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Over the holidays I began a quest to discover the world of niche fragrances. The coconut, almonds and vanilla really round the fragrance out beautifully. If you could make a more synthetic plastic coconut you could scent it with the opening of this perfume. It is a beautiful mastery of fragrance that broadcasts femme. You get more than you pay for and much more than that for the cost of a value meal at some fast food. After a couple of hours the synthetic smell fades and is replaced by a lovely natural heliotrope/white floral/almond mix which is much more pleasant. it's pretty strong at first, so don't spray too much! i find it's better if i spray my neck then rub half of it off onto my wrists or vice versa. I don't smell coconut but it is delightfully creamy so I might call it coconut *milk,* not the dried sweetened stuff.

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I grow datura and know only too well what the flower smells like. This was a bit cloying for me and although several people have stated they consider this a gourmand scent, that was not my experience. Despite being a proud owner of tuberose plants, I never smelled a datura in real life. While this is useful to some people, I think this mechanism might make the perfume leak or evaporate, so use with caution and buy it if you really plan on using it often. Tracking this scent is like trying to catch a butterfly. I think it has good longevity and projects quite strongly. It basically becomes all more generically sweet and powdery, still elegant and dry but undefined and dull – basically the same clean, soapy pleasant drydown you'd have after taking a bath or a shower. My recent obsession has been trying anything and everything that features tuberose. Yes I noticed the coconut straight away - thought it was probably just my weird nose again so was relieved to see it actually listed as a note! By smell alone I would interpret DN as coconutty/lilacy. I am reluctant to catch this beautiful butterfly and pin it down, but if I have to.. However it is much elegant and sensual, the floral notes are dense and rich, and there is an enjoyable green/floral balsamic breeze all over, on a powdery/vanilla base comprising white musks and perhaps resins too. The top notes are heady, maybe too heady, slightly green. i think i am getting mostly tuberose, coconut, tonka and lemon blossom from this. Datura Noir lands on heliotrope, mock orange, phlox, and buddleja, but is grounded for a bit of a rest, thanks to the musk and vanilla. I have finally found a Serge Lutens that I fell in love with, from start to finish. Also some coconut/floral fragrances from TerraNova. Uncle Serge's descriptions of his fragrances are often quite "trippy" so it makes a bit of sense to me, his reference to this flower. As for the fragrance itself, the first few moments have a little coconut going on, then it is floral - all sorts of sweet flowers. The opening is actually a bit powdery on me and then settles into a creamy, sweet floral. But with SL I have learned that there is always the possibility of a new normal. So I just had my sample out after going through my overload and I sneered at it remembering how much I had disliked it the first time I tried it. I have tested this a few times and only now do I love it. She did spray my wrist with it a little and I just LOVED it, all of a sudden. So far so good: silky, soft and velvety but fresh, aerial and multi-faceted, feminine and refined but also luring and shady, intriguing and sensual, in a really peculiar minimal way. It is amazing how perfume smells different on everyone!! On me this is heavy heavy tuberose out of the bottle. It is about as logical as any of the other names of his frags. I tried Datura Noir as it has been on my want list and I must say it's very pleasing to smell, it's very strong and ladylike, but on me this turned into a very expensive smelling soap fragrance. I thought I'd love this with the coconut, tuberose, almond, tonka and all. if not, it's too strong for awhile and gives me a slight headache. I know it isn't, but it is a big sweet white flower scent that is not like normal musty tuberose that I am used to smelling. I was very skeptical about this fragrance, as it has a few notes that I don't usually go for. This opens up with a white floral blast and settles down to, what feels like, honey-vanilla mixed floral. I just tried it, waiting until it calms down which I wont be surprised to smell a bit of lemon blossom,coconut and musk.

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On the positive side, it is incredibly strong, as is to be expected from this house of course. Coconut and almond are there, but no very pronounced. It is not as flattering if you wear it during the cold season, or so it works for me. The sillage is not as intense as it seems it would be; the fragrance is just a bold linear. friend tracker app. It's well made and less sweet than expected considering the notes. I'm taking about , the jasmine tuberose powerhouse, and my personal favourite, Fleurs d'Oranger, a heady mix of orange blossom and tuberose. We had huge luscious honeysuckle vines in my backyard, and Datura Noir smells just like that. Not for me based on the strong and unpleasant opening, which is a shame as the base is quite lovely. In conclusion, I do like it for an exotic, slightly narcotic, floral with a softly creamy coconut almondy base but was just expecting a lot less flowers based on what I'd read. I had a science teacher who wore it, and I bought it for my mother. Interesting in that I saw a datura plant today on an ancient Native American rock dwelling tour. Very pretty! I normally do not like tuberose, I have said "I don't like tuberose" for as long as I can remember. As it continues to develop I do not get a strong coconut but instead a stronger hint of the lemon blossom which I am loving so much. After some time on my skin it has morphed into a powdery lilac and vanilla fragrance. Lovely! This smells exactly like the Moringa Milk Body lotion from the Body shop. I'm getting the floral notes that are listed, and there's a peep of cherry to sweeten them, and a bit of buttery softness which I'm guessing is coming from the almond. The florals retreat to the background a bit and the vanilla makes an appearance. It lands on one sweet thing in the garden, flutters about and is then on to the next thing. Datura Noir is a bit more dramatic and dynamic, and the Chanel is, in contrast, a bit linear. Something in there smells bitter and makes it a no go for me. If I squint exceedingly hard, I can sometimes make out an individual part of Datura Noir. That almond was a bitter-almond/cherry-sweetness pastry gestalt. The drydown isn’t so much hazy as a vanilla/tonka/musky sweetness rolled loosely together. I really like the coconut at this point, it's rich and creamy without being cloying, and the almonds blend in very nicely as well. You know how you can encounter a smell and it immediately evokes a memory from childhood - well the second I put this on, I smelled the honeysuckles of my youth. A fragrance for night only and when you want to be queen of the night. I only sprayed a couple of weak sprays as the the opening is so overpowering, but by the time it has reached this delicious stage it really is more of a skin scent. The coconut and tonka bean just changes it into something hypnotic. Today, my chemistry has this warming up as a smoky, spiced honey that I kept thinking on my way to work would be delicious in tea. Better to go the caution path with this rich and exotic perfume. All in all, I like this scent a lot, even if it is quite unusual. As for vanilla – thank God for those almonds and coconut that prevent me from being vanilla-sick. In that category, I find Sensuous Nude by Estée Lauder to be much palatable than this juice. Datura Noir has been on my want list since June so I was delighted to receive a bottle of it for Christmas. It's a little bit gourmand, a little bit fruity, a little myrh, a little floral, but not tooo much of any one thing. It's taken me a while to review Datura Noir though I've had it for some time. The apricot didn't last long, but the vanilla stuck around just a bit to keep me from scrubbing away some other less pleasant notes that were beginning to surface. Creamy, sweet but not too much and even a little bit spicy. A lot of times we choose a fragrance based on our mood or the mood we want to be in.

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I find the staying power of this to be not so good and for that I am quite disappointed. Extraordinary scent, lots of yummy coconut and vanilla which reminds me of sorbet or ice-creams. Keep expectations in check and accept the days of reformulation are here so this can be enjoyed. But if you love white floral or sweet creamy scent I'd recommend this. I smell the datura in this, a warm, sensual smell with a mysterious note to it. Heady and mysterious with crazy longevity--one spray on the back of your neck will be there the next morning, unfaded and alien in the sunshine. I read that DN is more interesting in warmer weather, so I am willing to revisit it when spring comes around. I like it, but not enough to keep it, so I gave it away. It's sweet but it does not really smell like something you'd eat. carnation, incense, oakmoss, rose, etc, etc, are all there, but somehow the sum of all these in Hot just says Camay, Palmolive. I would not say that datura is present in this frag.

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Sometimes it depends on what else is going on, but it didn't help here. Longevity and sillage are great though LoLately I've discovered some gems thanks to the comments and the notes posted here in Fragrantica. It was a very warm night in June, we were waiting for a table at Pok Pok, so went over to their bar on the other side of the street - The Whiskey Soda Lounge.

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I am not sure what he does with tuberose that changes it for me but suddenly I am starting to love it as long as SL is on the bottle. Who knows, all I can say is that I love it now! I kind of get the Hypnotic Poison comparisons, but if HP is a gourmand then this is a floral for sure. Cheaper than hallucinogenics, fewer negative side-effects than religion. In the initial opening I get lots of lemon blossom, light, feminine, and pretty. Like a narcotic flower which seduces with it's sweet decadent aroma. As I am learning with the floral frags, it is more the idea of a flower than trying to replicate a specific flower. Of the trio, Hot is my least favorite but I wanted them all. Reading the comparison, I find it less spicy than Crystal Noir and less "bittersweet" than Hypnotic Poison. My memory button is telling me that Datura Noir could be Anais Anais's long lost mysterious cousin, coming to cheer me up after years of mourning the loss of my beloved Anais Anais. Je vois bien une femme puissante, singulière et habillée toute en noir, qui incarne cet élixir maléfique. Although this is not exactly a datura fragrance, it does capture something of their heavy, sweet, exotic scent. The combination creates almost a semi-magnolia or gardenia like scent. It seems ok to an extent, but there is something so plastic or chemical in it that I can't appreciate it. Also a persistently cherry toned almond note comes forward strongly. After a while it emerges a little bit of gingerbread heart. So much that it made me feel nauseous and instantly want to reach for scrubbing brush.but I persevered due to other reviews. This is social gaiety when no one wants to get up in the morning.

I ordered the HOT body lotion and am hoping that will help with the issue. Makes me think of an attractive senior woman wearing this to the office. I can't smell tuberose and that is really good because I usually don't like typical tuberose centered fragrances. I would say this is a creamy tropical/beachy white flower scent. Her memory haunts you and the smell of Datura Noir encapsulates her entire essence. Hmmm, after reading the reviews before mine I think I should try this again when the weather warms up. But,for some unknown reason, they worked so well on my skin, I was quite overcome with emotion! Tuberose is not one of my favorite notes, nor, is coconut. First off, I've got to say, it reminds me of layering a soft oriental over a very expensive suntan lotion. Quite a risk considering I do not normally like tuberose or coconut. The tuberose really turns it from delicious to beautiful and it has lovely hints of Tonka. This is a nice sweet cozy scent, recommended for the lovers of powdery heliotrope. I have to shove my face down my shirt to get any sign of this being on me. Update: Sadly, the honeysuckle note is fleeting - as Luca Turin says all honeysuckle scents are. tuberose & coconut suntan lotion This scent is creamy and remniscent of a makeup product I have owned before or the smell of a summer time vanity table. As the fragrance dries down, the datura really starts to come out. I think I will get creative and try to layer the two just to see if I can get any staying power out the combination. Also lots of blossom – I personally do not detect is it osmanthus blossom or heliotrope or orange blossom – its just spring alley with trees in blossom. Suggested for me by a fellow in the Las Vegas Barney's store. Edit: I see another reviewer mentioned a dislike for citrus blossoms, perhaps this is why I did not like Infusion D'Iris, I'd previously attributed that to the mastic or galbanum but perhaps not! One of the creamiest perfume I owned. Light but rich,rounded, it has a full body that explode in a flowery and fruity way but not in a oversweet way. Their hair was scented and that one was my favorite. I just received my sample today, so I'll reserve my final opinion until I try it a few more times

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