marlene as the leader of the Fireflies, ever since his brother Tommy joined the militia group. beat dating site. Since it doesn't cost me anything to send copies of my recordings via the internet, I have decided I'm willing to share them with anyone. Joel did not interact with Sam much but he did care for the boy's safety - as evidenced when the two had been separated from Henry and Ellie by a safety door in the sewers compound. He wears the watch that Sarah gave him the day before the initial outbreak as a reminder. Henry didn't fear him either, having the confidence to stand up to Joel despite the man having been on the verge of killing him. Carol Phillipps writes: I remember him when he read poetry late-nite on WLW in Cincinnati. The Clooney sisters would usually do a soft duet to Fritz Kreisler's "Caprice Viennoise" as Grant did his final "..flow on, Moon River, to the sea." segue out. He could pin Robert and break his arm, shove his brother Tommy against a locker, tackle a soldier and overpower Ethan; a trained Firefly; despite the man holding him at gun point. cl women seeking men.

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The Torch Hour was always my favorite part of the show. After running through the city, Tommy stays to hold off the infected so Joel and Sarah can flee. However it is later revealed, through a conversation between him and Ellie, that the subject of whatever happened is very painful for Joel to talk about. Joel now sees that trying to detach himself from anyone and everyone he meets will likely result in him ending up paranoid and alone. The outbreak and Sarah's death changed him into an apathetic, ruthless, and estranged man. "Well I done hear that some people call this a gui-tar." Joel says, really pouring on his Texan accent, getting a quiet chuckle out of Ellie. When Joel found Frank's suicide note, he gave it to Bill. I can't express enough what I feel in my heart to hear the words of Franklyn MacCormack and the poem "Why Do I Love You". He tortures and interrogates them to learn of Ellie's location. We would sit rapt and breathless as Franklyn quoted the title poem, "Down the valley of a thousand yesterdays flow the bright, cool waters of Moon river. Once inside, Joel and Tommy begin discussing why Joel has come so far. The two decide to enter a building via the balcony in order to get off the streets. Reluctantly, Ellie and Joel flee the area while Tess is killed.

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She jumps but makes it without his help, something Joel congratulates her for. The two argued furiously over this, Tommy finishing with "I don't ever wanna see your goddamned face again!" Tommy eventually left the Fireflies as well but did not return to Joel, leaving Boston to go to Wyoming.Joel spent a considerable period of time alone, eventually meeting a woman named Tess. Marlene reveals the "cargo" is Ellie, surprising Joel, who avoids looking at the girl. Joel, having had time to think about what Ellie said, realizes that abandoning Ellie is worse than staying with her, possibly harming any relationships she may try to form in the future. Marlene takes them to a kitchen, Joel picking her up when she falls due to her wound. In exchange, they can regain their weapons and receive even more. To "lighten the mood", Ellie's reveal a joke book she possesses, quoting several jokes from it as they go to take their minds off of the dangers in the world, if all too briefly. The pair drive deep into the city before Joel slams the brakes at the sight of a man stumbling in the road, pleading for assistance. He arguably knows next to nothing about the boy, unlike Ellie who had become close friends with Sam. Before they do, Tommy gives Joel a picture he found back when he returned to Texas. Joel is greatly angered, warning Ellie that she is "treading on some mighty thin ice." The two argue heavily about the losses in their lives, Ellie pushing Joel while doing so. The pair slowly bonded with the brothers; Joel personally discussed his love of motorbike riding with Henry, who was envious for Joel riding one yet not going into detail about the story. He has nightmares and does not speak about his time as a Hunter.

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They learn the group is trying to restore the electricity. Joel replies, "I swear", leaving a doubting Ellie to her own belief. By nightfall, Tess arrives, Joel agreeing to take the job upon learning the payment is high. They carry on through the building, approaching the exit. Ultimately, the narrative became an exploration of how willing a father is to save a child; initially, Joel is willing to sacrifice himself, before evolving to where he is willing to sacrifice his friends, until finally feeling that he would sacrifice all of humanity in order to save Ellie. Joel remarks that that's the best thing about his job; "I don't gotta know". Living in one of few remaining military-controlled quarantine zones, he operates as a black market smuggler, dealing in contraband, taking numerous de-humanizing jobs over the years to survive in this new post-pandemic world. Although saved by the man, Joel turned violent, shoving him down and prepared to kill him in cold blood; inadvertently revealing the "Hunter" side of himself.

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The opening ends with Joel sobbing over his daughter's body, his world torn from under him. When Ellie overhears Joel and Tommy argue over her fate, she steals one of the settlement's horses and runs away. By The Last of Us Part II, Ellie can play the guitar and sings in the reveal trailer. Ellie also remarks that she wants to be an astronaut. Joel tries to fill the silence in order to cheer up an estranged and traumatized Ellie, who warms up after seeing a herd of giraffes. While they are being checked for infection, Ellie panics and attacks one of the soldiers. Amazing how a person so young can be touched by a voice, and music, and the words like that in Dedication. Ellie decides to flank him, Joel wearily telling her not to. My show has a number one Arbitratron rating in threee states while I had it and until I moved to Florida where I am at present. Don't know how many days I fell asleep in one class or another. I miss his delivery and unique talent of connecting with listeners. After making peace, Bill devises a plan to retrieve a battery from a crashed military truck, stating that if he does this, he owes Joel nothing from then on.Joel and Ellie are taken by Bill to a church, Bill's personal armory. Joel viewed himself as someone who had to escort her rather than develop a relationship with her. He dispatches the rest of them before finding Ellie, who had managed to escape before falling victim to their cannibalistic ways, brutally hacking at David with his own machete. He has a heavy, muscular build, with dark, graying hair and a beard. Unlike Ellie, he is not immune to the cordyceps infection and thus cannot survive in a spore-filled environment without a gas mask. His hour of classical music first introduced me to the wonders of serious music. Before Tommy informs Joel that Ellie took one of his horses, Joel appears to shed a tear and wipes it away just before Tommy tells Joel of the incident. One question in particular, regarding a Dawn of the Wolf poster, reminds Joel of Sarah; that pair had saw it shortly before the outbreak. However, Marlene reluctantly made the decision to kill her while Joel attempts to save Ellie from that fate. Joel admits he came here to pass Ellie on to his brother as the Fireflies were his "crusade", thus his responsibility. It was shortly after that I discovered Franklyn MacCormack. My father and I visited Franklyn many times at WGN, and he most graciously welcomed us into the studio. Spring arrives as Joel and Ellie reach Salt Lake City, their intended final destination.

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Joel delivers Ellie out of the city, heading for "home" at Tommy's. They search through the building, breaking in through the side gates due to how fortified the main entrance is with barbed wire. Lobo writes: My family was discussing Franklyn MacCormack over the Christmas dinner table and I said I'd check the Internet. Joel rarely shows signs of happiness and often cynical. He now viewed Ellie as someone he had to protect but still keep himself detached from to save his spirit, not wanting to lose someone close to him again. It was reported today that President Trump has been pushing for women's health programs that are based on abstinence. Tommy introduces him to Maria, the settlement's leader. After a year though, he didn't mind Ellie talking about her, showing that he had moved on from losing her. This LP is fairly easy to find at used record stores, perhaps because of its cheesecake cover. The Vagabond's House" and "Farewell to Vagabond's House" were my favorites. Tommy interrupts them, as bandits have reached the ranch.Once the trio dispatch them they depart back to Tommy's. But I have his records and tapes from MGM in Chicago which all get listened to frequently. At the last minute he would go out and drive to Chicago and go on the air without missing a beat. They don't play music like that anymore." Susan writes: I believe he broadcast from the top of the Prudential building--there weren't that many high rises at the time and it was the tallest and was a tourist attraction. She angrily shouts at him, demonstrating a deep distrust of him, and implies she would harm him should Tommy suffer any sort of harm from taking over for Joel. Meteor showers are named for the constellation that coincides with this region in the sky, a spot known as the radiant. But I can find no reference to this program on your website. That site reminded me of Franklyn and his summer broadcasts from Wisconsin Dells. He also vaguely thanks her for saving him, making Ellie happier that Joel is starting to trust her, and that the two are beginning to bond. Joel has many cuts and scars, which can be seen on his face and arms if the player equips Joel with a t-shirt. Sandra Berry writes: While hunting for a recording of Dedication, recited by Franklyn MacCormack, I came across your wonderful web page tribute to him. Once you have settled at your observing spot, lie back or position yourself so the horizon appears at the edge of your peripheral vision, with the stars and sky filling your field of view. After some research, we found the site and learned more about this great radio personality. They gave you a free roast beef sandwich with the password “Made From Squirrel.” Yesterday President Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen, known for paying hush money for his clients, revealed that he has ANOTHER client, Sean Hannity. The next morning, Ellie looks out the window to find the same people trying to find her. He mentioned listening to "The Meister Brau Showcase" when he was dating, and I also did. He was an icon--I listened to him along with my grandmother--it's surprising he's not remembered more. However, he later complied upon learning how similar they were; both searching for the Fireflies and each trying to care for someone. He shoots her point blank in the head, leaving her behind as he flees with Ellie. Joel is a bit deflated, but quickly recovers, leaving and quickly returning with a guitar in hand. I absolutely fell in love with him! He was my comfort at nite and lulled me to sleep. The medicine brings him back to his feet, albeit weakened, but he is surprised to find Ellie missing. Only if we had this sort of quality programming today. My senior year I had a single room, and it was so comforting on those snowy winter nights to listen to the poetry and beautiful musical selections of the Meisterbrau Showcase. Perhaps even more so than with Johnny Mathis, Franklyn's poetry was a man's best friend with the ladies. I still remember the "Vagabond's House" and "The Face On The Bar room Floor." A little later on, my brother gave me a book of poetry and those two poems were in the book. I also heard his recitation on one of Wayne King's albums, "Melody of Love," I think. I called the fellow to let him know there must be some mistake, that the poem had been written by a woman. Maria confronts Joel, threatening his life if Tommy dies. The trio then go through an old museum, where Joel briefly gets separated from Ellie and Tess.

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Although I had to get up early for work, I tried never to miss a night. I'm sending you an attached photo of that old Buick radio that we used to listen to those shows. Tommy manages to calm her when informing her Joel is his brother. I feel very fortunate to have obtained both of the tapes." Also Dave Studebaker writes: FYI: Franklyn MacCormack recordings on CD are available from, Chuck Schaden's web replacement for the Metro Golden Memories storefront. They see horses, Joel learning that Ellie also knows how to ride one. Despite Henry surprising him, Joel successfully overpowered and badly beat him and later easily parried his gun from him while shoving him to the ground. Greatly enraged, Joel shoves him against a locker, preparing to get even more physical. I can still remember opening my bedroom window, proping up my radio next to the outside screen and laying back in bed in total relaxation. Years later I tried without success to encourage the station managers of several stations playing nostalgia music to have their announcers do the same, but they just couldn't see it -- "people don't want to hear that kind of stuff, they just want to listen to the music". Ellie reveals that her parents died "a long time ago" but refuses to reveal why Marlene wants her to be smuggled. So far, most of his donations have been provided by the Make-a-Sad-Wish Foundation. Henry was a minor acquaintance of Joel and Ellie who they met in Pittsburgh. As they cross through, one worker jokingly bets "a million bucks it works" to which Tommy remarks "make it two". Their time there is arguably when their relationship is at its strongest, Ellie is no longer fearful that Joel will leave her; she stays with Callus as Joel wanders around, whereas before she would try to find him like in Pittsburgh. The words come from an untitled poem by Friedrich Rückert in the German langauge. I grew up in Moline, and, being a night person, listened to Franklyn on WGN regularly. As they are leaving, he asks Tess why Marlene is having them do the smuggling, learning that they weren't Marlene's "first choice, or the second"

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