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"With real girlfriends you have to consider marriage.

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"I started to blame myself and my parents also blamed me for not going to school. Exactly why they have retreated into fantasy land is not obvious. After school we meet at the gates and go home together. Nurikan and Yuge take their girlfriends, Rinko and Ne-ne, on actual dates to the park, and buy them cakes to celebrate their birthdays. And then I couldn't get out of my house." "If you compare China or Vietnam, most of those kids on scooters going to nightclubs, and dancing their heart away and perhaps having sex - they know it's getting better, they know they are probably going to rock their parents' income," he says.

The Japanese men who prefer virtual girlfriends to sex.

More from the Magazine For Hide, the problems started when he gave up school.

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manila men seeking men. Move YOUR MOUSE over the picture to see the possible actions.

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"It's the kind of relationship we wish we'd had at high school," says Nurikan. The action you select will determine what happens next. Good luck! Add to Favorites Remove From Favorites Kunio Kitamura, of the Japan Family Planning Association, describes many young Japanese men as "herbivores" - passive and lacking carnal desire. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionYuge and Nurikan discuss their relationships with Rinko and Ne-NeThis girlfriend is actually a Nintendo computer game called Love Plus, which comes as a small portable tablet.

Image caption Anime figurines on sale in Akihabara Tokyo-based social commentator Roland Kelts says many young Japanese men are pessimistic about the future. "No-one in Japan feels that way."Several surveys have shown that even when Japanese men and women are in relationships, they have very little sex. "Then, gradually, I became afraid to go out and fearful of meeting people. They don't believe they will match their parents' wealth and don't want to commit themselves to relationships.

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