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The triangular structures on the rooftops are wind catchers, funneling cool breezes into homes below. The city increasingly developed into a consumer market under British rule, and the city's exports began to decline, though increased transit trade allowed the city's economy to continue growing.

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Being the last stronghold in Sindh, the conquered city was the final step in the British Conquest of Sindh. Further European schools were opened, while Hyderabad's Hindu and Muslim elite established schools for their respective communities throughout the British colonial period. The Mughal occupation was accompanied by plunder and destruction and was followed by the intervention of European powers in Indian affairs. The city therefore has cosmopolitan atmosphere with multiethnic and multicultural communities. Hyderabadi traders also spread east towards Singapore and Japan as well. A portion of the population of Khudabad migrated to the new capital, including , and. Talpur rule maintained Hyderabad's security, and the city continued to attract migrants from throughout Sindh, turning the city into a major regional centre. The Charminar, a grand architectural composition in Indo-Saracenic style with open arches and four minarets, is regarded as the supreme achievement of the Quṭb Shāhī period. The rail network would later be called the North-Western State Railway. Those groups retained the term "Khudabadi" in the names of their communities as a marker of origin. Hyderabad is also home to the film industry of Andhra Pradesh, popularly known as known as Tollywood. The public auditorium Ravindra Bharati provides a venue for dance and music festivals. Hyderabad remained the Kalhora capital during the period in which Sindh was united under their rule. Their bodies were eventually brought back to Hyderabad, and were buried in the Tombs of the Talpur Mirs located at the northern edge of the Ganjo Hill. Most rain falls during the wet monsoon months of June to October. Following the success of the British, several of the city's Talpur Mirs rulers were exiled and died in Calcutta. The Hindus who departed had played a major role in the city's economy, and formed the majority of the Hyderabad's population. Service activities have expanded dramatically, especially those associated with IT, so that they have come to constitute the lion’s share of the city’s economy. "Lion" references Ali's valour in battle, and so he is often referred to as , roughly meaning "Ali the Lionheart," by South Asian Muslims. These cities are not only have all the amenities you look for while traveling but also provide a lush green ambiance for a… View all articles about Hyderabad  • Type Municipal Corporation The city was named in honour of Ali, the fourth caliph and cousin of the Prophet Muhammad. Mian Ghulam Shah also built the "Shah Makki Fort," commonly known as , to fortify the tomb of the Sufi saint Hazrat Shah Makki. Initially, Hyderabad was the location of two colleges of the University of Madras. email to friend. Taxis, auto-rickshaws, cycle-rickshaws, private vehicles, and suburban bus and rail services provide local transport. Many new structures, reflecting a beautiful blend of Hindu and Muslim styles, have been added along it.

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Ganesh Utsav is a big deal in Hyderabad, with some of the biggest Pandals in India seen in… India is home to some well-maintained cities which have greenery all around. BEST PLACES TO EAT IN HYDERABAD The geographical location of Hyderabad has had a major influence on its varied cuisine, which ranges from the Hyderabadi style with its strong Mughalai influence, to a pure Andhra cuisine - hot and spicy. The Partition of British India resulted in the large-scale exodus of much of the city's Hindu population, though like much of Sindh, Hyderabad did not experience the widespread rioting that occurred in Punjab and Bengal. Transportation infrastructure within Hyderabad, however, has lagged behind the city’s rapid population growth, and traffic jams have become common. The best time to visit Hyderabad is also specified. Apart from this, the entire Shahi Nizam cuisine is very popular for its rich and aromatic taste. In these four days, you can visit the Durga Puja Pandals set up by several Bengali community organizations to celebrate the grand… Eid al-Adha will see fantastic feasts being prepared by India's Muslim community, so the best way to experience this festival is through your stomach. Similarly, Sindhis moved to Qasimabad from Hyderabad and Latifabad. The city is now a multi-ethnic and has a mix of Sindhi, Urdu speaking Muhajirs, Brahuis, Punjabis, Pashtuns, Memons and Baloch people It is Telangana’s largest and most-populous city and is the major urban centre for all of south-central interior India. The Shah of Iran later gifted the city a stone which purportedly bears the imprint of Ali's feet. The city began to divide itself ethnically, and the Muhajir population migrated en masse from Qasimabad and the interior of Sindh into Latifabad. The city has many public and private cultural organizations, such as state-sponsored dramatic, literary, and fine arts academies. When the foundations were laid, the city came to be known by the nickname. Attracted by the security of the city, Hyderabad began to attract artisans and traders from throughout Sindh, thereby resulting in the decline of other rival trading centres such as Khudabad. The city's textile industry boomed with the arrival of and cotton cloth and handicrafts from towns in rural Sindh. Merchants there forged links with the commercial community in Hyderabad, and began exporting Hyderabadi wares to distant markets. Hyderabad's economy grew as a result of improved transportation. The work was then shipped from Bombay to Egypt in order to be sold as souvenirs to tourists there. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Britannica Websites Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students Find what to do today, this weekend, or in April.Hyderabad Tourism - Get Hyderabad travel & tourism related information including tourist places, transport, nightlife, weather, photos, entertainment, shopping, festivals, maps, and attractions of Hyderabad on Travel.India.com. Lohana Hindus from Afghanistan migrated to the city and set up ship as metalworkers. The provincial capital was then transferred to Karachi by the British general Sir Charles Napier. The city ranked seventh in the Bombay Presidency in terms of population. BEST PLACES TO STAY IN HYDERABAD Hyderabad has hotels for all budgets. Unable to fulfill demand for its products, Hyderabad's traders began to import crafts from Kashmir, Varanasi, China, and Japan to ease demand. Devotees of Imam Ali advised Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro to name the city in honour of their Imam. Hyderabad's prosperity did not initially decline after the shifting of Sindh's capital to Karachi. Hyderabad was founded by the Quṭb Shāhī sultans of Golconda, under whom the kingdom of Golconda attained a position of importance second only to that of the Mughal Empire to the north. Hyderbadi Biryani is so popular that it takes a special mention in the world of food.

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In order to use the Indus River for commercial navigation to Punjab, the British signed a treaty with the rulers of Hyderabad and Khairpur that guaranteed the British free passage along the Indus and through Sindh. The city's became renowned for its calligraphers and bookbinders, while its carpet dealers traded carpets from nearby Thatta. Though the city did not witness major fighting, the British demolished the large round tower that once stood outside of Pacco Qillo, deeming it a potential risk to their rule were it to fall into the hands of rebels. If you can afford it, spend a night at the Taj Falaknuma Palace. This… Deccan Festival in Hyderabad Held in February highlights Hyderabad's arts, crafts, culture and cuisine. The city has long been associated with the production of Telugu-language films, which gave rise to its nickname Tollywood. Ramoji Rao Film City, , Golconda fort, Hussain Sagar Lake and , are some of the touristy places you could visit here. The vacuum left by the departure of much of the city's Hindu population was quickly filled by newly arrived refugees from India, known as Muhajirs. As is common throughout much of the developing world, much of Hyderabad's public spaces have been encroached upon by illegally-constructed homes and businesses. Much of the city's historic structures are badly neglected, with little preservation being undertaken by the provincial administration. Thus handicrafts thus placed Hyderabad in the centre of a new trading network that was almost entirely dominated by Hindus from the city's mercantile segment of the Lohana caste, although the artisans themselves were primarily Muslim. The city's goldsmiths, silversmiths, and leather tanners began to export their Hyderabadi wares abroad. The stone was placed in the Qadamgah Maula Ali, which then became a place of pilgrimage.

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The fort was built using baked clay bricks, earning it the name , meaning Strong Fort in Sindhi. Hyderabadi Biryani: For those who want a taste of the royal menu, there are a variety of Biryanis. Most Punjabis and Pakhtuns are distinct and separately living near the railway station and its vicinity. South Indian: Andhra Cuisine is distinct for its hot and spicy food with a range of chutneys, curries, meat preparations and pickles. The vacuum left by the departure of much of the city's Hindu population was quickly filled by the newly arrived Urdu speaking Muslim refugees from India, known as Muhajirs. That Deccan kingdom, with Hyderabad as its capital, came to be known as the princely state of Hyderabad. It formed the centrepiece around which the city was planned.

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BEST TIME TO VISIT HYDERABADThe average minimum and maximum temperature of Hyderabad is as given below. Under the nizams the Hindu and Muslim populations coexisted, although there were episodes of intercommunal fighting. The zoological gardens and the university’s botanical gardens are popular picnic spots. The bund now serves as a promenade and is the pride of the city. HYDERABAD TOURISM Hyderabad, the City of Pearls, is the capital of and and named after Hyder Mahal, wife of the ruler Qutab Shah. Success of the project resulted in the programme being launched in Karachi as well. Discontent grew, however, among the people of Telangana, who insisted that the region should become a separate state. Hyderabad's name translates literally as "Lion City" - from , meaning "lion," and , which is a suffix indicating a settlement.

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Pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, and textiles are among the items manufactured there. The newly built urban quarters of Saddar and Soldier Bazaar further expanded the city. Hindus who departed had played a major role in the city's economy, and formed the majority of the Hyderabad's population.

Although loss of life during the military operation was minor, it was followed by an outburst of looting and revenge killings of Muslims by Hindu civilians and Indian soldiers. Many parks and the large parade grounds in Secunderabad offer space for play and relaxation. Western… Light and Sound show at Golconda Light and Sound show at Golconda: Golconda fort is one of the most famous landmarks… Kite Festival in Hyderabad This is held in January and is organized at several locations in the city. Tollywood is the third largest in India by the number of films produced annually

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