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Su and Santana take turns inflicting punishment on Jason with standing double Chickenwings, Surfboards, Camel Clutches, and one particularly embarrassing move where Santana takes a selfie with Su holding Jason in a straightjacket hold behind her.

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Aerial and Ayoka are an intimidating pair of superior athletes but Charli and Jessica have a history of working together as a team and use it to their advantage. Highlights include vice-like Waistscissors, the swapping of some excruciating Abdominal Stretches, a Neckbreaker and Suplex or two. In this case, agency arranges the trip and takes care of all the traveling issues allowing you to fully enjoy the date. One of these ladies eventually transitions from a Fujiwara Armbar into a cross armbreaker for the submission victory. She offers no resistance as Rain stomps down on her and lays her out with a Neckbreaker.

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The two continue to trade blows until an Irish Whip ends with both wrestler Superkicking the other square in the jaw at the same time.

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The theme of this duel is payback, as both wrestlers look to one up each other with similar moves. Nina’s arrival saves the referee from Kikyo’s wrath as she abruptly turns her fury to her opponent, attacking Nina before she can even get through the ropes with brutal kicks and a boot choke. Su gets choked, stomped on, and beaten in the corner, her wild hair used for even more leverage. Kikyo takes control early, planting both opponents in a corner and pinballing back and forth with stomps, kicks, running forearms and crushing splashes until Layne and Salina join forces to beat her back and out of the ring. Fast forward to Tesha, on crutches, and Jessica blaming poor officiating for not catching the use of the title belt, and vowing to win a rematch once they have recovered. The pair feel each other out with an early series of Headlocks, Hammerlocks, Full Nelsons and reversals until a leg trip and tight Boston Crab by Kellie has Rain slapping the canvas in pain. The bigger Chico capitalizes on his strength, throwing the slender Tesha around with a variety of power moves, including Bodyslams, Bearhugs, Piledrivers, Suplexes and more. Mike might actually have more to fear from Ivelisse DQ’ing him. Rather than go out with him, Sofi seems more excited about taking Cruz out. After regaining her wits, Chelsea answers with a Chinbreaker, a reverse Atomic Drop of her own, and a running splash in the corner. Aerial's answer is deceptively simple: she just doesn't like Amber's hair, and everyone should instead have a mohawk. Jason scores with a Blue Thunder Powerbomb and Pearl River Plunge, while Kiera nearly takes the match after a wicked Tornado DDT. West battles back with a body scissors and a couple of near falls but soon ends up in an excruciating Row Boat and a Camel Clutch. In so much as she simply attacks Cali with various weapons anyway! Cali is battered around the ring, even suffering an attack by Crutch whilst suspended in a Tree of Woe. Lady Darcy does just that, sending the powerhouse brunette to the canvas with a leg trip and unloading on her with an onslaught of kicks to the quads, vicious hamstring stretches, and elbow drops to the inside of Jayme’s knee. However, you have to consider all the details to protect yourself against any troubles. Both sides tag out and Amanda goes to town on her Cruz, hitting him with a crossface on the mat and numerous forearm and foot strikes. Whilst Su wants to wait for a referee, Santana has no interest in playing by the rules. After laughing off their best efforts, Enigma effortlessly tosses Rain and Chardonnay around the ring, leveling them with powerful forearm blows, big boot kicks and an arsenal of power moves. Su hangs Didi in a Camel Clutch and punishes her with side swipe forearm shots, fishhooks and blatant hairpulling. Next it's Jayme's turn and things only get worse for Karlee. Luckily, there are plenty of expert and user reviews on the Internet that will help you compose an unbiased opinion on the existing services. Rance shows her none, devastating her back with repeated vertical drops, ripping at Gabi’s face with a nose pull and choking her to unconsciousness on the ropes. Gabi wakes up in the ropes, unleashing a back elbow that finds its target as Rance falls to the canvas clutching his groin. Once you decide to book a tour, the agency team will take care of your trip and make your stay in a foreign country as comfortable as possible. Beasley tries to get out of the match, but then suddenly takes a cheap shot. Santana hammers Ringer and stretches her with an Abdominal Stretch. It's a lot more back and forth from this point on as the two athletes take it to each other with a combination of brawling tactics and excruciating submissions. Rain puts Amy's ankle through a gamut of torture, from wrestling holds such anklelocks, a single leg Boston and a Sharpshooter. Evans and Troy trap Aerial on their side of the ring, working her over with Surfboards, ax kicks and an overwhelming doubleteam beating. Layne weathers an early storm of offence but literally falls for “your shoes untied” allowing Reed to regain the offensive.

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If you are a parent and you want to block this site, please contact one of the following: [ NetNanny] [ Cybersitter ] is an adjective to describe a sexually appealing person or thing, primarily referring to physical attractiveness. A kick to the gut and a Snapmare takes Kay Lee to the mat, where Madison grabs a handful of hair, and rarely lets go of Kay Lee’s locks for the rest of the one-sided bout. Jordynne stays in the ascendancy, dominating Kiera with a Bodyslam, a modified Camel Clutch and more hairpulling. After a disastrous start, Santana spends most of the first half of the match struggling for air with a mouthful of Su’s fingers before dropping a second fall to her crazed opponent. Against the odds, Cali does her best to fight back but this is Mickie's yard and she knows all the tricks. A nerve pinch is locked on and Mila slowly begins to fade. She fights back and slingshots her bestie out of the corner, then gives back as much as she received, with some added biting for good measure. Miss Rachel is in a particularly dominant mood for this match, using both her impressive power and taking any advantage she can whenever LT is distracted. But Aja is resilient and after dominating a test of strength she forces Sin-D into submission with a Chinlock. The battle gets ever more desperate as neither can maintain control of her opponent. Tiana then applies a Camel Clutch and Boston Crab, and it's not until Ringer misses an elbow drop that Santana is finally able to take over. Behind on the scorecards, the veteran redhead decides it's time to play dirty. An attempt at a reversal into a Front Facelock gets her assaulted some more for her trouble and put through another gauntlet of Atomic Drops and vicelike chokes. Renee exhibits a mean streak early as she punishes Savannah in the corner with kicks and chokes followed by a vicious hair-assisted Camel Clutch. Kikyo delivers a stunning Headbutt and unloads on Nina with kicks, Clotheslines and face slams before sending her crashing to the canvas with a Fisherman Suplex. Amy's ankle had been injured in a previous encounter between these two women, the extent of which is made very clear by Amy's ankle support. The beatdown, chokes, and hairpulling continue for several minutes until Aerial's victim simply can't take anymore. The Aussies go down hard with leaping Clotheslines and devastating Headbutts as Ayoka takes on both opponents. Kay Lee is helpless in the face of Madison’s onslaught, reduced to biting Madison’s knee to try to break out of a hairpull-plus-Bow-and-Arrow hold. If you want to attract a woman, don’t forget to buy her presents - a truly convenient option provided by most mail-order bride sites. But when the sore losers attack the ref from behind, they learn the hard way that even the referees know how to take down a Cruz. In the end, an agonizing Sharpshooter leaves one grappler KO'd and the new champion decides to celebrate by piling the ref on top and planting a foot on both of them. WARNING This Website contains sexually-oriented adult content which may include visual images and verbal descriptions of nude adults, adults engaging in sexual acts, and other audio and visual materials of a sexually-explicit nature. The ladies begin in defensive stances, feeling each other out, but soon wade into more violent action with Ayoka taking an early lead on a single-leg Boston Crab that's turned into a full body submission. Sin-D struggles in a modified Camel Clutch and it looks like her chances of victory are shrinking with each passing second. This prompts Su to flee the ring, but there's no escaping Santana. Didi tosses Leva off the ropes and slams her head-first to the mat, then hits a spine-jarring Suplex. After Ayoka relinquishes the third fall following a single-leg Boston Crab, she has to dig really deep to survive the fourth fall. Skater cranks up the pressure on the veteran, dipping lower into the crab with a series of knee bends that threatens to break Rain’s spine. She begins to take control with an elbow drop to the throat, a running forearm in the corner, and a Suplex. After a little back and forth between the two wrestlers, Jayme begins to exert a little control over the action. She gets Su back in the ring, drops her with a Neckbreaker, and almost gets DQ'ed for excessive violence. But that only serves to get Madison angry, and she finishes off her foe with a pair of Suplexes before putting Kay Lee into a Camel Clutch and forcing her to tap out. The victors aren’t satisfied with leaving him kayoed on the canvas, choosing instead to wake him up to extract an apology from their humbled foe. The first couple minutes of the contest consist of a spectacular, fluid chain wrestling sequences as leglocks, wristlocks, Headlocks and submissions are applied and exchanged, each athlete flipping her way across the mat. A cruel low blow and a big Superkick eventually put Su down for good. Excited that there’s no referee to be seen, Santana then applies a nasty belly claw on Su, then forces her back into the corner and works her over with more shoulder blocks. It may also refer to: Sexual arousal, the arousal of sexual desire, during or in anticipation of sexual activity Sexual attraction, meaning anything which has the ability to attract the sexual or erotic interest of a person may also refer to: Su seems right at home in this unusual match, opening with a Mandible Claw and holding on until Santana is motionless on the canvas! Su is a methodical emotionless assassin, never acknowledging the pleading ref as she continues her assault. The fight rages on as no wrestler is able to incapacitate both opponents long enough to seize the victory until all three desperate opponents brawl for control from their knees. But rather than pin her defeated opponent, an arrogant Santana actually rolls Su out of "her" ring, before flashing a final deceptively beautiful smile. She also rains down kicks, punches and forearms in addition to plenty of hairpulling, hair wrapped around ropes and ring posts, and hair choking. Nina literally jumps into the fray, taking Dementia down with a flying leap and a monster chokehold followed by corner work and a Full Nelson. A powerful Bearhug ends the action with one wrestler tapping out before being driven into the corner for good measure by a dominant winner. Plenty more hairpulling follows until Rain puts the poor girl out of her misery with a back-bending Camel Clutch. Ayoka is punished with some extended abdominal and neck punishment only to turn some of that around on Devin. Despite Rain proclaiming that she has just had her hair done, Su seems determined to take a more avant-garde approach to styling, Rain's hair is pulled, stretched, twisted and wrapped around the ropes. He uses a few legitimate moves, including a tight Chinlock that nearly puts Sin-D out and a flattening leg drop. Despite adding combos to combo holds and bending the youngster like a pretzel, Amber can’t seem to keep Renee from slipping away and giving the vet a taste of similar medicine. They’re not happy … and if Jason doesn’t have the money to pay them back for the damages, he’s going to pay in pain. The battle leaves both women down on the mat, gasping for air. There's plenty of brawling, kicking, choking and punching but there's some technique on view too. That seems to favor Ivelisse, but Kimberly shows she's no slouch, connecting with a Russian Leg Sweep. Despite the talent on display neither can resist the short cuts hairpulling or choking afford. Rain does her best to maintain order, but Jayme delights in telling her "I have till five" whenever Rain orders a break. He drops her with a huge forearm shot and even makes Hogan do an involuntary impression of her legendary namesake. Chops are exchanged and before long we have a slugfest. The lack of sportsmanship clearly struck a nerve with Layne who battles back with strikes and shoulderblocks. They serve up a steady diet of doubleteams, boot chokes, ropes chokes, throat stands and roundhouse kicks all designed to completely change their opponent’s terrible Brad-itude. Jason even hits the immortal legdrop, which Kiera miraculously kicks out of. Leva goes for the infamous Curb Stomp several times, but to his credit Beasley gets away from it twice. Airline tickets, accommodation, transfer, and agency fees are basic expenses that are waiting for you. However, since there's no ref Cruz is able to choke his intended date with a T-shirt. Ivelisse figures this out fast when a test of strength is broken up by Brittney sinking her teeth into her forehead! Brittney promises she won't bite again, but that just leads to her attacking Ivelisse with a low blow instead. To her credit, Su fights back but Santana's uncharacteristic anger quickly turns the tide back in her favour. Both ladies aren't shy to take the occasional shortcut, resulting in numerous momentum shifts. Certainly Su's 'Undead Bride' is a stark contrast to the happy-go-lucky cheerful woman who often graces the SLAMminLadies ring. If you are planning to pursue mail-order bride, be ready to face three types of costs: Travel costs. With the score tied and the belt at stake, both grapplers fight even harder in the third and deciding fall. Now it’s Chasyn who finds himself trapped between his opponent’s thighs and struggling for air. It's not over yet for Nina, however, as she demonstrates that she can bust out mean Headbutts of her own, one of which allows her the window to launch a renewed assault of her own, the highlight of which was a thunderous Powerslam. Santana then transforms into Angry Santana, and Su's Full Nelson attempt is not nearly enough to calm her down at that point. The action goes back and forth from there, with Ivelisse using her powerful legs to threaten with a Triangle choke and a Headscissors, while Kimberly shows off her own strength, punishing Ivelisse's body with a Bow and Arrow stretch and a Bearhug. After a prolonged Waistlock and bodyscissors, it's a Dragon Sleeper that spells the end for Devyn. An aggressive Nina takes the first fall with ease, pummeling April with hard strikes before forcing her to submit to a back-bending Boston Crab. A piggyback Sleeper from Aerial is countered with a splash against the turnbuckles that is then followed up by plentiful choking. At this point, you should pay more attention to the information given in the description of the women accounts. married and flirting. Alliances are broken as quickly as they’re made and soon Salina is working on Layne with vertical drops, a kneed Surfboard and devastating face slam. Jayme's always impressive strength is a formidable weapon in itself, but it's one which is intensified when she bends the rules. The newly tagged Cruz unloads on Ivelisse, with kicks and forearms, hairpulling, slamming her headfirst into the turnbuckles, and a small package rollup that earns a near fall for "Cruz Control". It depends on the agency: some offer subscription-based services while others require that you buy credits to keep the conversation going. An explosive Fisherman Suplex ends the match with authority after much back-and-forth struggle. Kelly’s bizarre and unorthodox style reaches a peak when she traps Chelsea in bodyscissors and goes Count Dracula on her! Too her credit Chelsea manages to rally as the first fall sea saws back and forth but she isn’t matching Priscilla’s aggressiveness or rule breaking, and it’s taking a toll. She wins the first fall with a cruel Sleeperhold that's closer to outright chokehold. Leva makes the mistake of engaging with Kikyo in a test of strength and is bent back over the latter's knee for her troubles. As the pair lock up, we are treated to some fast paced, back and forth technical wrestling as both fighters seek an advantage. Conflict is stoked over Jessicka's lack of appreciation of Santana's commentary on her outfit, not to mention an unfortunate mishearing of statements made by Amber. An opening test of strength sets the tone for this one, Amber is bigger, stronger, more experienced and devious, but Renee is about to “cute” her way out of predicaments. After spending some time chatting and getting to know each other, arrange a meeting in real life. Didi responds with a Bow and Arrow hold into a crossface that Leva manages to escape after edging her way to the ropes. The Atomic Drops come fast and furious in this matchup, with even the referee getting her fair share.

They start in on each other with some suitably cruel corner work and continue going back and forth, their impressive physical capabilities equally matched. Of course, Jayme’s opponent, Su, is no slouch herself. A monstrous Atomic Drop bounces poor Santana right out the ring and her subsequent re-entry into the squared circle doesn't go much better as she's hoisted over Jessicka's shoulder in a Bearhug. The beating goes on for a while before a furious Santana decides to put her away and establish who the true ponytail princess is

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