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Senior Citizen Politics President’s second term will be about bringing the law to life; Obama reelection, Democrats holding the Senate will solidify the law in American history - see editor's notes on benefits for seniors By Jay Hancock, KHN Staff Writer Nov. The budget blueprint, released Wednesday, includes what the president called "manageable" curbs on Medicare spending growth, but GOP congressional leaders were dismissive, while some Democrats and virtually all senior citizen advocacy groups were unsettled. In interviews with people across industries, many said interacting with members of the opposite sex was a nonissue. “If someone in your hospital says you had inappropriate contact with this woman, you get suspended for an investigation, and your life is over. i want to meet someone new. Mother’s Day Advice & Gift Ideas for Caregivers Mother’s Day is one of the most treasured holidays on our calendar. “That’s presented a better working environment.”But elsewhere, men have begun avoiding solo interactions with women altogether. Herb Kohl, D-Wis., to propose legislation to combat the costly and inappropriate – yet widespread – use of antipsychotic drugs in nursing homes. Now, the Obama administration has come up with a new way to calculate inflation that will reduce COLA in the future. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, now GOP’s vice-presidential candidate; also embraced by Mitt Romney By Jordan Rau, KHN Staff Writer Oct. And in TV news, some male executives have scrupulously minded their words in conversations with female talent.In interviews, the men describe a heightened caution because of recent sexual harassment cases, and they worry that one accusation, or misunderstood comment, could end their careers. Calypso Mahieu It has not happened in every workplace, of course, and depends in part on company culture and employees’ trust in human resources to appropriately deal with harassment. “It may be an unintentional blind spot, but it’s something you could start changing on a Monday morning.” The Upshot provides news, analysis and graphics about politics, policy and everyday life. Senior Citizen Politics ‘Reforms would reduce our government’s bills by reducing the cost of health care, not shifting all those costs on to middle-class seniors…’ see video Feb. The of the plan, released yesterday, also sets up a wide-ranging effort to improve the care that Alzheimer’s patients receive and support families. Trump that emerged during the presidential campaign. Medicare News 'Somewhat surprising how many seniors would be willing to pay more for Medicare' By Alvin Tran, Capsules, Oct. AARP says this program is taking the debate about Medicare and Social Security out from behind closed doors in Washington and making sure that all Americans have a voice in the discussion about their future. He also touched on entitlements and, specifically, Medicare. But despite the higher demand for dementia care, there are still several common misconceptions about this type of home care. pen website. Medicare News Setting the record straight on Medicare's overhead costs: New study finds surprising results Feb. Visiting Angels knows how important Mother’s Day can be for family caregivers who are looking after an elderly parent. In interviews, women in companies with many female or gay executives were more likely to say one-on-one relationships had never been an issue for them.Another way is for companies to explicitly support relationship-building meetings.

It is called the chained consumer price index and below is a Q&A on this method provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Romney would give seniors money to buy insurance; Obama would keep program, reduce the cost By Marilyn Werber Serafini, KHN Staff Writer Feb. But, rather than a doom-and-gloom hand wringing, it was an earnest, straight-forward approach at helping the popular senior program survive with little or no damage to its services. On Wall Street, certain senior men have tried to avoid closed-door meetings with junior women. If you do not meet these requirements, Please click here to exit. Legislation introduced today seeks to ensure that colorectal cancer screening for all Medicare beneficiaries is free, as was intended. Medicare News Small signs that Democrats and Republicans are beginning to wrestle with the issue of what role Medicare should play in deficit reduction By Mary Agnes Carey Feb. That was never the case, according to a report released yesterday by the Medicare Rights Center. Senior Citizen Politics GOP working on case that Obamacare cut MA plans, causing seniors to leave program; House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee hearing Friday By Mary Agnes Carey, Kaiser Health News Sept. If Republicans make concessions on taxes, Democrats and the president say, they’ll move on entitlements, such as Medicare and Medicaid, as part of a larger deal to reduce the federal deficit. The While House rejected the plan because it rejects the tax increase and does not meet his "test of balance." Read more. These actions follow the signing last month by President Obama of the National Alzheimer’s Project Act. “Sponsorship is so often a mini-me - straight white guys sponsoring younger straight white guys,” Ms. Mature Sexy Dates does not conduct criminal background screening of its members Outdoor Activities for Seniors & Caregivers Spring is in the air, and whether you’re eight years old or eighty, it’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Senior Citizen Politics More information: • Link to GAO report "Retirement Security: Women Still Face Challenges." • testimony by hearing witnesses • video of Senate hearing • GAO on purpose of report on women and retirement • Summary of GAO report At hearing on Retirement Challenges for Women, Sen. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will testify there today and next Thursday the hearing topic will be on entitlement reform proposals, with emphasis on the controversial Chained Consumer Price Index, which will be used to lower cost-of-living adjustments for seniors and others in future years. AARP upset that Medicare, Social Security or not on agenda for first presidential debate on Oct. Senior Citizen Politics New Senate Aging Committee Tackles Future of Medicare in Hearing Wednesday Sen. Here you'll find sexy mature men and women looking for the same thing you are - a good time with no strings attached. Below are summaries of what others are reporting and below that is a video - KHN's Marilyn Werber Serafini and Mary Agnes Carey discuss the budget Ryan presented and how it differs from the proposal he released last year. President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, say they want to avert the fiscal cliff, that toxic mix of expiring tax breaks and automatic spending reductions set to begin in January. And would-be sponsors and would-be sponsorees can build relationships in daily moments in the office, said Lareina Yee, a senior partner at McKinsey who studied the issue with Lean In.“It’s walking down the hallway, it’s seeking the opinion of others, it’s catching someone after a meeting,” she said. It also delays funding cuts to hospitals that treat the uninsured. Research shows that building genuine relationships with senior people is perhaps the most important contributor to career advancement. Recently, we spoke with Barney Freiberg-Dale, co-director of Visiting Angels in Newton, MA. But according to a new study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, physical activity can also help us age slower. Supreme Court today in support of provisions of the Affordable Care Act - often referred to as 'Obamacare" by critics - that are critical for people with life-threatening chronic diseases. Senior Citizen Politics A central part of the House Republican budget written by Rep. Features for Senior Citizens Researchers finds broad support among most demographic groups for expanding women’s military role to the battlefield Feb. Medicare News GOP’S Ryan presents ‘austere budget proposal that looks a lot like one they approved last year that Democrats quickly dismissed. Below are answers to how this could impact Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE, the health program for the military and veterans. Summary of news coverage – everyone will know a lot more about Medicare and Medicaid Aug. Barney and his wife/co-director Eileen have responded to the increased need for dementia care by investing heavily in a specialized dementia care program. Even the Republican response referred to Medicare, notes Mary Agnes Carey, Kaiser Health News, in a video interview with Jackie Judd. Study results showed that inactive women had a biological age a full eight years higher than the women who exercised regularly. We've outlined some winning ideas that caregivers can use to make this year’s Mother’s Day one to remember. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., as the Republican vice presidential running mate of Mitt Romney. Squeezing more money out of higher-income senior citizens, limiting Medicare spending, and increasing the age for eligibility are mentioned by both Supported by Extra Caution Unintended Consequences of Sexual Harassment Scandals @clairecm OCT.

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These seniors want the candidates to better explain their plans for the entitlements, which will help them determine their choices. Use of this site and all of its contents are expressly forbidden to minors. “People are more sensitive to how they conduct themselves, because they’ve seen what can happen,” said a male executive in the news and entertainment industry, who spoke anonymously because of the same heightened caution over the topic that is in the air in some workplaces. They have all "really walked away from ," he says, leaving the program "fraying because of inattention to its problems." Instead of making the hard choices to fix Social Security's financial problems, policymakers "use it as a tool of political rhetoric," Astrue said in an interview with the AP. It stands for “cost-of-living adjustment,” and was the government’s way of being trying to keep retired older Americans from seeing their Social Security benefits eaten away by inflation. Senior Citizen Politics Minimal mention of health law may be reflection of difficulty  president, administration, supporters are having selling it. Senior Citizen Politics 'The commitments we make to each other through Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security, these things do not sap our initiative, they strengthen us' - see video Jan. population is not a temporary phenomenon associated with the aging of the baby boom generation, but a pervasive trend that is here to stay, says a report from the National Research Council.  Read more. In Austin, Tex., a city official was formally reprimanded last month for refusing to meet with female employees, after he ended regular mentoring lunches with one.Some tech investors have taken similar steps.

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If you are a family caregiver for an older loved one, there are plenty of outdoor activities for seniors that you and your loved one will be able to enjoy together.

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In some offices it’s known as having a rabbi; researchers call it sponsorship. Dick Durbin says he got the info from the White House; major issue for House leader Nancy Pelosi; hot button for GOP Dec. He mentioned a hospital colleague who lost his job because of harassment allegations. By getting to know people who are different from them, leaders can avoid playing favorites - which can happen if sponsorship isn’t done well and which can hurt office morale.One way to encourage these relationships is to have more people at the top of companies who are not straight white men. The AP report says there are “surprising similarities” in the remedies being offered by President Barack Obama and the Republican leader on this issue, Rep. Media sources have found other parts of the budget that may also impact many seniors - funding boosts for mental health and food and drug safety, as well as the elimination of the SGR formula to set Medicare physician payment rates. Most recently, accusations against the movie mogul Harvey Weinstein caused him to be fired. In this face-off, the two candidates outlined very different sets of policies and perspectives on issues ranging from their respective Medicare plans to the uninsured and abortion. Note: Congressional negotiators agreed today to delay the huge cut in Medicare pay rates for physicians until next year. Senior Citizen Politics Six aging groups say Congress did not intend to tie senior benefits with individual insurance mandate being challenged in court Jan. “Now you cancel it because you have huge reputational risk all of a sudden.”Sometimes women avoid solo meetings with men who have made them uncomfortable or have bad reputations, as when female executives brought colleagues to meetings with Mr. “That individual has created a hypersensitive atmosphere for every other physician,” he said. At every level, more men than women say they interact with senior leaders at least once a week, according to research by McKinsey and the nonprofit Lean In. Reports from major newspapers this morning say the Obama budget will be out next week and it will have cuts to Social Security and Medicare in hopes of winning Republican support.

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Senior citizens, however, composed the age group least likely to support the decision. Some companies, for instance, have designated a certain restaurant where senior leaders take protégées for breakfast or lunch. People were warier in jobs that emphasized appearance, as with certain restaurants or TV networks; in male-dominated industries like finance; and in jobs that involve stark power imbalances, like doctors or investors. States run by Democrats have been opting in; states run by Republicans have mostly been saying no or holding back. NCOA says entitlements are top priorities but sees no major changes this year Jan. Please read when you sign-up for your free membership. Senior Citizen Politics Groups suggest one third of health care spending is for unnecessary treatments; Dr. The Texas Republican also released a news release this morning accusing Treasury Secretary Jack Lew of making “conflicting statements” about the Chained CPI before the full committee. Herb Kohl, chair of the Special Committee on Aging, that will require Health and Human Services to gain consent from nursing home patients or their guardians prior to the administration of these drugs. Medicare News Insurance Commissioners examine if seniors would use less Medicare  if the most popular Medigap plans were less generous By Susan Jaffee, Kaiser Health News Nov. “That comes from interactions that are one-on-one, and not super formal in a conference room with an agenda.” Continue reading the main story The dynamic affects racial and other minorities in the workplace, too. For seniors the legislation has already put in place lower drug costs, more free preventive health care screening and an annual consultation with a physician to discuss their personal health plan. Medicare News ‘Lawmakers are wrestling with finding a balance between asking beneficiaries to pay more for Medicare services and reducing payments to Medicare providers’ By Mary Agnes Carey, KHN Staff Writer Nov. Continue reading the main story Related Coverage Related Coverage What's Next Joining Mature Sex Dates makes you a member of one of the world's largest mature sex dating sites. Senior Citizen Politics Senior citizen issues like Medicare and Social Security take center stage in presidential race as GOP's Romney picks vp with controversial ideas on entitlements - see video Aug. No doubt a motivating factor is a bill crafted by Sen. Below is the complete transcript with key words on senior programs highlighted in yellow. It shows that even when the cuts were accurately described as reductions in money Medicare paid insurance companies to promote Advantage plans, the action had no negative impact on Medicare patients. Senior Citizen Politics First hearing of this Congress lays out the problems and the options with a focus on fixing the cost of healthcare Feb. And, for all Americans it should mean an end to out-of-control increases in medical costs. Nationally unpopular, Romney holds solid lead over GOP challengers, Ron Paul a threat as third party candidate Jan. Senior Citizen Politics Medicare and Medicaid are big targets as the Congress and White House begin urgent task of preventing the government from falling off the “Fiscal Cliff’ Nov. “Trust does get built through intimacy and understanding others and sharing values,” she said. The decision will have sweeping ramifications for consumers, state officials, employers and health care providers, including hospitals and doctors. It’s a job that required new skills, and she said she got it largely based on the trust and friendship she’d built with leaders on her team, who were all men.One of them regularly invited her to go for walks and grab coffee. This imbalance is a major reason women stall at lower levels of companies, according to a variety of research.

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It also calls for specific action by federal and state regulators to protect seniors. In providing dementia care for the Newton area, Barney told us there is one misconception that he comes across again and again. Some of the highlights of news coverage include the backing away by both Republican candidates from some of the Medicare proposals included in the budget proposal of the House Republicans that was authored by Rep. Details were usually left vague but the implication was it reduced benefits. But their actions affect women’s careers, too - potentially depriving them of the kind of relationships that lead to promotions or investments.It’s an unintended consequence of a season of sex scandals. AARP has issued a statement urging that “retirement security issues be directly addressed.” A new USA Today /Gallup Poll shows President Barack Obama is more trusted to address Medicare issues than Mitt Romney

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