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free dating agencies online. However, not all hospital-based physicians participate in the First Health Network. Your out-of-pocket expenses will be greater if services are rendered by these physicians who do not participate in the First Health Network. To confirm that the physician you are selecting participates in the First Health Network, please select the hospital list below:Please note, Providers may have been added or deleted since this online directory was last updated.


Click the gold arrow to get to your provider search. First Health and/or its affiliates make every effort to contract with these hospital-based physicians that provide services at the participating network facilities. The following list contains practitioners who have been identified as charging this access fee.

In order to minimize any out-of-pocket expenses you may incur, we are providing a listing of these physician specialties, by parish and hospital, in order to assist you in choosing the facility. And… RT @ECA_AS: Congratulations to Robert Pence on your appointment and confirmation as U.S descriptionThe requested resource is not available Cofinity Network Provider Search Search by Client Clients that require a specific login have been provided with a login code to access this website.

Locate Certified Stormwater Inspectors

How Can I Locate Who Owns the Mineral Rights Under My Land.

   Louisiana Hospital Based Physicians During a hospital stay, you may receive services from an Anesthesiologist, ER physician, Pathologist, Radiologist, or a Neonatologist. More > Announcing  better support for a healthier you. Important information about practitioners who charge an access fee Some practitioners may require patients to pay an access fee in order to receive services. To confirm that the facility and provider you have chosen participates in the First Health Network, please call our Customer Service noted on the member’s ID card. It is recommended that you check with the practitioner before seeking services More > At last you're in control of healthcare costs. For additional information, please contact the practitioner.

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