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This also speaks VOLUMES for the quality of real, fresh from the farm, organic produce. The shrimp part is a no brainer – we love it and I always have good, flash frozen, wild-caught pink shrimp in my freezer. This then leads to a whole discussion about ovals and how they’re shaped liked eggs. Yeah, that’s a lot of zip lock baggies but we reuse. The usually fairly sleepy state was the headline-grabber in newspapers coast to coast. Things have changed in oh so many ways both locally and globally. If the coming years are going to build on rather than weaken our progress, this administration is going to have to prove it with tangible promises, not slogans. Because Florida weather is all upside down and sideways, our CSA farming season happens in what everyone else calls winter. The game might lead to a love/hate relationship, but the basic parameters of that relationship were understandable. That’s a friend worth keeping! As with most of my crock pot cooking, this is a Dump & Run Recipe – no pre-cooking or browning the meat – just dump it all in there, set the crock pot, and go about your day. They also sell it at Amazon and I’ve seen their baking mixes in some of the higher end grocery stores like Fresh Market and Whole Foods. Cut the onion in half and then into thin, half moons. If young people in particular see this crude and cruel experiment as something to replicate, we will become an unrecognizable people. This is not how I would have raised a child during the George W. To counter all that, we are going to need some bona fide positive statements from Ivanka and Jared, not just some behind-the-scenes pleas for base-level decency. In fact, one will find instances of Kennedy, Nixon, and Reagan using the “Renewal of American Spirit” theme, verbatim.That slogan, like “Make America Great Again,” was actually a favored phrase of Ronald Reagan’s campaigns and administration. I have lots of books on GF baking but let’s be honest, I’ve been too busy to cook and post recipes so I’m pretty sure that means that I am way too busy to buy, weigh, measure, and concoct my own GF flour blend. If Congress passes FADA and Trump moves forward with his vow to sign, the much louder national engagement will come from those of us who realize the discriminatory effects masked behind the far right’s carefully crafted “religious freedom” smokescreen.

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Back then, we were always talking about the anti-LGBTQ activists who were making odd and suspect trips to visit Kremlin officials, and now this same crop of activists is simply over the moon about the election outcome.  For a garnish you can add dill or parsley if you have it. Can’t say that about any of the produce from the regular grocery store. In her movie, he is not frightening like Ursula or Maleficent. It’s of course no shock for politicians to use overstated maxims to sell a campaign, speech, or policy proposal. Right when he started cooking this one, I knew I had to have the recipe. It is this spirit that propels a movement through scary votes, bad polling, well funded opponents, and threats of physical and mental persecution. Let me start by saying I do believe that the president’s daughter and her husband, now a special advisor to the president, are personally pro-LGBT. We obviously don’t voice our global fears, as we take our role in allevativing rather than exacerbating her worry quite seriously. Back then, some of President Obama’s allies and donors , and now we wake up to daily stories about potential meddling in an election that many saw as a referendum to build on or upend President Obama’s legacy. This is what I’ll be having on Sunday – opera performance tomorrow so no shenanigans for me. Former caddies are now senior communications officials. With a studied understanding of governmental affairs and the ability to form opinions, both the dedicated political pro and the armchair commentator could find an entry point. I am going to get back to updating this site on a semi-regular basis. Unlike the President-Elect, Pence came into his office with the popular vote of his constituents. The journey from Massachusetts marriage equality to the Supreme Court’s Obergerfell decision is an epic one. I’ve made this for everyone in my family and they all gave it rave reviews. When President Trump appears in the Oval Office with his team, that team includes Mike Pence, one of the most , and now Vice President of the United States. I’m simply conveying the facts, as they are, to an administration that seems far too reliant on fake news When you need all the details, this is the book to get! He and Colleen are gracious to host me occasionally which saves me from the big old boring drive and has the added benefit of getting to dine on Nikolay’s fine cooking. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow so I’m getting in just under the wire to share the recipe again for THE BEST CORNED BEEF! It’s baked, not boiled, and has an amazing, zingy mustard crust. Over the years, I've had much to say about so-called “religious freedom” bills, including this one. Nowadays, it’s not enough to just stand against a bad idea-you have to tell us what you’re for.

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One way I believe I can help is to put some positivity out into the world. For everyone else, this is a summer gardening thing but here in Florida prime farm and garden season is underway right now. The onions will separate into thin strips in the pan. Even more so now, in this era where behavior that was as unthinkable as it was inexcusable when I began this site are now daily occurrences.

But it would be hard for most LGBTQ activists to say where we are now is at a time of “renewal of the American spirit.” For us, that renewal is sort of what we’ve been living through for the past few years. And no, this isn’t a byproduct of being a left-leaner coming up for air in a world that turned right. I don’t want to be halcyon about an era that had an ability to feel hallucinatory. We are not to be whispered about behind the scenes. Since I’m gluten free, I started making my own backpacking food and it was so good that even the gluten eaters wanted it again this year. And early education, for which I have found a real passion. That said, I am not willing to applaud them as LGBT rights supporters unless and until they take actual public stands in support of actual LGBT rights. This gritty determination is a uniting aspect of the American character. And sometimes, those careers lead them to new choices. My goal is to not waste or throw away anything from my CSA boxes…and so far, so good! However, sometimes the greens schedule and the flute playing/travel schedule do not align so I had to quickly learn how to deal with big bunches of greens and figure out a way to save them for a later date. For those who don’t know, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. ------------------ ------------------ Sure, the TEA Party started making things weird even before our current decade began. This time she was staring at me in a very deliberative way. In the weeks surrounding Pence’s misbegotten decision, one could not turn on a TV, be it a news or a comedy show, and not hear some sort of criticism of the obviously discriminatory idea that was taking hold in Pence’s Indiana. All you’re doing in this recipe is browning and heating and adding great flavor with apples and onions. It’s so tender and not stringy and super salty like deli corned beef. It’s delicious! I always think of my friend Larry when I come across a recipe like this because he loves fish recipes that are quick and easy to prepare and don’t require specialty ingredients. One of the perks of living in Florida is easy access to good shrimp. They both come from lines of work, fashion, and media that tend to feature outsized support for the LGBT community. It was a depressing time; it was a dispiriting time. The team that surrounds this president, who himself stands opposed to marriage equality and other LGBTS rights, is a team that has never shied away from public statements in opposition to basic fairness for LGBT Americans. Let me also remind you that New York and California, while dismissed and even mocked by these newfound fans of the Electoral College, are highly influential power centers where many major companies make their biggest decisions, and from where much media is written, produced, and transmitted. *We also have options with the herbs…I have fresh lemon thyme but you could also use regular English thyme. A president tweeting insults at an actor who portays him on SNL is how something unremarkable. He’s kind of like a combination of Gaston and Le Fou: a misguided soul in need of further education, a few years of yoga, and a hug. What’s even more bizarre is how closely related to the whole thing Donald Trump was back then, when LGBTQ rights were the big focus and well before he was in a political role. I don’t know what the means exactly in terms of content. I love a good debate with the conservative side, and I spent years having that conversation at a time when my movement was lost in the political wilderness. I don’t want her remembering this time and wondering whether her parents were silent. Go forth and celebrate with some good food and good friends. The period of time when LGBTQ rights dominated the Russian conversation here at home neatly abuts the time when the Russian conversation pivoted toward the election, and there are so many coincidences between them. The pure and simple fact is that championing the artfully-but-egregiously named First Amendment Defense Act would be among the worst ideas that an already-unpopular Trump could do in his early days of office. That’s no surprise to anyone who knows me and my symphony friends – many of their recipes have been featured here. After the first time I made it, I told him about it, then promptly lost my photos and couldn’t post it. That team includes Reince Priebus, who used his time as head of the RNC to keep the party publicly opposed to LGBT rights. A supporter doesn’t just stop a bad needle from popping a good bubble-a supporter moves the needle even further down the still uncharted path toward progress. There was a time in history when we applauded a public figure for standing against a proposed amendment banning marriage equality or using words like “tolerance” in association with our rights. A staple of the CSA haul, especially for the first month or so, has been a variety of dark leafy greens. I’ve made this three times and used grouper, red snapper, and halibut. In that sense, it’s a somewhat innocuous theme for President Trump’s first address to a joint session of Congress. Ours is a time that needs a lot of help in oh so many ways. She was studying me with a curiosity, each of us surprising ourselves with what instantly felt like a new chapter in life. This was reflected in the President’s dystopia inauguration speech, and it is ingrained in just about every move he has made since. And for this daddy, more time means more ability to get back to myself as a writer. One could be forgiven for taking the time to celebrate---and breathe. Once I get back, I’ll share way too many pictures of our trip. However, no amount of spinning or hiding behind this uniquely American way of letting multiple popular vote runners-up become president will change that fact that more American citizens would prefer to see Hillary Clinton sitting in the Oval Office than they would Donald Trump. Here’s what you need: Boneless Pork Ribs, Green Onions, Rice Vinegar, Soy Sauce/Tamari, Chili Garlic Sauce, Ginger, and Brown Sugar My friend Jen made me a version of this recipe for one of our famous carpool dinners. It has simple ingredients combined to make an incredibly tasty and easy dinner. The Left’s alliance with trial lawyers and its dependence on constitutional litigation to achieve its social goals risks political atrophy. What I’m not comfortable with doing is pretending anything going on right now is normal. The topping makes a creamy, tangy sauce which she has pronounced as “Not weird at all.” HA! So set aside any preconceived notions about what properly goes on fish and give this a try. Fortunately, it’s very simple to process and freeze any hearty, thick greens like mustard, collards, Swiss chard, and kale. Our rights, so fundamental to the previous administration’s goals, are not political footballs, and the team that thinks they are doesn’t get to score points for simply not fumbling the ball. In fact, I’m making a regular batch as soon as I post this. Because I have thoughts about things So parenting is a lot. NBC Out has a great post on the subject for those wanting more. Yes, I teach my child to resist Even in the moment, as devastating and other-worldly as it was, I made note of the way she was looking at me. Ultimately, even Pence had no choice but to scale it back. We are not diminishing our worth, nor are we diminishing the criteria for calling oneself a true ally. fiend friend. I do know that I want to get back to writing, and that this remains my home for daily commentary that exceeds social media character limits. Despite setbacks and goals yet achieved, we are living in landmark times for our civil rights movement, and the history books will surely reflect this rise. In the past, I’ve used regular long grain white or brown rice, basmati, or jasmine. The friendship for which Trump once longed in a tweet has only seemed to grow in the subsequent years: Again, I’m not saying there’s a direct connection linking all this mess. With increased schooling comes more time for daddy. However, this year I’ve joined a CSA for the first time. But work that we proudly took on because we knew that the end justified the rough means of the day. These critics get away with this line of thinking because our Electoral College system is what it is. You can find the recipe here – If you’re a traditionalist, and want the good old Irish Boiled Dinner, we can do that too. Our spirit shall not be crushed behind anyone’s twisted sense of renewal. This is true for any incoming administration, where the first one hundred days are always so crucial, but it is even more salient for a president whose popular vote loss is larger than the entire population of seventeen different states.

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For her, resistance means simply adhering to the basics that she learns in preschool everyday. He loves to frame his electoral victory as an “historic landslide,” but the popular vote number is the one history will most remember. You can also use Tilapia, Swai, Flounder or any other mild, white, thin fish. Yeah, imagine that you’re expecting to eat fast food in the car and your best friend brings you a warm rice bowl full of slowly marinated tender pork. I’m of course only focusing on LGBTQ, but many Americans feel that we far from a time of renewal. In fact, she has kind of taught me a thing or to about how to resist. The major cities of America will have an outsized say because the major national businesses doing busy from them will understand and articulate the obvious dangers FADA poses to their ability to engage in fair commercial exchanges. But it didn’t necessarily feel that way at millennium’s turn. Liberals may win a victory on gay marriage when preaching to the choir before like-minded judges in Massachusetts. Trump lost the popular vote by nearly three million. Even ardent Trump supporters seem to see this more as a time for building a whole new enterprise than a time for renewing anything of recent memory, from either party. Digging in and standing firm at times when the ground seems the softest and the trails so poorly lit is fundamental to American spirit. Until then, I hope you’re having a wonderful summer wherever you are and it’s not too hot to cook! xo – Claudia & co. At this time, however, it feels like I would be neglecting my duty as a dad who wants my child to develop a strong conscience and values set if I just overlooked or sidestepped the things she hears and questions. That team also includes Steve Bannon, who gave an award to the star of Duck Dynasty for doing nothing more than making anti-LGBT comments.

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Times were initially bleak, then we moved forward to a White House that was literally illuminated in pride colors. LGBTQ people and allies dug down and did enoromous work. Because you buy the pork chops already smoked, they are also pre-cooked…think smoked sausage.

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And yes, the attacks on President Obama started trending off the political pages and into high school slambooks. To even concede that this is a “new normal” is, to my mind, an exceedingly dangerous choice for the continuation of our nation. Virtually no one outside the usual stable of anti-LGBTQ activists could defend Pence’s proposal because it, like so many so-called “religious freedom” proposals, was so demonstrably harmful to both human and business interests. I don’t write this as some sort of ultimatum to the incoming administration, or as a smug city-dweller who believes his New York City home should get to dominate the national conversation. It takes only a few ingredients that you will likely already have on hand. Back then, we were talking about Russian propaganda laws at a time when our own domestic conversation was largely about marriage equality, and now our domestic LGBTQ conversation has heavily shifted toward our own matters of expression and representation in the public square. Despite its “great again” tendencies, this is not an administration that seems to be that concerned with customs or traditions or protocol, favoring the construction of new walls over the return to deeply rooted American norms. Savannah has processed this information stream and come up with two takeaways that she will tell anyone who will listen: She will use her powers of niceness to change the president and better her country. But while the whole thing is bizarre to just about everyone, for LGBTQ activists, it’s on another level. Jailtime seems more likely than not for several key figures. We are not in a place in our history where we are going to pretend that marginalizing us is the default position and that anyone who dares to show basic decency deserves outsized praise. Mike Pence moved forward with a discriminatory “religious freedom” proposal in his home state of Indiana, signing it into law i, the nationwide response was the thing of infamy. I’ve received huge bundles of mustard greens, collard greens, kale, and a few funky varieties of Asian spinach. I had an awesome Shrimp Pad Thai recipe to share with you this week – we’re having it again for dinner tonight – but in what can only be a HUGE case of the Mondays, Flickr has decided to lock me out of all of my photos and the website here is also acting all wonky. Not only is it something I want for myself, as a means to get these thoughts of my head and to sort them out the way that I have always found both meaningful and therapeutic, but something I also want for my kid. In that and similar times, I believe I could’ve kept her fully detached from anything resembling political or governmental affairs

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