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"The camp commandant, SS Hauptsturmführer Friedrich Warzog, welcomed him with great cordiality as `one of my regulars. Torture, murder, and violence against children are the order of the day. I shall start with a few quotations from JNV "He was not driven by blood lust.". And thus he revels in gruesome tales and bloodthirsty fantasies, and he could not care less that there is a wealth of orders and witness testimonies that prove that the SS were strictly forbidden to lay a hand on prisoners. Fate was less kind to Wizenthal in the case of Franz Stangl, the commandant of Treblinka. The letter states: "Those who were in charge of cleaning the SS houses often spoke of Weise. Attempted blackmail of Verbelen: he was to confirm the gas chambers. As he faced the alleged mass murderer in person now, he struggled in vain for words to describe the man who "laughed when he saw dead bodies": "I can find no words, no description for him. he had allowed himself to get swept away `into atrocities unworthy of a German and an SS leader.' Germans murdered cleanly." That the last sentence is not a quote from the police protocol in question, but rather a product of Wizenthal's sick mind, goes without saying. Huie – Lazarus and the Rich Man – Tentmaker Ministries. had decided to declare war on "right-wing extremism" in Europe, and particularly in Austria. the account given of it has been distorted by Wizenthal. This suggestion is so surprising because Wizenthal normally condemns as "neoNazi crimes and provocation", all calls for material evidence, eg. In the "ten cases" which Wizenthal calls "typical" and in which the hunted all fail to confess to the "gas chambers", all the victims expire at the point in time most convenient and favorable to the Nazi hunter.

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This was the Dutch publishing house "Brabants-Vlaams-Boekbedrijv", led by the energetic young publisher Mijnheer van Roei. Therefore, I shall recapitulate: in Syria there lives a man who calls himself Georg Fischer and who Szymon Wizenthal claims is Alois Brunner. This was generally the view of the medieval Church. I've also never heard of the crime that is being imputed to him. His friendship with Gaddafi and Arafat did not make him especially popular in the USA. It almost seems as though another psychological motive and concrete political aim of the Wizenthalian Hunt is to eradicate all memory of the collaboration between National Socialist Germany and the founding fathers of the state of Israel.

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The persons actually involved in the case in question, however, who wormed their way into the Austrian Parliament under false colors, could not have proven their inner ties to Austria any more than their subject qualifications and their integrity of character. "Suddenly the church bells rang, and somebody called: `Enough for now, vespers!' "The shooting stopped. For the sake of a more complete understanding it is necessary to note here that the epidemics described began to rage in the German concentration camps precisely at the time when the disinfectant Zyklon B began to be supplied to the "extermination camps". And he has nothing but acid scorn for SS-Hauptsturmführer Warzog who, in view of the imminent joint retreat, "invited the Jews to form'a big family' with the SS men". On the contrary: Roschmann feels so absolutely blameless that he even participates actively in an organization considered to be "neo-Nazi". In this context I again remind the reader that allegations of individual excesses were dispensed with in the immediate post-War war crimes trials dealing with "mass murders" in the Third Reich. It also explains why the rich man assumes Lazarus is Abraham's servant. We have in fact one of the cases where the background to the teaching is more probably found in non-biblical sources. The man second in importance only to Eichmann disputes the existence of the "gas chambers".

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A network of bribery and corruption and a secret, insidious cultural aggression trickling through thousands of channels to the heart of the Western world. "But it was undoubtedly the United States who could apply the greatest pressure. Heim had committed the crimes he was charged with, and had done so out of sheer desire to kill. The national state of "the others" must be destroyed by immigration, but that of the Jews must be preserved and strengthened. That this sole witness from the ranks of the SS was not summoned to attend the Eichmann trial in Israel is further food for thought. A statistician should draw up a probability analysis of Wizenthal's collection of miracles - it would be just one more way to demonstrate the nonsense contained therein. A few brief vignettes of Wizenthal, the "ethnic German": "Though Wiesenthal's work has time and again focused the attention of the world public on Austrian and German war criminals, he has always refused to brand those two nations as the chosen people of evil." The person who wrote this on p. However, if one commits to the painful task of actually plowing through his mediocre concoctions, one finds the most bizarre twaddle and tall tales where horror is made the subject for entertainment. All Simon Wiesenthal Centers should be renamed, for example Genocid Memorial Centers. "We had to go through a line-up and almost every one of us was kicked or whipped. At this point we must add that Hermine Ryan nee Braunsteiner also did not live the high life on stolen dental gold and in villas by the sea, but was a housewife married to an American construction worker and lived in a small home paid for by scrimping and saving. But the very attempt is pathetic; all we are told is that the Wizenthal couple remained together and was even posted jointly to the same place of employment - a boon which real concentration camp inmates were not granted. free dating sites completely free. But even if he was not, it is a fact that to date Wizenthal has expressed not so much as a word of regret and rectification with regard to the tragedy of John Demjanjuk. Immediately after the liberation of the concentration camps, the majority of the SS guards were murdered - often after first being tortured horribly. But these are by no means pals from his early school days - no, they are spread throughout the world and always hold positions useful in helping to solve crimes. SemitTimes also reported on Department Chief Werner's secret memorandum which - with reference to Israel - culminated in the words: "Evidently factual aspects were to be subordinated to political considerations " But Jagschitz hasn't a clue. These two German witnesses were linked closely to the Treblinka gas chamber, where they served as SS guards; they are presently alive and at liberty, in other words they are persons who were willing to cooperate. But they are not listened to and not allowed to speak out. But that's what our Galician upholder of moral standards is like: ever ready to crack a joke at horror. These two fellows were picked up, and we found them two days later, their eyes had been gouged out and their tongues cut out, and one of them, you know, his private parts had been treated, probably with wire. Geschichtsbetrachtung als Wagnis: Eine Dokumentation. I will never forget how Verbelen, under the guidance of his defense counsel, the former SS-man Dr. Since the court considered that he had gained his American citizenship under false pretenses, he was stripped of his citizenship and extradition proceedings were instituted. I did not witness any killings during my time in Birkenau. Since the incomparably strict discipline in the Third Reich made it impossible for officers to earn brownie points by violating extant orders and laws, this miracle discovered by Wizenthal must be exposed as non-miracle.

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Quite aside from the fact that amidst the chaos of retreat behind the crumbling front, anyone who had ordered the provision of even one truck, even one barrel of gasoline or even one fit soldier for such a nonsensical undertaking would have been immediately relieved of command by Hitler. Nonetheless it is part of the standard repertoire of Szymon Wizenthal's gang of false witnesses. A list of those who were "in the know" about what was happening in the concentration camps, yet who were not willing to confirm the "existence of gas chambers" as desired, has yet to be drawn up. In other words, Wizenthal, who proposed and forced the passing of a bill in the Austrian Parliament with the intent to silence me, and who commented on the outcome of my trial "with satisfaction", would have had a marvellous opportunity to vent some of his efforts to clear up the Katyn case. Or perhaps just "Israel" - that would probably be more accurate. After his acquittal Verbelen managed to make a name for himself as author. But one person would rather not work: our vagabond friend Szymon Wizenthal of Galicia. Two witnesses were also questioned at the US embassy in Warsaw." This establishes the very thing that the totally uninformed sworn court expert Professor Dr. And this is the case three times at one and the same hospital. " True to Wizenthal's style, Mengele's son and the firm's attorney are also exposed with their full names. Everything seemed to be conspiring against Wizenthal's "one-man operation" which, however, obviously consists of more than one person, since Wizenthal refers to his business in the plural: "That's what we thought. It is clear that the professional international pack of perjurers whore Israel and the United States have for decades deployed in order to foster the anti-German propaganda adjust their "powers of recollection" to the requirements of the Israeli trial rituals. Josef Mengele, had he been arraigned in court, would also have disputed the idea that Jews were murdered en masse for reasons of their race follows from a conversation which Dr. But one must wonder how any publisher could accept the responsibility for publishing such a certificate of chauvinistic dementia." In other words, anyone who talks really is a dead man. "There is no point in minimizing guilt in order to make it easier for sons and daughters to bear the failure of their fathers and grandfathers, their mothers and grandmothers. We continued slowly down the street, because again, more Jews were brought out of all the houses by the WEHRMACHT. Seitz, took his side and Wizenthal claims that the inhabitants of that city acted like a group of conspirators when Mengele's father passed away and the hunted son returned home for the funeral with the entire town's knowledge, without even one person being willing to betray his presence. It is the Jewish international financial power, in whose materialistic power-philosophy of debit and credit the existence of nations has been denied all value, that draws its opposition from fundamentals. Anything else would have been irreconcilable with the care I, and Revisionist in general, take in our work, and I would not have based my thesis disproving the "Holocaust" on it. Those who survived the first round of bullets were handed over to Wizenthal's comrades, who proceeded to torture them to death with shovels. But after he had been discharged from the hospital, he did the Wizenthal Lobby the great favor of withdrawing to a remote farm and hanging himself. In his disgraceful verdict Klein wrote, for instance, that former SS-men from Auschwitz-Birkenau had made no testimony to exonerate Gottfried Weise. But the case of Szymon Wizenthal may well demonstrate that intelligence need not always go hand in hand with all-round education, since evidently he didn't know that a Major cannot be promoted to First Lieutenant; this change in rank can happen through demotion at best. This trustfulness on Rauff s part already indicates that he was not conscious of having committed any crime. Whether it be as prosecutor, as hatemonger, as false witness or as fabricator of history, everyone plays his assigned part in the great, concerted search-and-destroy mission against the German people's continuation as ethnically determinable factor. This is the Israeli-American Imperium's "New World Order". And now Wizenthal once again lingers over a description of details which, in my opinion, any normal person would seek to keep quiet - in his own interest. Wizenthal, who has his personal propagandist Peter Michael Lingens claim here that Wizenthal respects the judgement of the courts, in actual fact scorns and derides the German and Austrian justice systems in almost every chapter in his book.

He also heard that bookstores had received threats, ordering them to remove "the war criminal Verbelen's books" from their display cases. Detective inspector Dietmar Junker conducted the forensic testing and came to the same clear and scientifically replicable conclusion as engineer Lachout had - namely, that Wizenthal had submitted an amateurish forgery as incriminating document. the great genocide planned in cold blood against the Western world, by cultural migration forcibly imposed in violation of the peoples' right to self-determination.

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The "public outrage" in Israel and the United States is consistently an "outrage" decreed by the press, and the populace often takes only a lukewarm part in it. Of all these things, which the journalist Rullmann discovered in the Demjanjuk trial files alone, the court expert university professor Dr. American embassy in Poland serves as interrogation chamber. good dates. And he probably also failed to consider that his testimony might one day become public and be compared with his later statements. Which will probably not keep Wizenthal from continuing his Six Million Game. In the context of the crimes attributed to the hunted man's character in the film, Wizenthal brags disgustingly: "Forsyth remained in touch with me, and we discussed the individual chapters. The extradition of Walter Kutschmann from Argentina was also problematic. One notices that the Waldheim Campaign was planned along exactly the same lines and implemented with the same means and by the same persons as the hunts for the other so-called "German war criminals" were. The Israeli-American Imperium's cultural aggression. Don't peek under the brim of Medusa's hat: Wizenthal orders German Red Cross official fired. Evidently Wizenthal believes that one cannot escape one's Jewishness even if one chooses to do so. Howard Marshall, The New International Greek Testament Commentary: The Gospel of Luke, p. But the possibility that one day someone might come along to take him at his word and actually read one of his books is something that Wizenthal obviously did not count on - since counting was always his weak point. I think we'll need a little more time.' " `Very well, then he'll have to stay longer - and it'll cost him a little more. The physician whom Wizenthal, with the aid of Mother Lingens, portrays as murderer was characterized by a profound willingness to help wherever help was needed, which earned him the friendship and loyalty of all who knew him. A few days before he died he had telephoned me; optimistic and cheerful: 'Things are going well, we. Also, the guards did not have access to any guns or submachine guns, much less machine guns, in the camp. Numerous other acts of violence and unsolved murders, committed against a similar group and described triumphantly by the accused, could also have been solved long ago if the only suspect, namely Szymon Wizenthal himself, had been interrogated accordingly. As regards Robert Verbelen, I know from personal conversations that the then Austrian Federal Chancellor of Jewish extraction, Dr. It is readily proven that the mother tongue of the Jews in Galicia was always Yiddish, regardless how fluently they may have spoken German in this case or that. There is also no evidence to indicate that the SS admitted mentally deranged people to their ranks.

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But if you're not in danger in your native country, we'll pay for your return trip there. that the door opened and an SS man was brought in [.] shaking, a bundle if fear. However - and in this regard one cannot argue with the press reports - it is a fact that the report I consulted did describe all three killing methods alleged for the "Holocaust" as scientifically untenable. But the attitude, veracity and honesty of the former Jewish inmates of Auschwitz who joined ranks to speak up in defense of Gottfried Weise refutes the assumption that persons of Jewish extraction are more prone than others to commit perjury and bear false witness. Since the old scoundrel knows full well that I could prove the "fraud" in any Austrian court, with documents which I don't need the Russian secret service to forge for me, he has dispensed with bringing charges against the for accusing him of murder. Mengele must be presumed innocent, a right to which your three surgeons in whom "the Jew came out on top" have forfeited their claim. As we know, Adolf Eichmann was "convicted" in Israel in a trial conducted in gross violation of legal norms, and murdered. "But all three witnesses whom the Israeli court was to question had been well prepared in advance. [.] 'It was as if a hare wins expected to grasp that the huntsman was afraid of it. It is typical and revealing of the Wizenthal Syndicate that the Austrian informant and Wizenthal-buddy Dr

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