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The old lady and Ozu subsequently witnessed Rodimus's official return to Primeship     Related posts We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The old lady was out and about when the Decepticons under leadership of Scourge attacked her city. Scourge prepared to kill her, but was distracted by Ozu, a kendo student, who attacked Scourge's leg and made him topple over.

The "old Japanese lady" is a senior citizen of Japan.

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Amalia in "Old Lady Gets Help From Her Neighbor", HD.

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Ozu went to the old lady and tried finding a place of hiding with her.

Masako Mizutani – Japan’s Lady of Eternal Youth

Rodimus Prime offered the two a ride home, which they accepted. korean pen pals.


If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Though she walks around with a cane, she can run just perfectly without it. The old lady was spared a premature death a second time when Hot Rod arrived, defeated Scourge and took back the Matrix of Leadership. Before making good on his promise though, Rodimus made a detour to see how his troops were doing, who coincidentally had just won the battle. Instead, they ended up in a dead-end alleyway with Scourge closing in on them. In trying to save Kup, Broadside fought Scourge and accidentally threw him near the old lady. vietnam dating

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