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Making an animated feature might have been the next logical step after the studio’s Oscar-winning shorts Flowers and Trees, The Three Little Pigs and The Tortoise and the Hare. And when he finds EVE, he shows that machines can be, in the phrase from Blade Runner, more human than human. For when a genius like Lasseter sits at his computer, the machine becomes more than just a supple paintbrush. A short list would include celebrities teased in the movie: the Baldwin brothers, Conan O’Brien, Winona Ryder, Bill Gates, Liza Minnelli, Barbra Streisand and God. A place where time and tradi­tion have been forged by and from the north and south, from the east and west. “They’re both places where the repressed conscious mind vents.” But the place where the detective will unlock his mystery is a movie palace, the dark cathedral where the communicants’ separate obsessions become one dream on a giant screen. Sunny Si­cily is Punic Palermo, towering Taormina, ancient Agrigento, splendid Siracusa, and medieval Mon­reale and Cefalù. But the brood soon bonds, revealing its humor and humanity, its intrinsic and intoxicating foxiness. The boldest of Disney’s horror homilies is also the most powerful demonstration of the ability of a medium supposedly aimed at kids to evoke persuasive motion and deep human emotion. The first full-length film made on computers showed audiences a new look, technology and attitude. Writer-director Andrew Stanton provides artistic and political resonances galore: he alludes to favorite movies, from to , and fearlessly takes on the powerful pet-shop and aquarium lobbies. There’s eloquence enough in the movie’s gnarly imagery and Chomet’s understanding of the human impulse not just to survive but also to save others. Then, to boost the fibre and flavour, add grated apples, as well as fresh sage and thyme.

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The boy Andy is now ready for college, and his toys, which he hasn’t played with for years, are mistakenly thrown out. They are aided or threatened by the usual sci-fi-noir suspects, but the plot is so complicated, it’s best not to worry about parsing it and just go with the seductively somnambulist flow, which is where the movie finds its true life. This, of course, is the moment - played to the strains of Peggy Lee and Sonny Burke’s Neapolitan ballad “Bella Notte” - that immediately entered the DNA of millions of moviegoers and is still cherished more than a half-century later. Dolittle and His Animals, had a score by Paul Hindemith, Kurt Weill and Paul Dessau. won't be the first guest to enjoy Si­cilian hospitality. The Adventures of Prince Achmed The earliest surviving animated feature is also an example of prodigious artistry in a minimal form. Also anyone who lacks a bottomless tolerance for inspired comic rudeness. When he wakes, though, he’s just a doughy panda who works in the village noodle shop run by his father - who happens to be a goose, but never mind that for now. is both an argument for and a demonstration of animation’s power to put us into a state of alert hypnosis. Multitudes of Chuck too: Jones later said that Bugs was the person he wished he could be and that Daffy was the person he probably was. If Pixar is the ring bearer of the classic Disney style and uplifting temperament, Jeffrey Katzenberg’s DreamWorks Animation studio is an update of the zany Warner Bros. Like a Bosch painting or a comic book, created a world bustling with strange creatures and furtive, furry humor. The first half-hour of Andrew Stanton’s enthralling environmental parable is virtually wordless but has an almost symphonic aural richness, thanks to Ben Burtt’s intricate sound design. DreamWorks’ vaudeville vibe, first paraded in the series, directly infiltrated animated films from to Despicable Me and plenty more. Disney topped the breakthrough with the pinnacle of , then set about wedding classical music to sophisticated, sometimes abstract cartooning in the two-hour. The character design of Disney veteran Glen Keane frees Rapunzel from visual stereotype and gives her poise and spunk. Buzz’s power is that he seduces the old toys, and presumably Andy, with his space-age gadgetry. Whence sprang , the first full-length film created wholly on computers and one of the most inventive comedies of its decade. seasons the Katzenberg recipe with a splendid kinetic elegance in the fight scenes - kung-furious panda-monium - and trumps it with the contemplative message that strength and discipline can’t be taught but instead must be discovered within. Pussycat a feline of sputtering theatrical bombast.

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Yes, our island has been ex­tending hospi­tality to first-time visitors for three thou­sand years. Yet he’s a lonely guy; he putters around the late, great planet Earth like a solitary child on an abandoned playground, or an oldster among his souvenirs. Chomet, who seven years later made the Jacques Tati–inspired The Illusionist - and who, for , did use computer animation for the film’s cars, boats and trains - has a canny design eye to match his narrative wit. Less a trash collector than a trash connoisseur, WALL•E is programmed to be dedicated to his job. We’re all in this together, Seuss says; everyone’s important. Returning to the core Disney values of humor and heart, veteran directors Clyde Geronimo, Hamilton Luske and Wilfred Jackson gave Lady and the Tramp the pedigree of a winner that delights every new generation of children. Frank Baum’s Dorothy, is both amazed and troubled by the kingdom in which she is a captive. Here was everything that mostly had been missing in the two decades since Walt’s death: an assured lightness in the narrative, a blending of classic and contemporary design and a sheaf of catchy songs that could command the top of the pops while lodging in older fans’ internal jukeboxes. The dramatic set pieces - Marlin and Dory eluding jellyfish stings, Nemo’s claustrophobic panic in a plastic bag - are realized with assured energy and balanced by the voice artists’ deft comic performances. And is the perfect culmination of John Lasseter’s first two-minute short, , brought to its logical and thrilling romantic extension: toy meets girl. Spirited Away is handcrafted art, as personal as an Utamaro painting, yet its breadth and depth gave it a worldwide appeal. So here, recognizably and delightfully, are two weird dudes: a political boss stripped of his moral authority and taking it with a lack of good grace, and a hero who is deeply delusional.

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Cartman’s perky “Kyle’s Mom’s a Bitch” echoes Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, with choruses in fake Chinese, Dutch and French. pen friends abroad. Hundreds of critters, each with a distinct personality, populate the descending circles of this teeming dictatorship. shorts always shamed Disney’s in the creation of memorable anthropomorphs. alternates dream with reality, or abruptly fuses the two, until the detective, and the viewer, can’t tell them apart. She’d understand his bitterness; she might even forgive it. Herbed Chicken and Apple BurgersThis recipe will lighten up your burgers and add new flavour at the same time. Cicero, Saint Louis, Richard Lionheart and Eleanor of Aquitaine have already tested the waters for you. Use a ridged cast-iron grill pan to produce attractive markings on the swordfish steaks. Not since had so much been at stake in a Disney tale. At the time it was the country’s most expensive animated film - and the year’s biggest hit. They showed that things have wills and wits of their own and exist in intimate relation to their human masters - and are funnier too. en­chant­ing land where Archi­medes taught and Saint Paul preached was a Greek colo­ny, a Roman prov­ince, an Arab emirate and a Norman king­dom. His home is really a mausoleum, and he is both caretaker and corpse. Pleading or wheedling or just staring ahead with a mutely eloquent resignation, Daffy embraced multitudes - multitudes of losers, us on our worst day. The priceless exchanges, though, are between man and dog - both in the empyrean of comic artists, as are their creators. Nor does it aim for the slam-bang effects of DreamWorks’ computerized cartoons. Subsequent Disney features like and The Hunchback of Notre Dame were more ambitious but less successful at the box office. They took to an animated version of the basic Miller theme - the outsider who enters a community and becomes, in the director’s phrase, “an angel of change” - and danced out of any theater playing. Come for the dirty jokes; stay for the finest, sassiest full-movie musical score since the disbanding of the Freed unit at MGM. In Chihiro he has created a bold child who, like Lewis Carroll’s Alice or L.

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gestalt: zany, parodic, brimming with pop-culture references. From the fairly radical notion of a family feature about a mean old man who literally and figuratively learns to let go, Docter and co-director and co-writer Bob Peterson sent Carl and the audience on a journey in two new directions: penetratingly inward and exaltedly up. Instead, Miyazaki goes for, and gets, the big picture, the grand emotion, one spectacular set piece stacked on another in brilliant colors and design. Watch the images that float by, the impulses that pass from the characters to you. But Miller, the Australian physician and lecturer whose trilogy imagined a postnuclear wasteland populated by feral biker gangs, and whose Babe: Pig in the City dropped its porcine star into urban depths, had darker dreams to relate. you could choose just one place to visit where you could wit­ness every­thing from the cul­ture of Hel­lenic antiquity to the glories of the Mid­dle Ages and the won­ders of the Renais­sance, shaped by a dozen civiliza­tions, Si­cily would be that place. From Snow White and Cinderella to Ariel, Beauty, Pocahontas and Mulan, girls were the focal characters who could be expected to come of age, triumph over adversity and, in general, woman up.

Thirty cen­turies of his­tory expres­sed in the Clas­sical, the Roman­esque, the Gothic, the Baroque. A G-rated head trip, the movie appealed to kids, their stoned older siblings and their hip parents. The thing is called a Waste Allocation Load Lifter, Earth-Class - WALL•E - and its job is to clean up the mess of consumerism run amok. We've been expecting you for three thou­sand years! Whereas stuck to recognizably human forms - the script could almost have been shot as a live-action film - liberated the Disney animators. In the central regions you'll en­counter rugged land and rol­ling hills. Serve the burgers on whole-wheat buns spread with the sweet honey mustard sauce Management Team Board of Directors HubSpot News Press Coverage & Awards Events & Talks Investor Relations It's more than an is­land! Dis­cover Si­cily and dis­cover the world. Winter finds palm trees dusted with snow in a surreal symphony. He can’t see the little Whos, but he deduces, believes, they’re in there; and his caring instinct tells him that they must be protected, against the collective protestations of other jungle creatures. In one of the scariest scenes in film history, Pinocchio’s pal Lampwick laughs at his friend, and a donkey’s comes out. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs The classic Disney style is sometimes dismissed as cutesy-poo. As Jones often said, “We weren’t making them for kids, or for adults. Bugs became the cartoon Cagney - urban, crafty, pugnacious - and then the unflappable underhare who wins every battle without ever mussing his aplomb. Disney’s first CGI feature based on a fairy tale returned the studio to its hallowed beginnings as a spinner of fables about put-upon princesses. If you tell a lie, your nose will grow; Pinocchio’s proboscis swells to Cyrano dimensions. The animation doesn’t boast the meticulously rendered character expressions of the early Disney features. Unkrich called it “taking toys to their endgame.” The scariest, life-threateningest Pixar movie is also a powerful fable about needy wage slaves being wedded to their servitude because it creates a sense of community more liberating than freedom. In north­eastern Sicily's Nebrodi Moun­tains you'll find un­expected­ly lush forests. To the rest of you: enjoy the flat-out funniest movie on this list - though with an R rating, it’s obviously not for children. We never heard the mature Carl say a word to Ellie while she was alive, but now he talks nonstop to his absent darling. Beauty in diver­sity: Europe, Africa and Asia in one magical moment. Like the creatures he dreamed up, it’s alive! In Andy’s bedroom, the toys are alive. There’s not a more impressive sequence in recent movies than the arrival at the bathhouse of a huge, amorphous river god, encased in centuries’ worth of stink and sludge, whom Chihiro has the daunting task of giving a sturdy wash and scrub. The Phoe­ni­cians, Car­thagin­ians, Swabians, Angevins, Aragonese and Jews made this unique island their own, leaving behind an eclectic history that you can still touch today. In director Ben Sharpsteen’s telling of a story by Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl, a circus elephant named Jumbo Jr., is cruelly renamed Dumbo because of his big ears. the Sicilian word for "beautiful," is the way we Sicilians describe this place. That was the year of , which immediately established the fuller, softer, more realistic form of animation as the norm. And French and Spanish and Greek, with a few German and Arab nuances in its cul­tural mix. When Chihiro and this beautiful beast take to the sky, they express the most elevated forms of teamwork and puppy love. They reality, transformed into art: brutally true, honorably honest, like Samuel Beckett with the fun up front. Jones was a genius of comic movement and dialogue and a genuine animator - he breathed soul into his creatures. Later, the son­net was created at the Court of Frederick II, and the Si­cilian language claimed its place in the lit­era­ture of Dante and Boccac­cio. Dignified vine­yards, ancient olive groves, hardy almond orchards and end­less wheat fields complete the picture. From this teeming, often dark and astonishingly sophisticated output, Satoshi Kon’s last completed film is one of the most forbidding and beguiling. Visit­ing Sicily is like visit­ing over a dozen coun­tries in one! Our is­land is a unique place full of art, ar­cheo­lo­gy, his­tory, folk­lore and breath­taking scenery. Spring is a rain­bow of wild flowers set against greenest fields. There is also the secret insignia of any Pixar feature: a G-rated fart joke. Fox Stop-motion animation is exacting, exhausting work: building puppets, placing them on a miniature stage and moving them one frame at a time - tens of thousands of times.

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As they watched Snow White succumb to the poison apple proffered by the witch who was also her stepmother, children literally wet the seats of movie palaces, such was the primal anguish that stabbed their young years. Yet the film was also the beginning of the end of traditional, hand-drawn animation. We were making them for ourselves.” And, a grateful viewer has to say, for the best part of selves. Yet this feature-length medley of Chuck Jones cartoons from his postwar peak period at Warner Bros. The bathhouse, which welcomes tired ghosts from the far reaches of the spirit world, is run by Yubaba, a wicked queen with a huge head; her enforcers are three severed heads that follow her like bowling balls with a grudge. The child’s best hope for fleeing Yubaba on the undersea railroad is young Haku, a boy who can assume the shape of a dragon. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut Some people would be advised to skip the feature-length cartoon based on the Comedy Central series. And a year after The Lion King, along came Pixar’s. world unto itself, this island, in all its com­plexities, is a land like no other

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