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new dating sims. Plus, usually in my experience, a day-glo private room & weird drinks are part of the package. Make a video & put it on Youtube You could really do anything & make a video of it, but it does at least give you a purpose & a goal. Take a Ride on a Ferris Wheel Countless romantic comedies feature couples falling in love at the top of the Ferris wheel, and with good reason. Go & listen to jazz Aka, pretend to be sophisticated. You get the idea… The recession date Triple B’s: eat at Burger King, take the bus to get there, then go & play bingo. Fallen Icon Mozart I want to pay homage to a fallen young icon Mozart. Borrow your friend’s dog! They’re adorable & fun & will give you something to talk about if you get stuck. In many cases there are mobile versions of our wallpapers. best matrimonial website. Humility in this great expanse should be instinctive. You can talk about the shape, color, size of the seeds if you like, or you can just get to planting! To “plant” your seeds, pretend to take a handful of seeds and touch your hip, thigh, knee, calf, and then your toes with your hand held in a pincer grasp. Go to the beach Take music, towels, a big floppy sun-hat or two & enjoy the day. Pretend to have seeds in your hands, and tell your child that their legs are a garden plot full of rich soil, and that you want to plant seeds with them. “I’ve always been fascinated with volcanoes, so the recent events in Iceland with Eyjafjallajökull was the main inspiration for this wallpaper.” Designed by Viveca Forsblom Ljungdahl from Sweden. Rock’n’roll Hall Of Fame A tribute to some of the legends inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Ask for recommendations of some bottles to try at your favorite local wine store, and go from there. For my home country, April is always a rainy season filled with cherished memory of the deceased. Thick white linen napkins first thing in the morning are a magnificent way to start the day - & then you can either go your separate ways, or take a walk. Take a dog for a walk It doesn’t have to be yours, or even hers.

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Hip, Thigh, Knee, Calf, Toes.** **You’ll really be stretching as you do this. TwoThousandTen Designed by Xabiso Ndaba from United Kingdom. Then at the end of the night, rejoice that you’re in a relationship & not dating any more! The generational date Pretend you’re an age that you’re not, then act accordingly. Take a Workout Class Take a spin class, a rowing class, or one of the myriad of trendy boutique workout classes that have popped up just about everywhere in recent years. Do Something Neither of you Have Done Before Sometimes the best dates involve doing something that neither of you have done before-taking a pottery class, riding in a helicopter, or even just trying a new restaurant Relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something. Transformers Designed by Artcream from Netherlands. Make a big deal out of it, & include fabulous pancakes, decadent waffles, poached eggs & the best hollandaise. Three-hour make-out session Choose a good location & use a stopwatch if necessary.

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Welcome Ramadan Wallpaper I made on the holy occasion of Ramadan. Very collaborative! You get the opportunity to impress your crush with your superior taste while also finding out more about them. Visit a Museum and See Something Unexpected Going to a museum is a great date idea. I started out with some watch pieces and I added in some grunge textures and played with the color palette. Sounds like a good way to spend an afternoon to me! When you first start dating, a nice meal and a few drinks is all it really takes. Do The Dance Just a tiny monster dance party! Designed by Guilherme Simoes from Brazil. A bonding experience to be sure! Have a five-course dinner… at different places Have an appetiser at one place, soup somewhere else, a main here, a dessert there, & coffee at your favourite cafe. While you are on your karaoke date, don’t forget to do a duet. Head to a Free Outdoor Concert A great way to spend a summer afternoon, seek out a free outdoor concert, everything from the symphony to an indie band, and enjoy. and Watch the Sunrise Together Not all great dates are at night. The double-Netflix date For those of you in America, Netflix is an on-demand DVD rental service that the entire country seems to have a subscription to. Chuck misses a tooth Was kinda bored and looking for some fun. I hope it’s not too bad comparing to the original design… Designed by Andik Taufiq from Indonesia. You rebels! Pretend to be tourists Go & do the stuff you’ve never done because, well, you’ve always lived here. Just reach as far as you can, and throw the seeds the rest of the way When you’ve planted your seeds, it’s time to cover them. Host Your own Walking Tour Take your date on a walking tour of the neighborhood where you grew up showing off your elementary school and local haunts along the way. The rain is washing away our sorrow and cleansing the earth where our beloved lying under. You don’t have to meet at someone’s house, either - a park bench, good picnic spot or even town square could work too. I just had this idea of a cute monkey character and this is what came out of it. Walk around to different bars & tell stories about what happened This one is kind of odd, but I was once on a date with a guy where we went to three different bars & as we walked around, he told me about the strange & hilarious memories he had associated with those places. Again, it’s a great way to get to know someone - you’ll instantly know how outgoing they are, how much they like a challenge & what their music taste is like. Get up early, curl up together, and watch the sunrise. Greece “Thargelion” name and i tried to expose elements culturalof my country, in name florist awarded May. The really long one-way walk No rules except that you just have to walk for a really long time in one direction & not turn around. Stay tuned folks.” Designed by iLogiCow from Europe. A teenager date might involve roller-skating, making out in public & drinking vodka in an alley-way. Build sandcastles, put sunscreen lotion on one another, go swimming & then travel home together as the sun is setting, relaxed & happy.

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If you went out for dinner, go back to the same restaurant or make the dish that you ate at home. Warsaw Wallpapers Designed by Berenika Kołaczyńska from Poland. Dye each other’s hair There’s nothing like a radical change to make life more exciting. This is one of the designs that came from the daily doodles. Plus, people will come up to you & say, “Cute dog”, & you can beam at each other like proud parents. iLogiCow - absolute social “The very first debut of a “new something” called iLogiCow. Wallpaper Designed by Rumake Web Agency from Russia. Troll for Photobooths Spend an evening looking for photobooths, and taking fun photos together. They were the first Earth-born creatures to go into orbit and return alive. I re-did wallpapers with Sibiu from May, now with Prague. Sunset Playtime I created this while I was reminiscing about my childhood and how much fun i had playing when the sun was setting.

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Find a Rooftop Pool and Go Swimming Rooftop pools are popping up everywhere from hotels to sports clubs these days. Luckily, they make for a great date spot. And these background graphics are definitely worth a look. Go to an art gallery on a Saturday afternoon You’ll learn a lot about the person you’re standing next to if you go & check out art together. Sometimes the most romantic activities involve being outdoors together. Stroll through the local zoo admiring everything from the tigers to penguins while getting to know each other. Slummingbird This graphic is about keeping busy and active. Plus it gives you something so much more stimulating to talk about than the last episode of The Bachelor! Bring half an evening One person organises the food, & the other organises a movie, or one person organises tickets to an amusement park, & the other plans a walking tour. Take props, maybe a silly wig or two, & see how bizarre you can make them. You can use this rhythmic chant if you want: Booom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom, and the rain falls down. I have been doing this his whole life so far, and he’s starting to get into the movement now. Allow whatever movement happens freely as you play with your child. Where Acorns Come from Acorns coming to life in this wallpaper. Have a Friendly Bowling Competition Dust off those bowling shoes, and have a friendly bowling competition slash date. Make a large enough space in your living room, play space, or outdoors. dating sim simulator. Starbucks Coffee Everybody I know loves coffee… and for that matter, starbucks! Wallpapers designed by Sasha Bell from England, UK. when you say “shake it high!” shake your arms and head up high.

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Head to Medieval Times Not exactly fine dining, but an evening at Medieval Times will definitely be unexpected, and seriously fun. Plus, there is something so nostalgic and wonderful about heading to a local fair or amusement park on a date. The cat was asleep, the ladder cast aside and the book with a giant red apple opens. I really like the way the end result looks like rust, and has a real gritty quality to it. Plus, later on you have a record of what went on - & a slew of idiotic comments to wade through. The best creative wallpapers aren’t cheap photos, but are works of art in their own right. Fasting is from first light of dawn until sundown, abstaining from food, drink, and sexual relations. Head to the beach for a day of laying out in the sun, relaxation, and getting to know someone. vdategames games. So, here I create my own vector character version of Patlabor which I called “Patlabor Ninja”. Ride a small sea horse and find the depth of your own ocean. Get dressed separately, meet somewhere strange & a bit awkward, & pretend you don’t know one another. Be one with nature on your next date, taking a hike at your favorite nature preserve or hiking path. Creative designers and artists from all over the world, here are their finest wallpapers. Ink Mountain This is a rough and dark, sketchy wallaper with the emphasis on the weight of the “ink” and form of the shapes. Stretch your arms up high and “look” up at the seeds in your hands. Take a Boxing Class Together Not your typical date, get the endorphins flowing taking a boxing class together. The Midnight Moon Wallpapers These are the pyramid and ruins at Chichen Itza in Mexico.

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Boutique hotels often do a brilliant brunch, but a bit of surreptitious googling should set you on the right track. Decide to play tourist for the day in your hometown-going everywhere from the museum, to the major landmark, to the most famous restaurant in town. Imaginary Friends The inspiration for this illustration was russian rock’n’roll-song “Pharmacist, judge, beaver and owl” by Maksim Leonidov. Sacred Island “Inspired by an avatar movie, floating island and dragon, happy new year everyone” Designed by Auliya Rahman from Indonesia. The girl whispered, to the earth, ìthank you for a fresh beginning.î At that moment the sun begins to shine on the east. Too bad I did’t see the big catch coming… Designed by Manuel Esposito from Germany. Recreate the First Date You Ever Had Together
 If you went to a movie, rent the same movie. Fuzzy Feeling We all have the fondest dreams that give us this warm, fuzzy feeling inside. is your go-to source for major photobooth info! A drive-in movie I admit, this one seems ultra-cool to me just because I’ve never done it & I am in love with Danny Zucco from here until eternity. Ah, Russia - The Famous Trio Designed by Tihomir Budic from BiH-Republika Srpska.

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Go to a Midnight Showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Find a local showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, dress-up, and get into it. Work on a DIY Project Look through Pinterest for a project, and then execute it together. Meet for Drinks at a Local Landmark From the Eiffel Tower, to the Empire State Building, to the Top of the Space Needle-head to a local landmark and admire the view, while creating your own movie worthy moment. Catch a taxi or a bus or something to ease the pain. On the moral, behavioral side, one must abstain from lying, malicious gossip, quarrelling and trivial nonsense. God described it as being blessed and better than a thousand months

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