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The Captain then turns away from the crashing helicopter, quips "Good night, ya bastard," and does an Unflinching Walk away from it as it crashes. These scenes are known in some fan communities as the "Exploding Fart Shot". There's a reason they use pyrotechnic experts with remote switches instead of just measuring tape and grenades. Colonel Quaritch, the villain of , walks off this way after jumping out from his falling flaming dropship. Renegade: Spectre Garrus Vakarian would to do one of these, but usually abstains because he doesn't think it's professional. The other Kamen Riders proceed to reset the finishing line tape for him and declare him the winner when he finally gets to the end. Averted in the pilot of : when the Sons blow up the Mayan's warehouse, they both run away and look back at the explosion. He got eaten, but by doing so, the last three soldiers - one of them severely injured - survived the attack and escaped pursuit, all thanks to his badassery. And to top it off, he's not just holding his ground; he's calmly striding the damn thing as it's charging right at him. Somewhat parodied in the trailer for the Horne and Corden comedy thriller The Wrong Mans.

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She does this again when Merida interrupts the archery contest, though she is less calm. "That Slab just blew up my buzzard without even looking at the explosion! But I.I aint scared." Done by Sephiroth in to terrifying effect. new zealand guys dating. During the climax of when the enormous lava monster is running towards her, Moana calmly walks towards Te Ka while singing her song. Six in the ending of as she kills every single guest on her way out of The Maw. The movie itself adverts it: they run away from what they think will explode and leap through the air dramatically, only to discover it doesn't go off. At the end of , Zorro and Elena and many refugees walk away from the collapsing scaffolding of the mine that Don Montero was going to blow up, leaving the enslaved Indian slaves inside. As if this weren't enough, the burning wrecks trace out his trademark skull logo when viewed from the air. Parodied on when Melissa sets fire to the "Little Fairy Princesses" building so she could escape. Shown in some of the print ads for the DVD of , with the title character looking all badass with his love interest beside him, whose super powers are supposed to be part of The Reveal. Hilariously enough, Kesha, of all people, does this right at the beginning of her We R Who We R video. single russian girls. : Richard manages to : In     Web Original  Lampshaded in The Angry Joe Show review of when Rico jumps out of a building that explodes behind him. The second time is even more over the top as Frank kills the mafia boss responsible for the death of his family by detonating car fuel tanks in a pre-programmed sequence, all of which light up behind him as he walks away. The last ten seconds of Rammstein's video for Du Hast has the band doing a Power Walk across a field with a massive bomb explosion behind them. After Walt shouts "Vamonos!" and the employees scatter, they walk away nonchalantly as the lab explodes in the background. In Trevor does this after destroying the meth lab of his competitors. Occurs at the end of , when Bob Lee Swagger kills the Big Bads as well as their men in their own private house then blows up the house along with them. The Defiant was always flying away from explosions at the last minute, showing no concern for the mayhem behind it. In , the heroes' first fight using their new Super Mode ends with Jan kicking Rio's ass, then walking away as Rio collapses amidst explosions. In the pilot episode of , The hero Adam McArthur does that after self-destructing his crashed stolen spaceship. Warren Beatty pulls off one of these in the movie, although he's not walking but wearing a deadpan expression while firing a Tommy gun as a car explodes behind him. He looks back and gets an Oh, Crap! expression on his face because he just set the school statue on fire. All the while, the crown was either staring in awe or cheering. The one time Garrus performs an unflinching walk, he walks. In the Deconstructed in Lemon Demon's song "Action Movie Hero Boy". He then calmly takes his sunglasses off, gets out of the car, puts his sunglasses back on and executes an Unflinching Walk, complete with badass black clothes and sunglasses.

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Cue explosion as she poses on the criminal Captain Morgan style. Faren Brosca in Dragon Age: The Crown of Thorns calmly walks away from the center of the proving arena and towards the exit after beating Seweryn and the twins, respectively. Later on during , defeated monsters would discuss how they find the Rangers turning their backs like that insulting. In , this can be done to ludicrous extremes combined with actual cool building destruction. has a truly epic variation in the season two episode "Deadly Maneuvers".

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Subverted seconds later when he does flinch from the explosions. Played straight on Unflinching Walk as a ninjitsu technique. The first time is when he leaves a tripwire mine with the wire stretched tight in the hand of a mafia boss's son, with the implication that eventually he'll drop the heavy explosive, and sure enough it happens just in time to frame Frank's exit. Used in ; every time McKnight's convoy stops, he gets out of his truck and strolls around, apparently oblivious to the bullets/RPGs flying all around him, to find out what's going on. After being challenged by , Zeno advises him to Look Behind You and walks away-right as his son Silva falls out the sky and crushes , complete with a huge explosion and crater. Shelby tries to do this while filming herself using dynamite to blow up the lake monster that ate her boss, but the shockwave from the explosion causes her to stumble and fall over. During , Sidney shakes off the reporters and confidently walks through the college campus as the film ends. Gus figured that the Cartel needed him alive more than dead and that they were only trying to bluff and scare him. The women wind up covering their faces but PSY just keeps on singing. In , "Jean Jacket Guy" casually walks away from a pit of gasoline that he's set on fire as it explodes behind him. In Linkara and ERod's crossover review of , the two do this after "getting rid of the bomb". singles party near me. In the latter case, the explosion causes the guys to drop the ground and grip their ears in pain.

She piles her cheating husband's belongings into his car, sets them all on fire, unflinchingly walks away as the inferno burns. Cure Rhythm from , when she purifies a Negatone with her Music Rondo, she just walks away like an elegant lady before and when it explodes. Combine that imagery with the opening riff of the Black Sabbath song of the same name and you have the ultimate in superhero badassery. Light and Matt in when they stoically make their way through Beyond Birthday's villain lair that has been booby-trapped with all kinds of explosives. Hey, look at me, casually In slow-mo, everything glowing And blowing to bits right including me! The video for "Prayer" by Disturbed has the singer continue walking slowly and speaking with God while explosions and car accidents happen all around him. Doubly subverted in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Corrupt Corporate Executive Catherine Weaver unflinchingly walks away from an exploding warehouse, is engulfed in flames, and unflinchingly walks out. Bonus points for casually dodging the flying debris without even looking, and for apparently walking a few steps away just to invoke this trope, as he was waiting for Silva to show up in the first place. Audie Murphy actually The Boston Bombers Firefighter demonstrates why it's dangerous to cook a turkey in an overflowing oil cooker by Truth in Television: Many experienced demolitionists turn their backs on their detonations.


While the rest of the team takes cover, Coulson simply turns his back, crosses his arms and hunches up a little. The Guys From "Worth" It Sampled Some Of The Best Bacon In Their Entire Lives Not all bacon is created equal MX GEAR Jerseys Blank Motocross Jerseys Pants Gloves Goggles Vintage Style T-Shirts Ultimate Pit Shorts Crossbar Pads Lever Covers Handlebars Tie-Downs Share Unflinching Walk Edit Locked PlayingWith Headscratchers ReferencedBy did leave the oven on. Michael had the, but Sam, having not been told about the bomb, was freaking out in glorious slow motion. Accidentally subverted during the big mansion shootout from the finale of John Woo's Chow Yun Fat's character, Ken Gor, tosses a grenade into the mansion and turns to nonchalantly stand in front of the ensuing explosion. The titular Winter Soldier in Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a master of this. Granted, he's a droid and could probably calculate the risks a lot faster than a human could, but it's still pretty awesome. In , ACU Trooper Miller essentially flips off the by standing his ground and firing his shotgun repeatedly at it. Even has one instance, performed by - of all people -. Forrest's only reaction is a slight increase in walking speed towards the end of the scene. Notable in that there are two tropes at work here; the More Dakka of the tommy gun masked the explosion to the point where Warren Beatty didn't even hear it, which is how he was able to pull it off. On many sites, the mere mention of Pat Lee or Dreamwave will cause the picture to be posted. Gibbs: "You might want to-" Trailer explodes, Tony and Kate duck. He yells at that he can't feel his legs, begs for her to help him and calls her a bitch when she doesn't. Happens in , after Jak causes his opponent's car to crash. In one memorable instance, the heroes of turn around for the Victory Pose. After he busts up Isengard's dam, he casually walks away as the torrential water eruption breaks through and floods the basin. When a Megazord does walk through an enemy's attack, monster ass is about to get kicked. Django turns back, puts his shades on and takes a good stare to the explosion. The core unit starts shaking, Samus hops off the unit and glides down to the ground, and strikes a pose as Quadraxis' head flies past her exploding, all while she then slowly gets up, doesn't spare a glace, and walks away. Also subverted in The Joker does something like an unflinching walk out of the hospital, then stops as the explosion peters out. He was disgusted by his superiors' refusal to call back some marines who were headed for the a ship with a bomber on it - and with good evidence the bomber was the radio operator - and wasn't going to linger and watch good men die unnecessarily. A commercial for Extra's line of dessert flavored gum has a stick of gum unflinchingly walk away from an exploding strawberry shortcake. A villainous version when Warp blows up a anti-vigilante office to frame the good guys. Bonus points for the Big Bad doing this while in a suit. Of course, you can always do it intentionally anyway. In Glove and Boots, Mario blows up the porta-potty they rode down a mountain in. Predators: A Predator sets his hijacked ship to explode from his wrist-mounted computer, then turns and walks away before it does. And of course there was Gus Fring, who walked out in the open while a Cartel sniper was firing at him the whole time. He glances at it, pulls it out, and casually drops it. This was parodied in a great scene on the special features, where various Kamen Riders hold a footrace to see who has the fastest landspeed. GTA Online pulls this off as of the Heists Update during the Humane Labs Raide where your crew ends up does this after blowing up their helicopter they used in the Heist. Dekoppa from does one with a bundle of pipes while striding towards an ancient devil who produces soundwaves that reduces concrete down to its very atoms. Richie had been shot in the hand, and Seth is annoyed that Richie is unable to keep a "low profile." Neither pays the slightest bit of attention to the store they just blew up. "He did it! And he's not looking back at that cool explosion, he's a hero!" Korra blowing a giant fireball into Big Bad Amon's airship in barely makes him break his stride.

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In 'I'M ON CRACK' by The Left-Rights, the Josh Harraway launches Mike Diva's car into space, where it comes back down. After setting up an explosion by lighting a pool of gasoline leading back to a gas station, Cyrus and his buddies walk off. In the first episode of the seventh series lead character Adam is speeding through the streets of London in car set to explode. Previous to this event, he was a trasformed troll, and had undergone fifteen years of desperate survival against a continent of undead. Performed by the protagonists of in the first episode as the car they smashed up explodes in the background. This is especially impressive if his backstory, in which his parents were murdered and his face burned away by a firebender, is true. One of these happens after every major boss in : Samus casually strolls away while the Phazon Core she just gave a Phlebotinum Overload comes crashing down behind her and starts exploding. In Marshall Mercedi pulls one of these off in the episode The Whiskey Trader, blowing up an entire wagon of dynamite. Cinque of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS calmly walks away as a raging inferno starts behind her after she blows up one of the Ground Forces HQ's shield generators. Not only does one episode lampshade such explosions, but the Blue Ranger's attempt at fixing a glitch in his morpher runs the risk of cranking the blast Up to Eleven. As the heroine drags a criminal from an overturned car, her partner just happens to drop his lit cigarette into the leaking gasoline. An impressive calm for an unremarkable bookstore owner. When Korra airbends at him and he wasn't ready for it, he went flying. He even liked it so much he did it AFTER leaving their employ. The warg-riding orc proceeds to completely trounce him. Accidentally subverted in : Murphy flinches when the helicopter blows up behind him. Sun suggests an action movie and, at one scene, he and Neptune walk away slowly from a building. Segata Sanshiro did this after throwing an opponent so hard he exploded upon hitting the ground. A less explosion-related example, Shepard's calm stroll out of Cathka's workshop as the Batarian writhes on the floor in pain from the severe electrical shock Shepard just dealt him. Subverted in the fake trailer stinger of : the elderly versions of the cast freak out and start running from the explosion and it spirals out of control from there. Subverted in the first , when Snake starts to do this after blowing up a helicopter he was fighting, but then turns around and runs to the railing to watch the explosion. In , Fay does an Unflinching Walk away from the car she's just set on fire, seemingly unperturbed as it explodes. Just as he finds a sufficiently empty spot and gets out of the car for what you expect to be an awesome unflinching walk away, the bomb goes off taking him with it. : In "Boot", Staff Sergeant Carrington and Sergeant Gonzalez slowly pace up and down the length of a gas chamber full of tear gas, singing the Marine Corps Hymn while the recruits are hardly able to breathe. Vash and Wolfwood walk unflinchingly through a hail of bullets in the anime episode "Goodbye for Now". As Josh walks away, the car crashes into the ground behind him and creates a huge explosion, and all Josh does is pull out a pair of sunglasses and put them on. Evil-possessed Spider-Man does it in , after throwing one of Harry's pumpkin bombs back at him. The whole sequence earns you a "Stylish Kill" token voucher. Malgus of The Old Republic fame does one towards danger in the Return trailer. has Garrosh Hellscream do this in the Siege of Orgrimmar patch trailer. The same shot is used in the first film , when Jotaro finally encounters Dio on the streets of Cairo, in the face of seeing the effects of Dio's stand, he simply ignores the advice to run for his life and walks unwaveringly toward Dio for the final showdown. The explosion is timed to the flick of Hannibal placidly lighting his cigar. In , Zorg casually takes a drag from a cigarette as an explosion bursts behind him. The soldiers all flinch; but Dax does not react at all. , in the aptly-titled episode "Justice", the proto-Justice League did this. The Mad Bomber does this in when he walks away from the car he has rigged to blow with the Yakuza bosses inside. The poster for 's crossover with has them doing a Power Walk with an explosion as the backdrop. When carries a wounded Bubba during the ambush in Vietnam, a large explosion is seen behind him. And subverted in : Shepard's Unflinching Walk from a giant collapsing radio antenna is cut short when a large piece of the antenna nearly pancakes the whole party, followed by Shepard and company running like hell when they realize the whole thing is about to collapse on top of them.

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