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I run my own non-profit organisation that provides training to victims of domestic abuse so that they can lead an independent life. hotrussianbrides.

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My prospective match should be a nature lover and enjoy living in a secluded home that is far removed from the hustle and the bustle of the city. There is no value in wasting time with people that cannot meet your expectations or vice versa. The highlight of this biodata is the fact that your expectations and interests have a direct bearing on the person reading your bio data. Interacting with the right matches – Use the right marriage biodata format to share all the information you will need to weed out mismatched profiles. I am looking for a God-fearing, honest Roman Catholic Christian. I have progressed well in my career and will continue with it after marriage. I am looking for a killer smile and a spark in her eyes. Career oriented yet having a sense of responsibility towards family are traits that I appreciate a lot in the person I plan to marry. Click on the image below to download the sample biodata format in Word. You will realise that when you meet a shortlisted match, they ! Not having a custom biodata for marriage makes you a great candidate for outright rejection. Both painting and my social activism give me plenty of opportunities to express myself. In this sample, you will notice that the girl has confidently highlighted the positive outcome that came out of her divorce. why do boys flirt. I am an easy-going person with a positive attitude towards life. This depends on what information you want to project.

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My ideal match would be someone who is successful in his career, well settled and has a positive outlook on life even when the going gets tough. Marriage Biodata Format for Muslim Girl Biodata format for marriage – Muslim girl Go ahead, copy and use the descriptions below to create your biodata for marriage. Listing hobbies in marriage biodata for the sake of listing them is no good. You don’t want prospective matches attaching too much importance to your bank balance and marriages should happen for the right reasons. I also dabble in painting and I am currently taking painting lessons to develop my skills. However, I am looking for someone who respects women, not too egotistical, and an ability to empathise with others. I am God fearing and read the Quran every day and perform the Namaz five times a day. If you just need to download a simple marriage biodata format for marriage so that you can use them as a template, download one of the documents. We have also included samples for “” and so that you can write something that is meaningful and truly represents your personality. Horoscope: if you believe in astrology and a horoscope match, include basic information such as your birth star, sub-sect, place and time of birth. Having a great sense of humour and not taking yourself too seriously will be a definite plus. The only problem is that its a huge waste of your time and invariably sets you up for disappointment. Express expectations: Being honest and upfront in expressing expectations through your biodata for marriage is a good way to screen people that don’t match your expectations. I have created fonts based on Islamic art and I currently work as a freelance graphics designer for several e-commerce brands. Calling out sensitive information: If you are divorced, have a physical disability or have any other sensitive information that you believe will help others quickly decide if they want to have the next round of conversation, please remember to call it out in your marriage biodata. I especially value humour, ability to laugh at yourself, being able to communicate, respect for culture, staying healthy, and the freedom to think out of the box. She has indicated how many time she performs namaz, her Umrah and Hajj trips, and has left her decision open regarding hijab after marriage. About yourself: Writing about yourself is probably the most important section in any marriage biodata format. I take each day as it comes and believes that God has a plan for every one of us and we will have to be patient with his plan to unfold. She calls out lifestyle choices and expectations very clearly including offbeat choices such as choosing to be a vegetarian lifestyle when her family is non-vegetarian. A detailed horoscope can be exchanged if there is a preliminary match and interest. While I had the tools and resources to get back on track, I was moved by the plight of countless other women around me who are trapped in abusive marriages. Indian Marriage Biodata Format for a Girl Biodata format for marriage – Divorced girl Copy and reuse the written descriptions for this sample marriage biodata. Provide specific examples or details such as the name of your favourite book is you have listed reading as a hobby. Grammar mistakes and spelling errors can get your marriage biodata straight to the trash can. whats the match on. I started this initiative as I went through a brief marriage that ended in a divorce. The content for sample profiles is meant for personal use only and cannot be used for any commercial purpose or by any organisation that stands to profit from it directly or indirectly in any form. Click Here To Create Your Stunning Marriage Biodata Now! Why your biodata format for marriage is useless! The first step in any arranged marriage is to create a marriage biodata or biodata for marriage. Click on the image below to download the modern version of biodata format in Word Once you download a biodata format for marriage template, you can click on the relevant sections to fill in the information based on the labels or instructions. I love good food and I also dabble in cooking whenever I get a chance at home. The search term “marriage biodata format” seems to be very popular. I am an artist who is passionate about Islamic art and calligraphy. He should be calm, understanding, caring, loving, and at least be moderately religious. black man white woman dating site. The marriage data comes in handy in the following scenarios: Parents can circulate a printed copy of the marriage biodata among family and friends. If you choose the wrong biodata model for marriage, you will end up discounting everything you value. I am an outgoing person and I believe in making a difference to those around me. While I am a Tamilian, I have lived all my life in New Delhi and can speak Hindi fluently. Calling out how your lifestyle could change or influence the lifestyle of the person that you intend to marry is something that we can learn from. I am simple, soft-spoken, respectful, an educated person with the right mix of modern and traditional cultures. I have a management degree from the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode, and work for an IT MNC in New Delhi. Someone who has a successful career, a good educational background and a teetotaler will be an ideal match. But, the challenge is in finding the right format for your marriage biodata. Choose the right template for biodata for marriage: Yes, there are different ways of presenting yourself through your marriage biodata. I am looking for someone who can be a true friend for life. He should be caring, hardworking, and have old-fashioned values such as respect for elders, chivalry, and the deep sense of responsibility to be a torch bearer of the religion and the culture. Focussing only on hard facts with the aim of shortlisting a prospective match and then sharing more details is a great idea. Salary or money: Steer clear of your salary or your bank balance in your marriage biodata. My future wife should enjoy travelling with me as I follow the Indian cricket team worldwide! It goes without saying that you should know the difference between point and gully. Your family: While it is OK to list the names and occupations of your parents, keep in mind that this is your marriage biodata and not a family biodata for marriage! Listing gory details about your parents and grandparents don’t really make a difference at this stage of the arranged marriage She did her Architecture in India and came back to Bahrain and is working now in. With Jodi Logik, you have two different options to share your stunning marriage biodata.

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I believe in respecting elders and love the religious as well as cultural traditions of our family.

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Biodata Sample for a Software Engineer Biodata format for marriage – Software engineer who enjoys travelling We made it easy for you to use the content of this sample marriage biodata. Write about your personality, lifestyle, interests, talents, aspirations, and hobbies to name a few. People who express interest through online matrimony expect to see a marriage biodata before initiating a conversation or a arranged marriage first meeting.

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Here are a few reasons why: Here are a few reasons why biodata formats for marriage available elsewhere are inadequate! Most of the marriage biodata formats available online resemble a job resume. Profile photograph: This is probably one aspect of your marriage biodata that will decide if you get a call or you will hear silence. The first sample bio data below doesn’t include details of parents as well as horoscope relation information. While I believe in Allah, I expect my partner to have the open mind to mingle with people from other religions and backgrounds. While there is a big demand for a marriage biodata format, the options available on the Internet fall short of requirements. They are meant to be used by customers of Jodi Logik if Jodi Logik decides to make them available and cannot be used for commercial purposes. Use a great marriage biodata format for getting noticed and most importantly get more responses from prospective matches. I am a God-fearing, devout Christian with a positive outlook towards life. You can create a detailed and stunning online biodata that you can then circulate via trackable email invitations. My fitness obsession helps me in keeping my body fat at bay! My job as a software engineer has made me a patient man and improved my negotiation skills! My job also keeps me on my toes, as I am always trying to learn new skills to keep pace with the changing technology landscape

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