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 The existence of the gold plates appears to be a line in the sand most faithful LDS scholars won’t cross. But his three children, Jai, Tyler, and Bailey, all drowned.  We’re told repeatedly - including by the President of the United States in the State of the Union - that “women earn much less than men for doing the same work,” is one of the phrases that we hear - seventy-some cents on the dollar. Goldin is considered a true expert in her field; she’s won awards, been celebrated. Known as 'The Good Cop', Ron reflects on the cases that stuck with him. But as happens so many times, plans change and other courses are plotted. It is this pursuit, of what Claudia Goldin calls “temporal flexibility,” that Goldin sees as perhaps the most powerful explanation for the gender pay gap. The parent penalty, what’s often called the mommy tax. And who knows how long the effect lasts-it’s not as though we often think good thoughts and then go on to debate climate change.But, despite its unwieldiness, the theory may still be useful. For more information on the people and ideas in the episode, see the links at the bottom of this post. For donation questions, please email donatewikimedia.org Last month, Brendan Nyhan, a professor of political science at Dartmouth, published the results of a study that he and a team of pediatricians and political scientists had been working on for three years.  This is his all-too-relatable story.Luke Williams' Meth ExperimentLuke Williams is an Australian journalist and the author of Ice Age, A Journey Into Crystal Meth Addiction. over 40s dating nz.   The big question of the gender pay gap has to be broken down into a set of smaller questions.

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They often get less-good assignments because their bosses think that they’re not going to want work that allows them to travel, or they’re not going to be able to stay up all night, or whatever it is. I want you to go to Japan whenever I say that you should.”  Well, that’s a tremendous demand. But that need, or desire, for flexibility in the workplace leads to a split that’s very clear in the data - a split that has to do with job selection. But, when the researchers took a closer look, they found that the only people who had changed their views were those who were ideologically predisposed to disbelieve the fact in question.  Susannah joins us to discuss the current state of play in Australian gang crime.The Frankston Serial KillerCharlie Bezzina knew he was behind the eight-ball the minute he received the call about the body of a young woman being found in Frankston. That could change the amount of time that each parent spends with kids. Click here for details on how to make a donation via credit or debit card, PayPal, Amazon and several other methods. A control group did not receive any information at all. She’s talking about the ability to work flexible hours, or maybe work at home some days, maybe complete a project outside the typical corporate schedule - all of which can be extremely valuable if you are helping care for your family members in addition to working. So some of what has happened that has been good for women comes from changes that I call organic, and they simply happen because of various technological advances that make each pharmacist a perfect puzzle piece for another pharmacist. Robert Farquharson had just spent the day with his three sons, on an access visit.

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calls raw milk “one of the world’s most dangerous food products,” noting that improperly handled raw milk is responsible for almost three times as many hospitalizations as any other food-borne illness. So, the occupations then divide into those in the corporate and finance sector, those in health, those in science and technology, which I can group together. In their subsequent recollections, they mentioned race more frequently, and incorrectly, even though they knew that piece of information had been retracted. But, really the lion’s share of the difference is due to the fact that in every occupation, just about, women receive less than men. And they did an internal study, and the internal study concluded that women were doing just as well as men and that there were no problems at all - that whatever problems were in the organization were some other things.

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They are, however, often doing different work, or work that affords more flexibility - which tends to pay less.

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Below is a transcript of the episode, modified for your reading pleasure. vaccine prevents; photographs of children who had suffered from the diseases; and a dramatic story from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about an infant who almost died of measles. Your contributions support technology to keep the sites fast, secure, and accessible; for Wikimedia programs and initiatives to expand access and support free knowledge globally; and for grants to volunteer contributors to improve and enrich the knowledge on Wikipedia and the Wikimedia sites. Sometimes truth is scarier than fiction, and in this instance, that is definitely true  Just as his financial commitments felt like they were strangling him,  a bizarre coincidence seemed to offer him a way out. And we will advocate for the policies and values that have allowed Wikipedia and its sister sites to thrive. If someone asked you to explain the relationship between the Earth and the sun, you might say something wrong: perhaps that the sun rotates around the Earth, rising in the east and setting in the west. Strong partisanship affected how a story about climate change was processed, even if the story was apolitical in nature, such as an article about possible health ramifications from a disease like the West Nile Virus, a potential side effect of change. A call that would eventually end her own life, but she took it regardless. And yet, God sends me sometimes instants when I am completely calm; at those instants I love and feel loved by others Advertisement Babies R Us Ashley Furniture HomeStore If you do not find your question answered here or there, please feel free to contact us. How mental illness slowly stole away the girl they knew. I will not bore you or insult your spiritual maturity with injunctions to pray harder, to fast more, to read your scriptures. The Foundation's annual report shares some of the voices of the hundreds of thousands of people who make the Wikimedia movement possible. We will invite new voices to join us and ensure that anyone who wants to share knowledge on Wikipedia and the Wikimedia sites can do so. In a series of studies, Lewandowsky and his colleagues at the University of Western Australia asked university students to read the report of a liquor robbery that had ostensibly taken place in Australia’s Northern Territory. As sensational as the murder was, it was quickly picked up by tabloid papers including the Weekly World News which dubbed Fuller, ‘The Groom of Doom’. Against: Some of the witnesses seemed pretty sketchy, later hooking up with the Strangite church.  They didn’t sign their own names. It even decreased intent among parents who held the most negative attitudes toward vaccines, a phenomenon known as the backfire effect.  And then there is this other group that’s just very hard to put in one or the other - lawyers, for example, would be in that one. Your partner in life, , is also a Harvard economist. DUBNER: Let me ask you about one more contributory factor. But also for me and myself, I’m skeptical when a human being translates those feelings from the Holy Ghost into axioms meant to be understood as absolute truth. online relationships. But, if smoking were just for Republicans or Democrats, change would have been far more unlikely. The temple ceremony has changed a lot since it was first introduced by Joseph Smith. If you have any questions, please contact us at donatewikimedia.org. Or at least it’s hard to find a smoking gun, as Claudia Goldin says. The other two interventions fared even worse: the images of sick children increased the belief that vaccines cause autism, while the dramatic narrative somehow managed to increase beliefs about the dangers of vaccines. Please visit our tax deductibility page to learn more.  We don’t believe scripture is God-breathed and inerrant.  Fundamental Christians are forced to believe every word of the Bible is God’s literal word. So the more and more people in our society who value that, the more firms are going to be searching for methods to reduce the cost of this amenity. So an individual who values their family time would say, “I’m not doing that.” So therefore if a woman wants to - law, for example, is a good example - if a woman wants to practice law, she has a law degree, she enjoys practicing law, being a corporate counsel would give her more flexibility. So that would be their education, their professional degrees, their life-cycle labor-force participation - meaning how many years have they been productive members of the workforce.

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 He sees faith crisis and faith reconstruction into a deeper, more sustainable version as a natural process that mature adults pass through. It was the middle of a messy Presidential campaign, and he was studying the intricacies of political science.  We have hope and faith that the current prophet is leading the church the best he can according to the will of God, but we should not be surprised if past mistakes are corrected. Donations to the Wikimedia Endowment are separate from reader donations we receive from banners that appear on Wikipedia. As she told us, it doesn’t seem as though outright discrimination or differences in competitive drive or bargaining ability can account for much of the difference. So there are, sort of, two separate ways of dealing with this. Volunteers collaborate openly and use a variety of mechanisms like bots and monitoring tools to regularly review edits made to Wikipedia and ensure they meet content standards.  So the answer is that we don’t have tons of evidence that it’s true discrimination. Another obvious villain is: our institutional setup. But as Claudia Goldin told us, there isn’t much evidence to support the discrimination argument.  Also featured in this episode, Mitchell Short, whose father Peter took advantage of Dr Syme's services. So, I think of these issues as these solutions in buckets as: fix the women -that is, make them more competitive, better bargaining skills, better at math. In other words, we’ve set this up as a goal of equity, especially in the workplace. The noted public-policy scholar , in a book called Unfinished Business, singled out what she calls the “care penalty” as a main driver of gender inequity. The implication is that women are being discriminated against. If you want to be an academic, landing in the economics department at Harvard isn’t bad. A hack of Sony Pictures e-mails showed that the actresses Jennifer Lawrence and got fewer back-end points than their male counterparts in the film American Hustle. Interestingly, when Lawrence later wrote about this revelation, she largely blamed herself. But getting a discount on drinks, or records, isn’t going to accomplish much.  That’s a strong social norm in our culture, that women are the, “primary caregiver” and so on. Not all false information goes on to become a false belief-that is, a more lasting state of incorrect knowledge-and not all false beliefs are difficult to correct. But she’s also been reminded, now and then, that simply being female can carry costs of its own.

 I wrote this in my description about my own personal faith journey.  She also explains the dangers around the traditional warnings we give our daughters.Amazing Tales from Special Ops.Doug O'Loughlin was a founding member of the Victorian Special Operations Group.  And so now there was just a much larger group of individuals doing these interviews.  DUBNER: So you’re a Harvard economist. And it doesn’t look as if they’re better bargainers to a degree that shows up as a very large number. And in this case, the female teacher earns a few dollars more than her male counterpart. “I didn’t want to keep fighting over millions of dollars that, frankly, due to two franchises, I don’t need… But if I’m honest with myself, I would be lying if I didn’t say there was an element of wanting to be liked that influenced my decision to close the deal without a real fight. Volunteer editors collaborate to write articles about virtually any topic, from ancient history to science to the arts. And you’ll find credits for the music in the episode noted within the transcript.  So, there is evidence that the individual who didn’t ask for anything - because I didn’t have a rate - got less than the guys who did ask for it. That means we can get to a consensus.” Ignoring vaccination, after all, can make people of every political party, and every religion, just as sick I think it’s safe to say, that not many of us never know a murder victim.

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“People don’t just go around writing essays about a time they felt good about themselves,” he said. GOLDIN: Women often take jobs that have different characteristics, different amenities. But eventually the terrible things she saw began to tear her apart. GOLDIN: So, I define my role by thinking about the issues of today and putting them in historical perspective and understanding what the roots are. It’s no big deal; you simply change your belief.But imagine living in the time of Galileo, when understandings of the Earth-sun relationship were completely different, and when that view was tied closely to ideas of the nature of the world, the self, and religion. One challenging aspect was what would I do with the knowledge I understood from a spiritual perspective.  It was pouring with rain, which meant a crime scene would yield little evidence. And yet she was stalked by a sinister stranger trying to run her off the road. And yet raw-milk activists are becoming increasingly vocal-and the supposed health benefits of raw milk are gaining increased support. Facts and evidence, for one, may not be the answer everyone thinks they are: they simply aren’t that effective, given how selectively they are processed and interpreted. And if you’re working flexibly your boss very typically thinks that you’re not that committed to your career, so you don’t get promoted. Other Concerns Brigham Young taught funky stuff like Adam-God, blood atonement It’s true Brigham Young taught a lot of weird stuff. GOLDIN: , I’m a professor of economics at Harvard University. It wasn’t long before the man confided to a barmaid that his dead fiancé was outside in his car.

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At the sentencing hearing, a family member of Jodie’s told Fuller “We feel that you should have been put to a painful death” and then later told reporters that Fuller was “A low life scum sucking worm. Here’s how Slaughter sees it: ANNE-MARIE SLAUGHTER: If you take women who don’t have caregiving obligations, they’re almost equal with men. And what remains we don’t call discrimination, we call wage discrimination. In any case, there would seem to be kinda-sorta good news here, which is that discrimination doesn’t seem to be the main culprit in the gender pay gap.  Thus, another way of putting it is, you could hypothetically give women the male distribution of occupations and you would wipe out only about a quarter of the difference in earnings between men and women. We are not against online advertising, nor are we against other organizations that host ads. They weren’t the only ones to think of this strategy. The Wikimedia Foundation describes our budget for the current fiscal year. At the end of the report, the racial information either was or wasn’t retracted.  So one might think that all of the difference in average earnings is going to be the difference because women select more into occupations that look like they’re paying less - big occupational groups that are paying less - and men select into occupations in which they pay more.   Show notes:Your hosts are Meshel Laurie and Emily WebbWith thanks to Megan NorrisEmily Webb's books, Suburban Nightmare is published by EchoMurder in Suburbia and Angels of Death are available on KindleContact us on the facebook page​Ron Iddles is widely known as Australia's greatest detective. Well, what I’m going to do is, I’m going to call you up and ask you to bargain for me. I know you have been traveling that route across a parched desert.  Yeah, it was a mistake.  Kudo’s to the church for reversing the ban and with the recent essay saying there was no doctrinal reason for it.  It’s a compelling reason to have doubts about the church.  But I think it can be overcome when we understand prophets are not perfect and can make mistakes. Their work was popular-it was syndicated by Salon and the Philadelphia , and it led to a best-selling book-but the errors persisted. So one simply has to recognize that there are good people out there who want to make the world a better place and they will push what they want even in the absence of hard evidence.  We don’t find those smoking guns now, but what we do try to do is hold everything constant that we can hold, get the best data that we can get. You multiply that story by a few million and you have a huge pay gap between men and women. On the other hand, society is set up in such a way that those choices are often not really very optional. When Goldin refers to “amenities,” she isn’t just talking about free lunch at the office or free massages. We do not believe that advertising belongs in a project devoted to free, reliable, and neutral knowledge. I am told God lives in me and yet the reality of darkness and coldness and emptiness is so great that nothing touches my soul.  In a way, I believe the LDS church’s organizational structure enables it to be more equipped to deal with this kind of thing than other churches. By and large they’re going to earn approximately the same amount when they start

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